History and Romance with Egypt Travel Package

Egypt is the land of history and mystery culminated into one. You can enjoy the age old relics like the sphinx, pyramids, temples etc and side by side enjoy the beaches facilitated with modern day water sports and activities. You can go on the camel safari in the deserts or enjoy ski diving in the beaches along the Red Sea. It presents a beautiful combination of history and romance.


Enjoy the historical sites of Egypt

Places like Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Giza in Egypt treat you to the beautiful ancient Temples, The valley of the Kings, The valley of the Queens, Giza Pyramids, Egyptian museums, Sphinx, the Hatshepsut temple, temples of Luxor and Karnak and many other places of intrigue and charm await you. These tourist sites have timeless appeal and attraction for one and all. While travelling through Egypt you experience both nostalgia of past era and ethereal romance. You will find your Egypt trip package with full of romance and jaw dropping experience.

Come fall in love, in Egypt with Egypt

Egypt with its ancient charm and beauty has become a sought after destination for the honeymooners. The romantic cruises along the river Nile and water activities like diving, snorkeling on the beaches beckon you to have a gala time romancing the country and your spouse. You will find the Egypt Trip package with full of romance. While on the dream cruise from Luxor to Aswan you can enjoy the sightseeing along the Nile or you can just spend your precious time lazing on the luxurious decks or cabins of the cruise. These cruises have luxurious cabins completely furnished with modern facilities and boast of best food available with best services. The Cruise is a complete package by itself; some visitors do not venture out at all and enjoy their days and evenings totally on these cruises. There are enough entertainment facilities like, parties, dancing, bars, massage parlors etc.


Best time to visit Egypt

To enjoy the most on your trip to Egypt, best time is visit during months of September to March. The weather is very pleasant. Plenty adventures and sports around the country will keep you well occupied during your holidays. If you can take a little heat then even summers are enjoyable in Egypt. You may also enjoy off season discounts and avoid too much of rush during summers.

Why opt for tour operators

To have a smooth holiday without any hindrances it is advisable to book your trip through a tour operator. These operators take care of even the minutest of details related to the trip. Your trip will be well organized according to your suitability and need. Be it a holiday with kids or you are on honeymoon or you are looking for a historical and educative trip you can rely on the tour operators to help you reach your destination smoothly. Ask Aladdin.com is pioneers in Egypt Tours and have brought a smile of satisfaction on the faces of all their clients and have made their vacation immemorial.

Egypt – The Land Where the Sounds of Revelries Reach the Crescendo

The Ancient Egypt is iconic and intriguing, that nudges the curiosity and propels global citizens to travel over the Arab Republic. In sharp contrast, there is the Modern Egypt, the centre of power, which is having a strong influence on Africa, Asia and the rest of the globe. Being an Arab nation, Egypt encapsulates a flamboyant culture, and to describe it in just few words would be unjust. The Arabic Kingdom ushered in a new arena, all because of humble beginnings made from the Egyptian side. The Entertainment Industry of the territories, inhabiting the North Africa and the Middle East, sprouted to new levels, under the leadership of Egypt. Once can say, Egypt have been instrumental in promoting the Arabic literature, film, music and dance. The nation has a good influence on contemporary Middle-east culture and its every dimension has won many laurels from the global quarters.


Travelers, who are willing to have an insight into the entertainment industry of Egypt, do not have to go extra mile. A number of magazines, journals and guides are published regularly to inform the travel seekers about the grandeur of Egyptian Entertainment. These printed materials enlighten the readers with various events, festivities and celebrations, which are the real crowd-pullers. A few of them are Egypt Today, The Middle East Times and The Cairo Times. The social media sites are the messengers providing rich content about the Egyptian Culture. But reading and feeling are two different things. One can feel only by exploring and ‘Ask Aladdin has opened many windows of opportunities. Egypt Entertainment Information by Ask Aladdin is immaculate and clean, providing an introduction and deep understanding about the Egyptian treasure.

Egypt Entertainment is guaranteed to give you a wonderful Experience by ‘Ask Aladdin’. Egyptian music is a perfect and exhilarating blend of original African, Mediterranean and Western elements. Who can forget the intoxicating, evocative voices of world-famous singers Umm Kulthum, Sayed Darwish and Abdel Halim Hafez? The musicals, during the Ramadan evenings, are the profound treat to ears. When it comes to dance forms, Egypt seems to be holding all the cars. The belly dance, which is full of frenzy, belongs to Egypt. The whirling and spinning Tanoora dance show is the best appetite for entertainment.


