Complete Fun with Egypt Vacation


Vacation in Egypt can be easily defined as walking in the footsteps of the pharaohs, gazing upon the Great Pyramids and inspecting ancient artifacts. What could be better than a vacation in Egypt which is also the land of one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

 A tour to Egypt is not just about antiquities but offers much more than that. Though it is one of the best locations to see our heritage from the ancient world, which comprises temples and pyramids, it is also a part of the Holy Land and various tours to Christian and many other religious monuments are very popular.

 Egypt also gives you the pleasure of being close to nature by providing you opportunities for desert treks riding camels on the Sahara desert, birding and fishing expenditure and also water sports such as scuba diving, rafting and snorkeling. All kinds of tourists like adventurers, history lovers, honeymoon couples and holiday makers vouch for a luxurious Egypt Vacations.

Some of the popular cities in Egypt which are definitely worth visiting are:

Cairo: It is the largest city and also the capital of Egypt. Modern marvels and ancient wonders both exist side by side in Cairo. This city is sure to be an enchanting experience as it is decked up with colorful streets, sparkling mosques and lofty skyscrapers.

Alexandria: It has a historical background and is also the second largest city of Egypt.  The hub of cultural activities dominantly in theatre production, it is popularly known as the Pearl of Mediterranean. You can also have fun time visiting the acclaimed River Oaks Square Arts Center.

Aswan: The natural landscape of this tourist site offers stunning beauty. As it is located on the River Nile, it is often known as the gateway to Africa. You can easily spend your days walking up and down the Corniche watching sailboats or having freshly caught fishes sitting in floating restaurants.

Tourist attraction in Egypt:

The Egyptian Museum: This museum is located in Cairo and houses a large collection of sculptures, mummies, sarcophagi and various other treasures in 107 halls.

Great Pyramid of Giza: It is the largest pyramid which was made by King Khufu. It can easily be named as the greatest tourist attraction in Egypt. One can find more than 90 royal pyramids in Egypt.

The Edufu Temple: It is known as the Temple of Horus and was built in the Ptolemaic period.  It is one of the very few temples that are still found in good condition in Egypt. Also, in terms of largeness it only comes second to the Temple of Karnak.

So book a trip to Egypt and let it become the most memorable time of your life!




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