How You Will Get Enjoy Solo Travel in Egypt?

On some websites, travelers are advised to make visits on their own and not to pay the agency that you have hired, since it is no more dangerous to do so in Egypt than in any other Western country. This is true but we must take into account several aspects:

If you do not know the prices well, in the transfers you can be charged as much or more than in the agency, with the difference that the agency is responsible for you and that normally your vehicles are trustworthy, new and prepared for the Western tourism.

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How to prepare Egypt Travel Plans?

Without knowing the country and its monuments, you can miss many things that you would not miss with a guide. In addition, if your agency’s guides are good, the quality of the service and the attention and information received will be much higher than what can be received from anyone who offers to guide you, whether they are official guides or not. Why? Because, normally, good guides have a fixed job and are well paid, but those who are not or do not find work because of the current shortage of tourists, are engaged in attracting tourists to earn some money.


You can research the web about the temperature, culture, currency, monuments, best hotels, and other things easily. This means you can prepare your itinerary with a little research. Pay special attention to those waiting at the doors of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, as there have been cases of even robbery to tourists by some of these soulless ones.

Do not forget:

  • In the medicine cabinet: sunscreen and anti-mosquitoes (it is not that in Egypt there are many, only is an advisable precaution in the cruises).
  • Clothes fresh cotton and comfortable shoes, preferably covering to prevent ankle sprains. Sunglasses and hats.
  • Flashlight: As cameras are not allowed use in museums and tombs.
  • Shopping: Haggling is essential and always with a smile usually ends at better prices. Always negotiate with LE and imagine as if they are Euros since it is a good trick to get closer to the real prices in Egypt, another thing is that you manage to get it at that price, but you can try to get closer.


Egypt travel plan is something very pleasant: you discover an extraordinary country, a multi-millennial civilization, with its very warm people, its mixed culture between orient and west, its architecture between ancient temples, medina and its souks with spicy scents and (Ibis, pink flamingos, crocodiles etc) and its paradisiacal beaches, notably in El-Gouna or Hurghada and other places.

Be friendly to the people and learn a little bit of the native language words to impress the locals. If you can befriend someone, it is best in your interest. He or she will be glad to invite you to their home and provide an insight into their day to day life. Fortunately, the population is quite warm and friendly to welcome you!

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How to get Best Explorer Egypt Trip Package?

Egypt – the cradle of the world civilization! Many monuments of architecture and culture in the country included in the list of the famous Seven Wonders of the World. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, considered one of the best museums in the world of antiquity. National treasure Egypt is truly enormous, and views it in a short time is not possible. Nevertheless, there is one way to fairly complete acquaintance with the historical heritage of the country of the Pharaohs – a trip along the river Nile with a tour of the major cities in the Nile Valley.


In the case of holiday on the coast, the best way to expand the impression of the country is to go on a one or two-day excursion in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, etc. The cost of the tour package will include both entrance fees and meals. Among the obligatory sightseeing appear Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx in the suburbs of Cairo, the famous Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple Complex, Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens in Luxor and Abu Simbel. Some of the most beautiful dive sites can be found in the national reserve of Ras Mohammed in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Where to look for cheap travel packages?

First of all, forever vacation with packages of cheap Egypt trip package by Ask-Aladdin, you must have dates can be flexible. That is, do not hold on to travel on a certain day, as it may be that a week before or a week after the date you have considered, and find a better price in your package.


All Inclusive Travel Packages

Also known as hotels all inclusive, if you book all inclusive packages, it means you will be entitled to breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner free of charge during your stay. In addition, all alcoholic beverages (free bars), refreshments and fresh water are already included; it is a good choice so you do not have to worry about food while you are at the hotel.

The food quality may vary depending on the hotel category, there is some where food is served a la carte and others are buffet. If your stay is longer, say more than 3 days, consider a hotel that has several restaurants, because you may seem repetitive the menu of some hotels that only have a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Is it safe to book a travel package online?

Yes and no, it all depends on who you book with. First of all look at their social networks, the activity you observe indicate that already is a travel agency with time to market, the number of followers and comments from customers, searches twitter, media and channels like youtube.

After visiting Egypt Trip Package by Ask-Aladdin website, make sure the website include ” https ” at the beginning, as this indicates that all operations performed on this page are encrypted by SSL security certificate and therefore can enter the data of your credit card and book with confidence.