Global sightseers are all eyes for the resplendent sound and light shows in Egypt. The sparkling, lively celebration kicks off at the national monuments the moment sun sets and evening steps in. Classical music lovers must pave the way to Cairo Opera House, Theatre of Sayed Darwish in Alexandria and some principal hotels in the key cities of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. The Egypt is not all about classical music and ancient dance forms. Those who appreciate the scores of Rock and Jack music must visit Cairo Jazz Club in Agouza.

To recapitulate, Egypt has something for everyone. It is where the young, full of beans spirits rendezvous with spacious casinos and cheerful clubs, while, oldies spend their few last years, immersing themselves into the tune of classical beats.

Egypt Tourism- gives wonderful opportunity to feel awed by ancient wonders

Famous for ancient civilization and monuments including great Sphinx, Giza pyramids and also various temples that can be seen in Luxor which are thousands of years old, Egypt has it all. Apart from visiting the above major attractions, some of the tourists also prefer taking the luxurious cruise in the river Nile, diving and snorkeling along Red sea coast, camel ride to Sinai Mountains, trips to oases or visiting Coptic monasteries which can be found in the Eastern Desert. The visitors visiting this ancient country are bound to be left awestruck with the various ancient structures and natural beauty everywhere.


With such magnificence around, it would be wise to go on private Egypt tours rather than a packaged tour. In packaged tours large numbers of tourists are being quickly bussed from one site to another site which might be a bit difficult to cope specially with small children on tow and also because it does not give any time to relax and enjoy. Private Egypt tours by Ask Aladdin has made efforts to provide personalized tours where only you and your family members would be present along with a guide. This gives the opportunity for all the members to listen to the guide properly and also ask questions in case of any doubt. The transport facility that is provided will just have you along with your friends and family and no sweaty stranger to cause any kind of irritation.

Private Egypt tours by Ask Aladdin are designed in such a ways as to provide some time to relax and rest along with sightseeing the best attractions in Egypt. Unlike a packaged tour no rush is involved and the itinerary is designed keeping all the ages in mind. Moreover no time is wasted in touring the different places as all the arrangements are made beforehand and the places are reached within the official show times so that none is missed.

The children on the tour gets an advantage too as those below 2 years are not charged and those under 12 are given a good discount on per person charge. The private Egypt tours can be chooses as per your budget and also the number of days that you prefer to travel in Egypt. The most popular family tours that are on offer for you are Egypt Splendor, Red Sea adventure, Egypt Red Sea Jewel and Egypt in Style. The price of the total package which includes accommodation in a good hotel, meals, sightseeing and many more ranges between $1399 to $ 1890 approx. Choose your pick and be awed by the ancient wonders of Egypt and also by the amazing service provided by Ask Aladdin.

Explore the Rich and Fascinating History of the Islamic Art Museum

The popularity of the ancient tombs and temples in Egypt is something that every travel enthusiast is well aware about. But very few people know about the greatness and rich historic significance of the Islamic Art Museum. This museum is known to one of the largest and the oldest museums in the world. This museum proudly displays more than 104 thousand facts reflecting the rich and traditional Islamic civilization of Egypt.

Find more information about Islamic Art Museum on the site Ask Aladdin. This company is regarded as the most trusted source for accurate information about Egypt as well as offers some great deals on the holiday packages designed by their travel experts.

islamic museum

Many art enthusiasts visiting Egypt had the same concern about where to find more information about Islamic Art Museum. This is when the many tourists travelling to Egypt posted about their travel experiences with AskAlladin. Most of these travellers even confessed about how their holiday trips were memorable and affordable thanks to the holiday packages organized by the team of Ask Aladdin.

Foundation of the Islamic Art Museum –

The Islamic Art Museum was established in the year 1880. The respectable Egyptian authorities painstakingly collected all the precious and ancient pieces of Islamic Art from various structures, tombs, temples, mosques and many other locations.


Displays available at Museum of Islamic Art –

Since the establishment of this Islamic Art Museum the number of displays present here has substantially increased. Initially the museum had about 7000 displays when it was opened in the year 1903. Then gradually the number of displays started to multiply with 78 thousand in the 1978. Then 96 thousand in the recent years and now with the immense popularity of this museum the number of displays are more than 100 thousand. The displays even include the ruins of famous cities like Fustat and Askar which are even known to be the first Islamic capitals of Egypt. Few other displays were brought in from Aswan, Rashid, Luxor and Tanis in the Nile Delta. In today’s times the Islamic Art Museum has some rarest displays that are pieces of cloth, rocks with Islamic writing, colored windows and many others. Apart from this the museum even proudly hosts the largest collection of Arabian carpets that were brought from several popular mosques and historical locations all across Egypt. The museum even has some rare wooden collection, ceramic collection and lamp collection. This is the perfect destination for art fanatics who would love to gain some in-depth knowledge about the prestigious and rich artistic history of Egypt.

