Egypt tours- A Way of Discovering Ancient Egypt

Pyramids are the first things that come to our mind when we think of the amazing country called Egypt. There are very few people who could look beyond pyramids and delve into the true offerings of the country. Pyramids are the primary attractions of Egypt and no one can deny that. However,    when you are done visiting pyramids you will still have a great deal to see. In fact, there are so many options that a single tour may never be enough. Visiting the country is all about discovering the ancient Egypt.


Many people do not know that Egypt is also a paradise for the shoppers. In fact, those who have already been to Egypt usually put shopping as one of the main to do items in their list. You can get a good insight into the ancient culture while shopping on the streets of Khan al-Khalil. Items that are influenced by the ancient cultures and civilization from the time of Pharaohs can be bought as the souvenirs. You can also buy the items of decor for your home. It is very likely that you will choose a tour package while visiting Egypt. Pick the package that offers you ample time to do the shopping. You can go for the Egypt tours by Ask Aladdin as they offer customized packages to meet every individual need.

If you are planning to dig deeper into the world of the ancient Egypt, there is a lot more to explore. For instance, there is the City of the Dead which gives you the glimpse of the lifestyles of some of the rulers and civilians during their rules. Choose a package that includes the visit to this city. You can go for the customized package for the Egypt tours by Ask Aladdin. The customized packages ensure that you visit every place you want to see. In the City of the Dead you will find the complexes that commemorate the emperors of Mamluk and also their emirs. You will also find many great khanqahs here. This places houses Sultan Barsbey’s Khanqah and also the Khanqah of Barquq.



The city of Cairo, and especially Old Cairo, also lets you peek into the ancient times of Egypt through its amazing monuments and architectures. Coptic Museum is one of the places where you can see a lot of ancient artefacts and weapons. Then there is the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities which also is home to a number of items from the past. If you are planning to catch the true sight of the ancient Egypt, make sure you come here with all the spare time in the world.

Of course, since you are on the ancient tour of Egypt you will also visit the majestic pyramids this land is most famous for. The truth is that the tour of Egypt is not complete until you have watched the pyramids. You can make your experience even more memorable with the horse ride while visiting the pyramids. Almost whole of Egypt is the reflection of its ancient times. Make sure you have a lot of time when you visit Egypt.

Egyptian Pyramids: The great structures of this world civilization.

For the longest time in the history of Earth, pyramids remained as the tallest and grandest structure of the planet. Although they were built thousands of years ago, even today they continue to attract visitors from all over the world. There are people who wouldn’t mind travelling to Egypt from the opposite corner of the world just to be able to catch a glimpse of these pyramids from their naked eyes. Standing before these masterpieces of architecture sends the pulses of awe through our nerves. When you look at the pyramids in the images and pictures, they don’t seem to be that awe-inspiring and mesmerizing. But when you are actually there with the sand under your feet and the pyramids rising hundreds of feet above you, you know that there is nothing in this world that can ever match it. What overwhelms you even more is the fact that they were built in the ancient times when the modern tools and equipment were not available.


Pyramids of Giza on a clear day


These incredible ancient structures are the reminder to the people of the modern world of the power and might the Pharaohs emperors carried as they could erect such a thing. These mighty monuments are now home to the vestiges of the old culture of Pharaohs and also have some of the things used by the royal families of that time. In the olden times, Egyptians from the ancient world used to believe that even when the human dies in flesh its soul continues to live. Also, they believed that the things the human used while in flesh are the things that will be used by soul as well. This is the reason why they believed in preserving the body as well as the belongings of the royal members. It is a known fact that mummified bodies have been recovered from inside the pyramids. The pyramids also housed clothes, jewelleries, and many other valuable and rare items. It is extremely surprising how the bodies managed to survived even when they were kept in the middle of the desert for many centuries. If you are already overwhelmed, it is time to travel to Egypt. You can buy the best package for Egypt pyramids by Ask Aladdin.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the most popular pyramid of Egypt. This pyramid was built during the rule of King Khufu. It is indeed the tallest and the grandest pyramid among all. This is the pyramid which has been included in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. You should definitely go for a package for Egypt Pyramids by Ask Aladdin and see this incredible pyramid.

This pyramid is over 450 meters in height. Therefore, it dwarfs all other surrounding structures. Millions of limestone blocks were used to create this awesome monument.  This pyramid is so huge that you cannot see it completely from a close distance. Therefore, see it from a little far and you will be even more spellbound. If you want to have an experience of the lifetime, you must definitely visit Egypt once in your life.


Egypt Travel Plans: A Memorable Egypt Tours Experience

If you want to have a memorable experience of the Egypt tour then it is best that you make the travel plans. Travel plan would include a lot of things but you can get started with the understanding of Egypt culture and their history. It is a known fact that Egyptian culture is indeed unique. When you are acquainted with the place a bit, you have a clearer perspective of the places you will visit. You will feel more sense of belonging with it. There are some people who travel a lot and think that they have seen it all. However, no matter how many places you may have seen in the world, when you will come to Egypt, the experience will be completely different.

Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

If you are not able to make the travel plans on your own, there is no need to worry. Egypt Travel Plans by Ask Aladdin will help you with everything you need. They will tell you a great deal about Egypt that you may have not known. Egypt is essentially an Islamic nation but nearly 20 percent of the people are non Muslim. It is a known fact that Muslims do not drink alcohol. In Egypt, you may not find the Muslim alcohol consumers but drinking is quite tolerated in general. In fact, there are many liquor and wine shops here and you can easily buy the alcohol. Cigarettes are also easily available. This means that you will not need to carry the stock of your favourite alcohol or many packs of cigarettes.

Egypt travel plans by Ask Aladdin also help you choose the duration of the trip as well as the destinations easily. As already mentioned, Egypt is a big country and there are innumerable places to visit. But, within the specified period of time you will want to make sure that you visit all the important places and you have all the fun as well. The company will give you the detailed information about different important tourist destinations of Egypt. They will ask you to choose your favorite destinations. Based on your choice they will suggest the duration of the trip and the package you must choose. This will make the things easier for you. Many tourists are not aware of certain important destinations. By being apprised of the locations, they get more choice.

With the travel plan of the company, not only do you choose your destinations and duration, you also get to choose the type of accommodation you are looking for. They have several packages for different budgets. If your budget is limited, you can still have a lot of fun with their budget packages. For those who are willing to splurge can go for the luxury packages offered by them. Remember that Egypt is not just about the pyramids. There is so much more to do. Nile cruising is one of the most exciting things you can do in Egypt. So, make a good travel plan so that you visit everything you want to.

Egypt Travel Plans: A Memorable Egypt Tours Experience

Travelling is a kind of experience which can help a person to explore the different traditions and culture of different countries. While traveling, a person can also enjoy his life to the fullest. If you are a passionate traveler, then Egypt is such a place which has a lot to offer to you. While traveling to Egypt, it is very necessary to plan the whole journey so that one does not have to run for the last minute hassles.


Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

Egypt is the country which not only has a vast and ancient history, it also provides a life time experience as it has some of the locations which will leave a person awestruck. Egypt Travel Plans by Ask Aladdin provides different tour packages which not only help the best experience in Egypt. The packages provide by this company include all the must visit locations Egypt.

Egypt Travel Plans by Ask Aladdin has all the options which can help you to make your vacations special and unforgettable. Let us have a look at some of the places which you cannot miss to afford while you on a trip to Egypt:

The Egyptian Museum:  This museum is a must visit place for all, especially for the people who are passionate about knowing the history and culture of a particular place. The Egyptian museum has the largest and great collection of the world’s antiques. Though this place is a little confusing with less labeling and no chronological order, but a glance at its antiques will actually take a person to the past.

The museum has royal mummies and every nook and corner of this place is full of various pieces of arts.

The White dessert:  The White desert is no less than a natural wonder in Egypt, the landscape of this place is no less than dream land. The people who are adventurous and the desert fans, this is a must visit place.

Fortress of Shali (Schali ) the old Town of Siwa

Fortress of Shali (Schali ) the old Town of Siwa on sunrise

This place which also looks like an alien planet was used in some of the films as well. This desert is also known for the rock formation, overnight camping and safari trips.

Aswan: This place is generally known as the market as there is a trade route between the southern land and Egypt. This is the place where a person can shop around. One can easily purchase the spices and various souvenirs from this place.

Apart from the above-mentioned places, there are a number of other places in Egypt which have a lot to offer to a person. If a person wants to enjoy the best vacations in Egypt, then Ask Aladdin offers the most excellent and affordable packages. These tour packages come along with a number of options and a person can easily select the one which suits his requirement the best.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Ask Aladin today and explore some of the most ancient structures of the world which will leave surprised with their beauty and magnificence.

Some world famous tourist places in Egypt.

If you are planning to go for a vacation and you are looking for a good option to travel, then Egypt is one of the most excellent options.  This country is the home to some of the ancient Pharaohs, along with the River Nile, Egypt has a number of travel destinations which will leave you enthralled and amused by their beauty.  A person who has a special space for history in his heart, the ancient civilization of Egypt is the best thing to explore. This is the reason why tourists from all over the world come to explore this magnificent country.


There are some of the top Egypt Tourist Attractions which will make you fall in love with the ancient civilization of Egypt.  There are some of the monuments which still stand strong and there are also the ruins of some.

Let us have a look at the Egypt Tourist Attractions which you cannot afford to miss while visiting this beautiful and grandeur country:

Abu Simbel: This is one of the most famous places in Egypt.  Abu Simbel is a great temple where you will find statues of guards standing outside and the interiors of the temple are full of wall paintings. This place is also well-known for an incredible feat, where the temple got moved from its original place.


Egyptian Museum: This is one of the most popular and must visit place in Egypt. As Egypt is all about history, this museum has a lot to offer to you which will make you know more and more about this magnificent country. In the Egypt museum, the royal mummies are also exhibited there.

Aswan: If you want to spend some quality time with your partner or your family, then Aswan is the place for you.  Aswan is also known as one of the most tranquil places in Egypt. There are many numbers of historic sites at this location and you will also find many temples near to this location, the biggest highlight of Aswan is sitting and watching the river.  If you want some tranquil atmosphere then this place is a must go for you.