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Make a Tours for Egypt With Your Best Budget

For many people, a trip to a country like Egypt might mean a vacation for a lifetime, something that you might have wanted to do for a long time but unable to afford. One can organize a budget travel to the country all the time. However, if times are bad, there is least that you can do in this interest. For those individuals who have not been able to grab a budget trip to Egypt till now, here is guidebook for you.


The various costs associated with the travel budget to the Tours for Egypt include, but are not limited to the air travel costs, transportation, food and lodgings. You also need to spare money for attractions, tickets to museums and other places as well as the possibilities of hiring guides, shopping and leisure. Most of the people going on a luxurious tour to Egypt Ask-Aladdin are keenly interested in looking to stay at places that are less expensive yet memorable.

A travel budget necessarily does not means an independent travel. In most of the cases, an economical trip along with a group is a lot more enjoyable and yet less expensive. Tour operators often help the members to leverage huge discounts on flight bookings, hotels as well as tour packages that otherwise, you might not have been able to grab. Even if you are a regular traveler, it is hard to say if you will be able to overcome the cost of a trip if you are opting for complete sightseeing options. Managing independently will hurt your pockets.

When you are visiting Egypt, you are suggested to check the best deals and tour packages on online tour operators. An all in one inclusive tour package will keep you from additional expenses like food, tickets, museums, etc resulting in long term benefits. Another type of trip you can find and opt for is hybrid packages. The most economical and independent means of travel, here one accepts the defined standard tour package but gets complete independence for sightseeing and other activities.

In general, if you prefer to travel in off season, you get discounted prices for everything, including the flight reservation, hotel room reservation, full-time stay, and tickets as well. Most of the tourist traffic beings to flock towards the country from the month of June to till mid-September.


Ramadan is yet another busy time to be in Egypt but it is one of the most spiritual and glamorous month of the year. During these months, the people and the shops open up late, the prices of things are higher and it is hard to get any bookings on urgent basis. Therefore, please check the off tourists seasons before paying a visit to the country for budget trips. Afterall, the glamour remains the same. However, package according to the season to save yourself from cold, heat stroke and sunburns. Check Ask Alladin today to know the best packages of tours to Egypt.


Travelling can be fun by choosing the Best Private Egypt Tours

Discover the rich cultural marvels with one the most fascinating and oldest civilization of world in Egypt. Travel around the oldest wonders of the country that tempts modern travelers through amazing Egypt tours, these excursions will take you to the ancient era of pharaohs and emperors with the most striking Egypt spots. A visit to Egypt can give you a lifetime experience of travelling. It is a country that is perfect blend of ancient places, rich cultural history, adventurous places, relaxing beaches and contemporary facilities.


Steeped in ancient history but very much a country of the present, Egypt is a land of cultural wonders for many people. It’s a place where you will not only live up your dreams but also fulfills your expectations. Hire Private Egypt Tours by Ask Aladdin and explore the ancient pharaohs, pyramids and magnificent structures of the vibrant culture of Cairo that will touch your soul. So, if you want to enjoy your vacations blended with culture, history, water sports, entertainment, great weather and adventure, you must enjoy a visit to Egypt.

Egypt is known as the mother of land because it fascinates, stimulates and engage people in huge range of activities. Private Egypt tours by ask aladdin has an assorted range of activities, excursions, and attractions that are mainly organized for the tourists. With these excursions, you can enjoy visit to several temples, ancient tombs, and pyramids. One can find an attractive tour at Egypt such as Sahl Hasheesh, Quseir, Makadi Bay, Marsa, Dahab, Sharm, Sharm Al Sheikh, Alexandria, Hurghada, El Gouna and Luxor.


Travelling to Egypt remains incomplete if you forgot to visit Cairo. It is the largest city in Egypt that has maximum population in the whole Africa. Located in the north portion of the Nile River, Cairo has multiple destinations to explore.  It is a major tourism destination in the country that tempts millions of visitors every year from different parts of the world. As major tourist sites in the world, Cairo is a nice place to travel.

