Experience Egypt a country of history with ask Aladdin

Egypt attracts large number of visitors every year. The tourist season commences from October & continues till May, this time there is rush. But the other four months of the year due to the excessive heat less number of visitors are observed mainly the people of Arabian oasis. There are some cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan etc. which attracts visitors as well as the historical spots like sphinx of Giza, Nile, dead sea, marvels of king Tut’s in Egypt museum, Pyramids of Gaza etc. are in the centre of attraction for travellers. To know well and for stay away from hazardous situation it is better to go with a travel agency. The best one in Egypt domain is ask Aladdin.

The ideal time for Egypt travel is spring. This time the weather of the country stays less hot compare to summer. Avoid the month April because on this month a heavy wind blow all over the country namely Khamsin wind which is warm in nature blows from the desert area  which have sand particles and dust in it. If you travel at the time of Ramadan you can experience some extra ordinary celebration throughout the country. The residents decorate their town with various lightings & with some other items for ornamentation.  On the month of Ramadan the entire city of Cairo celebrates all night this festival which is pleasure to watch. One thing is that on this time it is difficult to book rooms in hotels but if you are with some travel agency i.e. ask Aladdin then not to worry they will manage a 5 star or 4 star hotel for you to stay. Those who have ambition to travel Egypt but reluctant to spend more bucks then then can go there on off season but if they have courage to overcome the excessive heat.

Ask Aladdin offers private tours which give you an opportunity to travel only with your family or group, where no one can interrupt your questions to the guide as well you can also ask the guide to take you to your desired place. The guides are well educated about the history of Egypt and also the agency provides the guides according to your living country thus to communicate well. The Escorted Tours of Egypt from ask Aladdin helps you to get rid of the problems from other people. There is no charge for children up to 2 years of age and they charge 50% for the child below 12 years. The hotels will be top class quality where they will keep you.

If you experience once then only you can realise the difference with other travel agencies of other countries. You will recommend your known people to hire ask Aladdin for Tours to Egypt.


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