Avail of one of many Egypt travel packages and get to visit an ancient civilization

An Egypt tour is a fantastic opportunity to explore an ancient culture and Egypt travel packages are to be had in plentiful. Egypt has something to offer to everyone and there will be a holiday packages to suit everyone’s taste. Apart from the common packages, there are many customized packages also available to this ancient land of the Pharaohs. Whether you prefer the beach or the cultural sites, there is something for each individual.

If you are keen on the beach, the Red Sea is the place to be as its coastline is gentle. For enthusiasts of scuba diving, the beaches at Hurghada and the Sharm el Sheik are the best bet. The crystal-clear waters here reflect the marine life and coral reefs beautifully. Many Egypt Tour Packages may not cover the Red Sea in which case you can either opt for a customized tour or make your own arrangements for a visit to the beaches.

The desert is a fascination with whoever visits Egypt and rightly so; the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are two world renowned spots for which the tourists come to Egypt and these are a must in any package tour. A photograph with the Pyramids and the Sphinx in the background is a memorable souvenir of any Egypt holiday. Explore the desert on a camel or in a jeep and watch the sunset on the desert and then partake of a meal with the nomadic Bedouins for a different sort of an experience altogether.

Cairo with its temples, monuments, tombs is lively and offers plenty of entertainment as well as cultural experiences. Whiling away an evening in one of Cairo’s many bars and enjoying folk songs and belly dancing is a fun experience. Bargaining for souvenirs at its street markets is also a must-do on any Egypt travel. A trip to the ancient capital of Luxor is also normally included in Egypt travel packages and a visit to the Valley of Kings and the tomb of Tutunkhamen leaves visitors spellbound. A cruise down the mighty River Nile will give you a glimpse of the ancient civilization and is not to be missed.

The best way to book your Egypt holiday would be to go online and check on the various packages on offer. Booking your air ticket early can save you a considerable amount of money. Compare the various Egypt travel packages available, choose the one most suited to your tastes and budget and get all set to be mesmerized by the ‘cradle of civilization’.




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