Cairo is one of the ancient cities in the world that has various monuments and places to visit. Egypt is considered as a representative of ancient civilization. Cairo is an ideal gel of the traditional, cosmopolitan and medieval period; all are nicely blended in the most tempting city of the world.  The vibrant and exotic city has been attracting thousands of visitors every year. People come here to explore Egyptian museum, Sphinx in Cairo, great pyramids of Giza and Museum of Antiquities. The luxurious hotels, great facilities, deluxe amenities, majestic Nile, beautiful parks, trendy compounds, and clubs are some of the major highlights of Cairo.

Also, visit the white desert and find monthlies, tents, crickets, ice cream cones and mushroom in a huge variety of shapes and colors. The captivating desert has carved wind rock which is known as inselbergs. It is also known as the “masterpiece of god”.

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The Top Five Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Egypt

Admiring the sun go down is a tantalizing experience for anyone. It’s soothing and serene environment can give you time to soak up and reflect up the attractiveness of your ambiances, which you will be watching-literally- in a fresh light. And when you visit Egypt, you will soon explore how the sunset transmutes it- giving its scenery the unmatched magnificence. So, make your excursion to Egypt extra unusual by watching the amazing sunset in beautiful locations.

Read on to know about 5 best places to watch the sunset in Egypt:

Pyramids of Giza

  1. The Great Pyramids

Nothing can beat the beauty of Egyptian pyramids of Giza and it gets doubled at the time of Sunset. If you want to explore Egypt tourist places, arrive the Giza pyramids late afternoon and stay there till Sunset to catch the striking glimpse of nature. Don’t forget to bring your DSLR as you will definitely want some photos to capture this rare scene of natural splendor. Avoid watching it behind the lens as the most spectacular sights can only be explored by watching the sun behind the pyramids. Rooftop in Giza is another ideal site to watch the Sunset gaze of the landscape.

  1. Al AzharPark, Cairo

Al Azhar Park is one of the most peaceful places of the country from where you can watch the panoramic view of Sunset. During Egypt tourist places, watch the Sun go down from the pinnacle of this lovely park- it is just a short drive away from Cairo residences.

Spend your sunny day in the cafes and enjoy relaxing evenings in the parks. And, adore the beauty of dusk at Sunset of Africa’s 2nd biggest city.

  1. Mokattam Cliff, Cairo

If you are a nature lover then prefer Mokattam cliff to catch the beautiful moments of the dusky evening.  From this cliff, you can overlook the entire Cairo with pixelled views. Cairo appears best at night. Although, Mokattam cliff is not among tourist destinations but, you can enjoy a complete day picnic with your family as the refreshment vendors are present there.


  1. From the Nile River

Explore the beauty of Egypt from the most iconic natural wonders. Being the longest river in the World, the Nile runs through the whole Egypt. It is also known as the backbone of Egypt.

Get your boat down in Nile River and relish the Sunset views in a unique way.

Stanley Bridge

  1. Stanley Bridge, Alexandria

Although, it is not among the most romantic destinations in Egypt, still, one should not miss visiting this place. Stanley Bridge is a place where you can freeze a lot of memories to take up with you. Stand on the bridge and enjoy the unobstructed view of going down the Sun in the Mediterranean Sea. Drive over the bridge and appreciate the magnificent view of Sunset- don’t let obstruct anything between the horizon and you.

Guys don’t forget to visit these 5 beautiful places to watch the Sunset in Egypt. I Hope! It helped you.


Some Exciting Egypt Tour Packages for the Tourists

Holiday in Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza, the Sobek temple in Kom Ombo or the temples of Karnak – in Egypt are world-famous cultural monuments. On a Nile cruise you have the opportunity to explore these in a convenient way. Egypt is also famous for scuba diving and swimming in the Red Sea. Finest sandy beach and pleasant year-round temperatures are waiting for you.


Temples and pyramids: Egypt Culture miracle via Egypt Tour Package by Ask Aladdin

Among the best known Egyptian buildings include the Pyramids of Giza. For centuries excited the only remaining wonders of the ancient visitors. Many tourist attractions can be discovered on a cruise on the Nile . And enjoys the luxury of floating four and five star hotels. A perfect combination! What gets to see her? The Temple of Karna.

And the Sobek temple in Kom Ombo, dedicated to the eponymous crocodile god and the falcon-headed Horus. Also impressive is the mighty Aswan Dam, including Nasser. Ask Aladdin offers inquisitive from winter long trips at about nine and twelve days ago. From Luxor or Aswan we drive to the premium ships to Cairo. Also new to the range: A tour which particularly focuses on the culture and history of Luxor and the surrounding area. As you take when you go back from board, especially a lot of new knowledge.

