Some world famous tourist places in Egypt.

If you are planning to go for a vacation and you are looking for a good option to travel, then Egypt is one of the most excellent options.  This country is the home to some of the ancient Pharaohs, along with the River Nile, Egypt has a number of travel destinations which will leave you enthralled and amused by their beauty.  A person who has a special space for history in his heart, the ancient civilization of Egypt is the best thing to explore. This is the reason why tourists from all over the world come to explore this magnificent country.


There are some of the top Egypt Tourist Attractions which will make you fall in love with the ancient civilization of Egypt.  There are some of the monuments which still stand strong and there are also the ruins of some.

Let us have a look at the Egypt Tourist Attractions which you cannot afford to miss while visiting this beautiful and grandeur country:

Abu Simbel: This is one of the most famous places in Egypt.  Abu Simbel is a great temple where you will find statues of guards standing outside and the interiors of the temple are full of wall paintings. This place is also well-known for an incredible feat, where the temple got moved from its original place.


Egyptian Museum: This is one of the most popular and must visit place in Egypt. As Egypt is all about history, this museum has a lot to offer to you which will make you know more and more about this magnificent country. In the Egypt museum, the royal mummies are also exhibited there.

Aswan: If you want to spend some quality time with your partner or your family, then Aswan is the place for you.  Aswan is also known as one of the most tranquil places in Egypt. There are many numbers of historic sites at this location and you will also find many temples near to this location, the biggest highlight of Aswan is sitting and watching the river.  If you want some tranquil atmosphere then this place is a must go for you.

Pyramids of Gaza: We all know that Egypt is the home for Pyramids.  One of the Seven Wonders of the World is Pyramids of Gaza, so you cannot actually afford to miss this place while visiting Egypt. You will find tourist from all over the world who just come to Egypt to visit Pyramids of Gaza.

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Find a suitable Egypt Travel Package before going to Egypt

Before you take a plunge in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, Egypt, there are some rules, protocols, and plans that you need to make in advance. Most of the travelers who are used to travelling know some of these points while most of the travelers don’t. Planning and choosing Egypt Tour Package by Ask Aladdin comes with its own set of advantages and benefits that one can leverage at affordable prices. The tour packages at Ask Alladin provide a comprehensive tour right from your start to the end. The services are known to help the visitors and tourists in each and every aspect.

Being a Muslim country, Egypt population is unlike any other favorite and popular tourist destination. You will see all new faces, nature and sights that remind you of their history and glorious past of Egypt. The country is a classy compilation of modernity and ancient structures all put together. There you will find the vast and the largest river Niles and nearby beautiful sceneries, the Pyramids that speak of glory and the value of their kings and the great culture which is known to be as old as 7000 years or more.

While you plan to visit the country, your must book Egypt Tour Package by Ask Aladdin. In case you are booking some other agencies or tour guides even then, you need to make sure about these factors:

  • Evaluate a number of travel agents before you settle for anyone randomly. You choice must be based on some crucial factors including the hotels, reviews, prices, their places, guide and more.
  • Choosing a travel agent that has a good reputation in the market comes with its own value and surety of comfort and convenience. They most probably offer you a complete and detailed view of the entire city within fixed days and prices. Moreover, they will also help you with your concerns and queries.
  • Check the agent’s blog page and testimonials. While the blog page will tell you how prompt and active they are on sharing knowledge and experience, the testimonial will show you how well they keep their words. Focus whether the testimonial complains matter to you or not!
  • Check on their payment methods, policies, and cancellation rules and regulations. A good and reliable company never asks for more than 40 -50% advance payments and has easier cancellation policies and smaller deductions.
  • Make sure that their services and customer support is very prompt and quick as in case you run into some sort of problem you should know whether you will be able to contact them or not.
  • The agency must describe the pros, cons, advantages, disadvantages and dangers of the place in advance.
  • They will be focused on making your experience the best one rather than selling their tickets. They will promise you and teach you what all their previous clients have experienced and what you can expect from them.

