Avail of one of many Egypt travel packages and get to visit an ancient civilization

An Egypt tour is a fantastic opportunity to explore an ancient culture and Egypt travel packages are to be had in plentiful. Egypt has something to offer to everyone and there will be a holiday packages to suit everyone’s taste. Apart from the common packages, there are many customized packages also available to this ancient land of the Pharaohs. Whether you prefer the beach or the cultural sites, there is something for each individual.

If you are keen on the beach, the Red Sea is the place to be as its coastline is gentle. For enthusiasts of scuba diving, the beaches at Hurghada and the Sharm el Sheik are the best bet. The crystal-clear waters here reflect the marine life and coral reefs beautifully. Many Egypt Tour Packages may not cover the Red Sea in which case you can either opt for a customized tour or make your own arrangements for a visit to the beaches.

The desert is a fascination with whoever visits Egypt and rightly so; the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are two world renowned spots for which the tourists come to Egypt and these are a must in any package tour. A photograph with the Pyramids and the Sphinx in the background is a memorable souvenir of any Egypt holiday. Explore the desert on a camel or in a jeep and watch the sunset on the desert and then partake of a meal with the nomadic Bedouins for a different sort of an experience altogether.

Cairo with its temples, monuments, tombs is lively and offers plenty of entertainment as well as cultural experiences. Whiling away an evening in one of Cairo’s many bars and enjoying folk songs and belly dancing is a fun experience. Bargaining for souvenirs at its street markets is also a must-do on any Egypt travel. A trip to the ancient capital of Luxor is also normally included in Egypt travel packages and a visit to the Valley of Kings and the tomb of Tutunkhamen leaves visitors spellbound. A cruise down the mighty River Nile will give you a glimpse of the ancient civilization and is not to be missed.

The best way to book your Egypt holiday would be to go online and check on the various packages on offer. Booking your air ticket early can save you a considerable amount of money. Compare the various Egypt travel packages available, choose the one most suited to your tastes and budget and get all set to be mesmerized by the ‘cradle of civilization’.





Egypt travel advice- some important tips to make your vacation hassle-free

Egypt holidayscan be a once in a lifetime experience and you would like to make sure that nothing goes wrong on your much anticipated vacation. So, it would be prudent to arm yourself with some Egypt travel advice to make the most of your holiday.

Before booking your vacation, take the weather in consideration. Bear in mind that summers in Egypt can get scorching hot with temperatures rising to 50degree C in the desert (and that is where the main attractions of Egypt lie) and the heat can get downright unbearable. The best time for an tours for Egypt would probably be between November and March when the weather is pleasant and sightseeing becomes pleasurable rather than a sweaty and uncomfortable affair. But, do remember that nights can get quite chilly especially in the desert and it is wise to pack some warm clothing. If you are keen to swim in the Red Sea, December and February are not good months as the water is pretty cold.

How many holidays have got ruined by packing the wrong clothes? The surprising answer is ‘quite a few’! So, another sage piece of Egypt travel advice would be to pack the right clothes and accessories. Sturdy shoes, sunblock and scarves are mandatory and if going in the summer the clothing should be light as well as modest for both men and women. Apart from your personal medicines, carrying malaria tablets and mosquito repellents is not a bad idea.

Although train travel within Egypt is popular, you will be better off if you opt for ‘wagon-lits’ sleeper class instead of third class. There is a very good bus service too connecting all the major cities but, again, opt for the deluxe coaches for long journeys. There are service taxis called ‘bijous’ also available. If you can, try and take a 3-days ‘felucca’ or sailing boat ride from Aswan to Esn or Edfu. It will be an unforgettable experience. If you can’t manage this, at least take a sunset ride down the Nile for a most memorable time.

Accommodation is not a problem and from international luxury chains of hotels to modest ones, you will find them all in Egypt. Get acquainted with a few useful Arabic phrases and words and enjoy the local cuisine. Soak up some culture in the big cities by taking in a night of ‘sufi’ music or some belly dancing.

If you are the type who would rather that everything is pre-arranged for you (and let’s face it, touts, like anywhere else can drive you up the wall), Egypt package tours may be the answer. It will take out all the hassles of planning your holiday and you can just go with the flow.




Egypt tourism- has been popular since centuries!

Egypt is well-known as the ‘cradle of civilization’ and is believed to be more ancient than the Pharaohs. With a documented history of 6000 years and the mighty river Nile at its centre which has been a silent witness to the Pyramids, Pharaohs, Ptolemy and papyrus since centuries, the legacy of an ancient civilization sits lightly on this country. Egypt has always acted as a magnet to travellers and from Alexander the Great to the plundering Romans and the history-loving traveller, all have made their way to the country which has had such an impact on their imaginations. Egypt tourism therefore is not something new but has survived the onslaught of travellers through centuries.

Tours for Egypt abound and you can always select the one based on your preferences. Trying to see all the awesome sights of Egypt could take you weeks but there are some sights which are so well-known that they cannot be missed. These, of course include the Sphinx, the Pyramids of Giza and Tutankhamen’s tomb. For most people, Egypt tourismmeans these star attractions but however, the country has many more riches to offer the tourists. The spectacular temples of Luxor and Karnak, the Valley of Kings, the Temple of Abu Simbel and the Necropolis of Thebes are other awe-inspiring sights without which Egypt holidays are incomplete.