Diving, snorkeling, sunbathing: Beach holiday in Egypt



Only about four to five hours direct flight and you are in the sun. In Hurghada and other resorts on the Red Sea there an optimal climate. Mild winters with temperatures around 22 degrees, and pleasant summer where the thermometer usually does not climb higher than 35 degrees! The popular resort town on the Red Sea in Egypt is Hurghada.

That you can excellent diving here has spread. A variety of fish, coral reefs and clear waters invite you to explore underwater. But holidays in Hurghada has to be a not only diving holiday. To stay afloat, the fish says through the bottom of a glass bottom boat good day. Or enjoy the sun and sea bathing.

El Gouna: This holiday region is young. It was built only 1989th The hotel facilities in the Oriental or Egyptian style blend perfectly into the landscape. Many of the well-kept hotels are located right on the sandy beach. El Gouna is popular with kite surfers as the wind blows evenly. However, all other types of water sports can be practiced here. In ASK ALADDIN’s from winter fun packages for sports and excursions that can be booked on site. To pay tribute to the great offer, it is also its own in winter at ASK ALADDIN El Gouna catalog give.


Makadi Bay: About 30 kilometers south of Hurghada is a beautiful bay, which is particularly popular with the surfers. Water temperatures are pleasant all year round at 25 degrees. The wind is blowing strong, which appreciate experienced surfers who like to flit over the water. The area is well suited for novice divers. The dive center is located directly on the beach, close to many hotels.


Marsa Alam: A tip is the former fishing village no longer – but still a paradise for divers. The diving area extends to 100 kilometers off the coast. A favorite of advanced divers: The Elphinstone surfaced again, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches. Fine sand, crystal clear water and wonderful sunshine make each vacation a highlight.

Sharm El Sheikh: The “Bay of the Sheikh” is on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula. There are hotels in the medium to luxury category. And above all, long sandy beaches that invite every kind of water. Waterfronts lure with restaurants, bars and shopping opportunities.


Egypt Culture – The Holiday Pleasures And Excitement

Whether you are planning to travel or stay in a foreign country, it is always nice to know a bit about its traditions, cultures, and people. This not only helps to avoid goof ups but also serves as a gesture of respect towards the country you are going to visit soon and leverage the hospitality. So whether you are going to wander Jordan or Egypt, this guide is going to help you and understand their culture a little bit.

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Steeped in the ancient history, the culture and traditions of Egypt are fascinating and its the least said thing. There is a lot more to know and explore about people and society about Egypt Culture.

Religions are predominant in Egypt and its population whether Muslims or Christians, they all are deeply religious. The principles of religion guide and govern the lives of people. Islam is dominant and a fair number of Christians also reside. Family commitments are stronger and also include the extended family. This is the root of social setup in Egypt. Each member of the family is responsible for maintaining the unity and integrity of the family. Egypt culture and traditions are dictated by hospitality to all the tourists, that are often surprised by the gestures of the common population.

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This is largely in reaction to the unkind portrayal of Middle Eastern countries in media. From what is being shown in media is far away from reality and being a visitor, you are sure to end up taking good feelings and happiness back to your home about the Egypt and its people. Since Islam is the dominant religion here, the businesses and shops are closed on Friday, except those being run by Christians. So in case you need to visit a market or someone’s place, you must not get surprised if you are asked to wait for the prayers to be done.

The Muslim owned establishments do not serve alcohols but the hotels do not have restrictions. Contrary to presumptions of people, the crime rate is really low in Egypt. But that does not mean you should be prudent. Always avoid deserted areas and you must also take care of yours against petty crimes. Egyptians women are also involved in several professions and those who are not well familiar with the culture of Egypt are often taken aback by the freedom given to women. The dress code, however, is quite simple and conservative as women are supposed to wear loose-hanging clothes that do not expose their body. You should not get familiar to Egyptian women if you are a man as this is considered unseemly.

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Tips are not expected by the professionals, cabs or restaurants. They might ask for baksheesh sometimes which is a general part of social customs. It is an ancient civilization and the culture and tradition might not be very much easy to understand. But being open-minded and willing to accept and respect other’s culture does not do any harm to you.