For off-beat Egypt holidays, experience a desert safari!

Egypt has a lot more to offer than its Pyramids and Sphinx and for those looking for slightly off-beat Egypt holidays, desert safaris and excursions are the way to go.

Tours to Egypt normally do not cover desert safaris comprehensively but if you want a real experience of Egypt they are the best way to do it. These safaris cover areas which you would normally not see on a vacation and there are different types of safaris ranging from a one day excursion to several days trip. Riding in the desert and camping under the stars on the sands is an experience never to be forgotten.

The jeep safari is extremely popular and the thrill of driving a four-wheel vehicle across the desert is unbelievable. If you like, you can make a stop at a Bedouin camp and share a meal with them. Although jeep safaris can arranged from almost anywhere in Egypt, the most convenient place for a day trip is from Hurghada. From here, a visit to the Bedouin camp and watching the sunset while enjoying a barbeque is a great experience. Some private Egypt tours can arrange for longer trips of almost aweek/weeks whereby you get to travel across the desert to various ancient attractions and ruins. This would definitely count as something different to do on Egypt holidays.

Camel safari is a must-do on Egyptian tours and whether it is for a day or days, you cannot come back without taking the obligatory camel ride. A day trip would include a camel trek and a stopover at a Bedouin camp with dinner with a drop-back at your hotel. The adventurous can opt for longer camel safaris which begin at Sharm el Sheikh and take in the many attractions of Arada Canyon, BirSafra, Gebel Gunna,Gabel Barqua, St. Catherine’s Monastery and WadiGibi. This lets you get a glimpse of the way of life in a desert.

Quad bike safaris have become very popular and they last for a few hours. Since watching the sunset on the sandy desert is a priority with most tourists, the safaris are timed to include this opportunity. Tourist areas like MarsaAlam, Hurghada, Safaga and Sharm el Sheikh are popular for these rides. An off the road kart safari is apt for those who do not like the quad or camel safari. This is nothing more than a large buggy with an engine which can be driven across the sandy terrain. Galloping across the sandy terrain on horseback is another novel way of a safari. You can opt for a day trip or explore the myriad attractions across the desert over days.

Your Egypt holidays should definitely consist of one experience of a desert safari.




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