On your Egypt travel if you start getting overwhelmed by all the history and culture, it is a good idea to take a break and head for the Red Sea for a session of sea, sand and sun. Nature has bestowed Egypt generously with natural beauty and the Red Sea has some spectacular coral reefs and marine life. The beach resort of Hurghada is one of the best places for scuba diving and is proof that Egypt is more than a sandy desert. But, also, going on a desert jeep or camel safari is a lifetime experience and watching the sun set over the sand dunes is amazing. If possible, do not miss out on an evening with the Bedouins and be enthralled with their tales and their way of living.

Cairo is chaotic and crowded but there is something about the city with its medieval mosques, Coptic churches and exotic souks that pulls at the visitors. Cafes, bars and restaurants abound for the urbane traveller and haggling at the oriental bazaars is a way of life here. To get away from the chaos of the city, take a cruise down the river Nile in a ‘felucca’ and get transported back to the time of Cleopatra!

Egypt tourism lets you explore the country which holds many ancient secrets in its womb yet manages to keep time with the modern era.




Egypt tour- an opportunity to feel awed by ancient wonders

A land of ancient civilization, Egypt has always had a magnetic attraction for travellers since the time of Alexander the Great. Today, the country is a study in contrasts with chaotic cities vying with deserts carrying secrets of centuries deep within themselves. There are many places to see in Egypt but it would be fair to say that most visitors look no further than the Pyramids and the Sphinx on their Egypt tour. But, Egypt has a few surprises up its sleeves, not the least being the lovely Red Sea where you can either relax on the beach or enjoy scuba diving. Desert safaris too are very popular and it is a sight to behold when the sun sets and twilight falls upon the sands.

Getting to Egypt is not difficult as international flights abound and there also charter flights available to Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. If coming from the Middle East, you can even opt for land crossings and ferries from Europe and the Middle East can bring you to Egypt as well. For a first time visit it is not a bad idea to opt for escorted tours of Egypt as Cairo can be pretty chaotic and it makes life easier if certain things are taken care of by professionals. Although accommodation is plentiful ranging from luxury to mid-range and budget to mere camps and youth hostels, it is still advisable to book early in the peak season. Searching on the net may throw up some good bargains for your Egypt travel.

Flights are expensive within Egypt and trains are the best alternative. Intercity buses are quite comprehensive but can get terribly crowded and it is better to opt for deluxe coaches if going on long journeys. Cruising down the Nile should definitely be a part of your holiday. On your Egypt tourism, do not forget to try out local delicacies like ‘chawarma’, ‘kofta’ and ‘ta’amiya’. Wash it down with plenty of ‘karkaday’ which is a concoction of sweet hibiscus tea and special to Egypt.

The oriental bazaar in Cairo called the ‘Khan-el-Khalili’ is teeming with people, shops and wares. Pick up lovely carpets, exotic spices, gold or silver and the local artefacts and reproductions but not without a bit of haggling which is a part of the whole experience of your Egypt tour. For a dose of local culture head straight to the Madrasa of Al Ghouri in the Islamic section of Cairo to watch ‘sufi’ dancing or have your fill of belly dancing and other modern entertainment options in cosmopolitan Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor.

Egyptian holidays are like no other and you will come away awed by the ancient wonders and the modern marvels of this fascinating country.




For off-beat Egypt holidays, experience a desert safari!

Egypt has a lot more to offer than its Pyramids and Sphinx and for those looking for slightly off-beat Egypt holidays, desert safaris and excursions are the way to go.

Tours to Egypt normally do not cover desert safaris comprehensively but if you want a real experience of Egypt they are the best way to do it. These safaris cover areas which you would normally not see on a vacation and there are different types of safaris ranging from a one day excursion to several days trip. Riding in the desert and camping under the stars on the sands is an experience never to be forgotten.

The jeep safari is extremely popular and the thrill of driving a four-wheel vehicle across the desert is unbelievable. If you like, you can make a stop at a Bedouin camp and share a meal with them. Although jeep safaris can arranged from almost anywhere in Egypt, the most convenient place for a day trip is from Hurghada. From here, a visit to the Bedouin camp and watching the sunset while enjoying a barbeque is a great experience. Some private Egypt tours can arrange for longer trips of almost aweek/weeks whereby you get to travel across the desert to various ancient attractions and ruins. This would definitely count as something different to do on Egypt holidays.

Camel safari is a must-do on Egyptian tours and whether it is for a day or days, you cannot come back without taking the obligatory camel ride. A day trip would include a camel trek and a stopover at a Bedouin camp with dinner with a drop-back at your hotel. The adventurous can opt for longer camel safaris which begin at Sharm el Sheikh and take in the many attractions of Arada Canyon, BirSafra, Gebel Gunna,Gabel Barqua, St. Catherine’s Monastery and WadiGibi. This lets you get a glimpse of the way of life in a desert.

Quad bike safaris have become very popular and they last for a few hours. Since watching the sunset on the sandy desert is a priority with most tourists, the safaris are timed to include this opportunity. Tourist areas like MarsaAlam, Hurghada, Safaga and Sharm el Sheikh are popular for these rides. An off the road kart safari is apt for those who do not like the quad or camel safari. This is nothing more than a large buggy with an engine which can be driven across the sandy terrain. Galloping across the sandy terrain on horseback is another novel way of a safari. You can opt for a day trip or explore the myriad attractions across the desert over days.

Your Egypt holidays should definitely consist of one experience of a desert safari.