Pyramids of Gaza: We all know that Egypt is the home for Pyramids.  One of the Seven Wonders of the World is Pyramids of Gaza, so you cannot actually afford to miss this place while visiting Egypt. You will find tourist from all over the world who just come to Egypt to visit Pyramids of Gaza.

So, what are you thinking about? The next vacation is around the corner and Egypt is waiting for you to make dwell in the most ancient history of the world. You can get in touch with Ask Aladdin as they are one of the most popular and reliable tour operator for Egypt. The best part about the ask Aladdin is there prices and the different tour packages they offer. Contact them today to get best and exciting offers.

Find a suitable Egypt Travel Package before going to Egypt

Before you take a plunge in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, Egypt, there are some rules, protocols, and plans that you need to make in advance. Most of the travelers who are used to travelling know some of these points while most of the travelers don’t. Planning and choosing Egypt Tour Package by Ask Aladdin comes with its own set of advantages and benefits that one can leverage at affordable prices. The tour packages at Ask Alladin provide a comprehensive tour right from your start to the end. The services are known to help the visitors and tourists in each and every aspect.

Being a Muslim country, Egypt population is unlike any other favorite and popular tourist destination. You will see all new faces, nature and sights that remind you of their history and glorious past of Egypt. The country is a classy compilation of modernity and ancient structures all put together. There you will find the vast and the largest river Niles and nearby beautiful sceneries, the Pyramids that speak of glory and the value of their kings and the great culture which is known to be as old as 7000 years or more.

While you plan to visit the country, your must book Egypt Tour Package by Ask Aladdin. In case you are booking some other agencies or tour guides even then, you need to make sure about these factors:

  • Evaluate a number of travel agents before you settle for anyone randomly. You choice must be based on some crucial factors including the hotels, reviews, prices, their places, guide and more.
  • Choosing a travel agent that has a good reputation in the market comes with its own value and surety of comfort and convenience. They most probably offer you a complete and detailed view of the entire city within fixed days and prices. Moreover, they will also help you with your concerns and queries.
  • Check the agent’s blog page and testimonials. While the blog page will tell you how prompt and active they are on sharing knowledge and experience, the testimonial will show you how well they keep their words. Focus whether the testimonial complains matter to you or not!
  • Check on their payment methods, policies, and cancellation rules and regulations. A good and reliable company never asks for more than 40 -50% advance payments and has easier cancellation policies and smaller deductions.
  • Make sure that their services and customer support is very prompt and quick as in case you run into some sort of problem you should know whether you will be able to contact them or not.
  • The agency must describe the pros, cons, advantages, disadvantages and dangers of the place in advance.
  • They will be focused on making your experience the best one rather than selling their tickets. They will promise you and teach you what all their previous clients have experienced and what you can expect from them.

Hope you get the best out of the rests!

Travel to Egypt: Enjoy the memorable places with Ask Aladdin

One can easily find numerous articles and blogs online where you can find the list of places that one must visit while on an Egypt tour. The place is filled with so many majestic sites that even a lifetime will fall short to visit and mesmerize. One can always find new places and locales that need to be discovered. The place offers beautiful scenarios and multiple scenes that are unpredictable and unexplained.

Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

In fact, not only beauty, adventures also do not end in Egypt and it is utmost necessary to visit places like Pyramids, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Deserts and a lot more, that this blog cannot cover. Egypt Tour Operators by Ask Aladdin are the best and most simple way to explore all the places. While many people focus and rely on themselves while taking a tour to Egypt, yet you might find yourself on the other side of the edge. What cost one will pay for visiting a single place will almost half of the entire tour package that is being offered by Ask Aladdin. It is better if one plans well in advance about your voyage and then start. There is nothing good in wasting time, money and efforts to see some sites or places while one can afford a lot more in the same amount.

Egypt Tour Operator by Ask Aladdin strive to take their guests and travellers to as much places as they can! Nothing can beat the guilt of going home and still wishing to have visited some more places that he couldn’t! After all one does not gets the opportunity to visit the place every day. Only an experience operator and tour package can help to leverage the benefits of his tour, saving money side by side.

Rather than arranging everything on his own, here are enlisted 5 reasons that one must go for Ask Aladdin:

  • Zero Headache be it about food, accommodation, places to be covered, flight tickets and more! It gets hassle free automatically.
  • The best thing about us is that we offer complete tour packages that will cover the ‘must visited’ and most recommended places in Egypt
  • Cost saving, as we mentioned, one will end up getting ripped off or shedding bucks while covering a single place. No one loves that!
  • Safe travelling as he is under the supervision and guidance of experts and guides that are well versed with the area, locals, people and frauds.
  • Meals, entertainment and pure pleasure all inclusive. Only thing one has to care about is just the tips and shopping one gets indulged in Fortress of Shali (Schali ) the old Town of Siwa on sunrise

Fortress of Shali (Schali ) the old Town of Siwa on sunrise

Planning a tour is easy but handling the entire days is not. No matter how equipped and acquainted one is with the entire world countries, Egypt is superlative, its different and that’s why better seek expert help and book a tour package with us today!