Hope you get the best out of the rests!

Travel to Egypt: Enjoy the memorable places with Ask Aladdin

One can easily find numerous articles and blogs online where you can find the list of places that one must visit while on an Egypt tour. The place is filled with so many majestic sites that even a lifetime will fall short to visit and mesmerize. One can always find new places and locales that need to be discovered. The place offers beautiful scenarios and multiple scenes that are unpredictable and unexplained.

Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

In fact, not only beauty, adventures also do not end in Egypt and it is utmost necessary to visit places like Pyramids, Abu Simbel, Luxor, Deserts and a lot more, that this blog cannot cover. Egypt Tour Operators by Ask Aladdin are the best and most simple way to explore all the places. While many people focus and rely on themselves while taking a tour to Egypt, yet you might find yourself on the other side of the edge. What cost one will pay for visiting a single place will almost half of the entire tour package that is being offered by Ask Aladdin. It is better if one plans well in advance about your voyage and then start. There is nothing good in wasting time, money and efforts to see some sites or places while one can afford a lot more in the same amount.

Egypt Tour Operator by Ask Aladdin strive to take their guests and travellers to as much places as they can! Nothing can beat the guilt of going home and still wishing to have visited some more places that he couldn’t! After all one does not gets the opportunity to visit the place every day. Only an experience operator and tour package can help to leverage the benefits of his tour, saving money side by side.

Rather than arranging everything on his own, here are enlisted 5 reasons that one must go for Ask Aladdin:

  • Zero Headache be it about food, accommodation, places to be covered, flight tickets and more! It gets hassle free automatically.
  • The best thing about us is that we offer complete tour packages that will cover the ‘must visited’ and most recommended places in Egypt
  • Cost saving, as we mentioned, one will end up getting ripped off or shedding bucks while covering a single place. No one loves that!
  • Safe travelling as he is under the supervision and guidance of experts and guides that are well versed with the area, locals, people and frauds.
  • Meals, entertainment and pure pleasure all inclusive. Only thing one has to care about is just the tips and shopping one gets indulged in Fortress of Shali (Schali ) the old Town of Siwa on sunrise

Fortress of Shali (Schali ) the old Town of Siwa on sunrise

Planning a tour is easy but handling the entire days is not. No matter how equipped and acquainted one is with the entire world countries, Egypt is superlative, its different and that’s why better seek expert help and book a tour package with us today!

Enjoy the Egypt tour with Cheap Tour Packages

The amazing trip packages to Egypt offered by Ask Aladdin give you a lot of options to scour the great country of Pharaohs and pyramids. If you have opted for one of the spectacular packages offered by this company, you will be able to see all the major as well as the minor destinations this country hosts. These destinations include Pyramids (of course), Nile Cruise, Red Sea tourist spots, and so much more. If you really want to make your trip to Egypt memorable then it is highly recommended that you go there with a package. The package becomes all the more important when you are travelling with a group or your family members. The package ensures that your trip is really organized and thus more convenient. The good news is that the Egypt packages by this company are truly affordable and will not make a dent in your finances. Depending upon the places you want to visit, duration of the visit, and your budget, you can opt for one of the packages.


So get ready to make your trip truly unbelievable with the Egypt Tour Package Ask Aladdin. You will be surprised to see that this company is offering the amenities and facilities at such affordable prices that cannot be beaten by anyone else. Now you can pack your bag and see yourself at the heels of monumental pyramids or stroll around the alleys of Egyptian Museum. You can also take a walk at the Old Cairo market and also be witness to the ancient Mosques and temples.

The Packages Available

 If you are opting for Egypt Tour Package Ask Aladdin then here is what you can expect to get (and it will truly be overwhelming):

Egypt Splender Package:  Get ready to spend 3 great nights in the ancient city of Cairo and once you are done, get packing for 4 remarkable nights on the Nile Cruise. The cruise gets you sailing from Luxor to Aswan. The package also includes domestic flights.