The breathtaking cruise along the Nile valley

Cruise along the Nile valley is definitely an awe-inspiring and exceptional experience. Though there are many other exotic and beautiful places to see in Egypt, the cruise tour on and along the beautiful Nile was a one time experience for me.


View to the exotic mixture of ancient Egypt with modernity

Once I was on the cruise along the Nile valley, I got to enjoy both the incredible ruins of ancient Egypt and the beautiful modern cities. Nile Tours to Egypt makes your dream of viewing the combination of modernity and ancient culture come true.


Different combinations of cruises available

Many choices for the cruise are available according to our need and flexibility. I tried to cover as many as possible. Luxor-Aswan cruises-Cruising between Luxor and Aswan was very relaxing. I could visit many ancient temples along with enjoying the scenic beauty along the Nile. The Lake Nasser cruise was more relaxing providing a tranquil experience. I got to experience the monuments and ruins of ancient Nubia and temples at Abu Simbel.


I had the option of cruising in historic steamer and could have enjoyed luxury and leisure of the royalty. Option of sailing on a yacht is available too, which could have been more exclusive and luxurious, giving me full privacy. But I was quite happy and satisfied with my Nile tours to Egypt, enjoying the scenic beauty with the beautiful ancient ruins and temples and monuments along the Aswan- Luxor-Cairo stretch. The experience was fulfilling and I am yearning to go back again and enjoy the unexplored parts.

The Chessboard City of Alexander the Great

The second largest city of Egypt after Cairo is the city of Alexandria. Geographically, it is located on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt around 179 kms in the north of Cairo. It is unique city named after the name of its creator, The Alexander the Great in 333 BCE. On his way to Oracle temple of Amun at the Siwa Oasis, the Alexander stayed at the village of Re-qdt that lied between the Mediterranean Sea and the lake of Mariott and decided to build a great city on that location. For this, he gave charge to his architect Dinocratis.


In 323 BC, Alexander died in Babylon without ever seeing the city that was after his name. However, Dinocratis planned the city very differently like a chessboard, where two main streets got interlaced both vertically and horizontally extending both east to west and north to south. It had five districts named after first five Greek alphabets – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon. Among these, alpha was basically a royal district that homes royal palaces, temples, museum, libraries and gardens; Beta was the district of Greek aristocracy; Gamma was home to local greek people; Delta was home to foreign minorities like Syrians, Persian and Jews and lastly Epsilon was home to local Egyptians.

Qaitbay Citadel

In the Roman Era, the city was built afresh by Romans bearing the name Nicopolis which means the city of victory. However, most of this was damaged due to disturbances, wars, revolts; natural disasters etc.

Some of the important monuments of the city of Alexandria at present which dates back to Ptolemaic era are includes, Moustafa Kamel, El-Anfoushy, El-Shatby and El-Wardain. Further, those of Roman periods includes the tomb of Tigran, Pompeii’s pillar, tombs of Kom El-Shouqafa (the Catacombs),Tomb of Silvago and the cemetery of El-Qabbary, discovered recently and many others.

Egypt National Museum: Rich with display of Egyptian culture

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities is commonly known as Museum of Cairo as it is located at the city of Cairo of Egypt. The museum houses about 1, 60,000 antique items,which are mostly about old Egyptian culture and customs displaying almost 5000 years of Egypt’s ancient age. This museum is also known as National Museum of Egypt or Egypt National Museum.


Designed and constructed by Marcel Dourgnon in Neoclassical style the museum has total 107 halls. The galleries of this world famous are distributed in these halls displaying items of prehistoric ages to Roman era of Egypt placing special emphasis on pharaonic era. The Museum is divided in seven major divisions, and these 7 sections hold different segments of items.

  • The 1stsection of the museum holds famous treasures available from Tutankhamon’spyramid.
  • The 2nd section of the museum holds the monuments of pre-dynasty era.
  • The 3rd section holds the monuments from first intermediate period and the middleages.
  • The 4th section up keeps the monuments from the era of the Modern Kingdom.
  • The 5th section holds the monuments of the late period and the Greek and Roman periods.
  • The 6th section holds ancient coins and some specimens of original papyrus.
  • The 7th section holds the mummy coffins called sarcophagi and some crabs.

    The Islamic art Museum

Egypt National Museum displays all labels in Arabic and English. The museum remains open for all 7 days in a week and it operates between 9 am to 7 pm. During Ramdaan the museum remains open between 9am and 5 pm.