Egypt Splendor by Sleeper train Package: This 7-night package is what you really need if you want to explore the amazing country. This package includes a 2-night stay in Cairo, 3 nights on the incredible Nile Cruise. But when you thought the fun would end, try out the 2 nights in the sleeper train.

Egypt Short Break Package: For those who are pressed for time and still want to make a quick trip to Egypt must really go for this package. Although the trip will be short (3 nights) but you will still get to see some of the most important tourist locations. Also, you will get a tourist guide who will be there with you throughout.

Egypt Red Sea Jewel: This package is for those who really do not want to miss the adventures of the Red Sea. With this package you get 5 nights in Cairo so that you can see all the places on the land and then 3 days to explore the amazing Red Sea.

Select Exclusive Egypt Trip Package for summer

Trip packages to Egypt for the summer give you a host of options to explore the country of the pyramids and the place of the Pharaohs. With the available packages, you can comfortably visit the major and even minor tourist attractions including Pyramids, Res Sea tourist spots, and Nile cruise. If you truly want to enjoy the trip to Egypt and make sure that the visit is unforgettable, it is best to opt for a travel package. Especially if you are travelling with your family or friends, opting for a package will ensure that your trip is more organized and convenient. The best thing about these packages is that they are affordable and do not pinch a big hole in the pocket. You can choose your favorite tourist destinations and get the customized services.

tanta museum


To ensure that your trip to the land of Pyramids is absolute fun, it is recommended that you go for the Ask Aladdin Trip Package. This travel company provides the features and facilities like none other and that too at the most affordable prices. The packages include trip to the places like the monumental pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, the visit to have a glimpse at the treasures of King Tut at the Egyptian Museum, the bazaars of the Old Cairo, the visit to the Islamic Mosques and world famous Citadel, or you can also have the fun of scuba diving in the Red Sea.

Available Packages

 If you are going for Ask Aladdin Trip Package there are a number of them available. Here is the list of some of them:

Egypt Splendor Package: This package offers 3 Nights in the world famous city of Cairo and 4 amazing nights of Nile Cruise. The cruise will take you from Luxor to Aswan. The domestic flights are also included.

Egypt Splendor by Sleeper train Package: This 7-night package is truly something that you will love to go for. It includes 2 nights at Cairo where you get to see the ancient city followed by 3 nights on the Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan. But that is not it! Living up to its name, the package also offers 2 Nights in a sleeper train.


Egypt Short Break Package: If you are looking for a short trip to Egypt and still do not want to miss out the important destinations then this package is the best choice for you. You will get to visit Cairo, Luxor, and Alexandria in your 3 nights stay in Cairo. The package includes full sightseeing tours and private deluxe transport. Along with that, you also get a private tourist guide.

Egypt Red Sea Jewel: For those who do not miss out what Red Sea has to offer and at the same time visit the most amazing places of Egypt must go for this package. It offers Cairo accommodation of 5 nights and thus you get to see all the important tourist places. This is further extended by 3 days stay at Hurghada to explore the fun of Red sea. You are provided with the private transportation and the private guide accompanies you.

Egypt travel: Mysterious Holiday Destination in Egypt

We have got only one life and with the busy schedules ofour personal and professional lives, we tend to lose much of our time working or doing the daily routines. To make life a bit interesting and to break the monotony, it is essential to explore different places of the world. Many people, visit different countries to explore the history, culture, tradition and the life of the native people. It is immensely thrilling to meet new people in different parts of the world as we learn that how different and yet similar their lives are to ours. Let us make out as much as we can from this single life we have got.


Egypt is the country of the Pyramids and centuries -old structures, it is the country rich with tradition and history. People love to visit Egypt again and again because of its civilization and the temple and pyramids, it is home to. Egypt is considered as the oldest travel destination on the earth. If you are planning to explore this culturally rich country, then you can check for the Travel Plans by Ask Aladdin, as they provide the best packages in the market that too, with a pocket friendly price.

Travel Plans by Ask Aladin, are made in a way that you get the most of exploration in your trip and they also provide each and every service, a traveler can ask for. Ask Aladin, is considered as one of the best travel agents for the tour of Egypt.

Let us explore some of the Mysterious Holiday Destination in Egypt, these are the must visit:

Dahab: This is a very popular tourist destination of Egypt, especially for the people who are passionate windsurfers.Dahab is home to the Blue Hole, which is the world’s most threatening dive sites. So, if you are looking for diving then you must not miss this location.

Siwa Oasis: Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt’s separate settlements, with only 23,000 people and most of them are ethnic Berbers.It is in a deep depression that reaches below sea level. In the recent times, the tourism has become a vital source of income for Siwa Oasis.

Egypt Museum: Egyptian Museum has 1,20,000 of ancient Egypt antiquities, it is one of the most attractive places in Cairo. The Museum has two main floors, one the ground floor there is an extensive collection of coins and Papyrus, which were used in the ancient Egypt and on the first floor there are antiques from the final two dynasties of Ancient Egypt. It is one of the must visited place in Egypt.

amro mosque

Nile River Cruise: The NileRiver is the popular and the largest river in Egypt. Taking a Felucca on the Nile is considered as exciting and adventurous. Feluccas are the antique sailboats that have been used in the Nile, since ages.

If you are excited by reading about these places and if you want to visit them soon, then contact Ask Alladin and get the valuable and exciting deals

The most attractive tour package or Nile Cruise in Egypt

Have you already planned to visit one of the most visited countries in Middle East called Egypt? If yes, then you must look for attractive tour packages in Egypt. When you decide to choose tour packages for this ancient country, you must want to include all the top tourist destinations to your list. However, most of the tourists assume that this country is only famous for its ancient structures i.e. pyramids and temples, but it is not the only truth. There are other attractions also available to explore such as Nile Cruise.

Therefore, if you want to make your Egypt tour a memorable one, you first need to look for right tour packages. However, there are dozens of travel companies available that claim to offer most affordable Nile cruise and tour packages but when it comes to actuality, many of them have proved flashy. Therefore, you are thoroughly recommended to choose a right Egypt tour package to make your journey a comfortable one.


Types of Tour Packages

Before getting into the actual process, it is better to know about the types of tour packages available for Egypt. There are different types of tour packages available to choose from. Some packages include top historical monuments, tourist places and of course Pyramids of Giza. Choosing a service largely depends on your budget and travel needs. Therefore, before making a finalized choice, you first need to thoroughly evaluate your overall travel requirements and of course budget.

What Is Nile Cruise?

There is great buzz regarding the Nile cruise throughout the tourism industry. Do you know what it is? Ok, it is a kind of cruise in which tourists need to enjoy their journey sitting in a giant cruise. Since the cruise is run over the Nile water, it is called Nile cruise. If you want to add extra flavor to your overall Egypt journey, you mustn’t forget adding this facility to your list. There is no doubt that spending your vacation on a big ship can give you a memorable experience.


Is It Very Expensive?

It is often found that most of the contemporary tourists assume that choosing a travel package with Nile cruise may an expensive choice, but it is not the case every time. There are lots of travel agencies available that can help you choosing the affordable cruise facilities. So, if you are a person with mid-sized budget, you can still hope to avail elite amenities. You could enjoy the lifestyle of highly rich people while spending your vacation on a giant ship.


Where to Find Best Tour Packages?

It is surely the most significant question that should be well answered. If you are confused on where to find best tour packages, you need to look nowhere else but Ask Aladdin, a leading tour and travel agency online. Professionals at this renowned company will assist you choosing a right Egypt tour package according to your needs and budget. You will also be informed and guided about various affordable tour packages either to enjoy a family trip or romantic trip to this most mysterious land on the earth planet.