Egypt and Jordan tours: Egypt travel takes you to the land of the Pharaohs

Egypt is a country of fancy and fascination! Be it the pyramids or the sphinxes or the eternally flowing Nile, the country presents a magnificent picture before you. Egypt tours imply stepping back in time and walking towards an era when the Pharaohs ruled the continent. Egypt is one of those countries which will pull any one like a magnet. The tourists in general are especially driven to places that have some sort of historic charm. Egypt and Jordan tours definitely take you to a nostalgic voyage and show you the scores of monuments that the country can conjure magically and so effortlessly.

Egypt is certainly an ecstasy for anyone who is interested in history. Even those who have no interest in the past will find themselves getting hypnotized by the mysteries and mystics of this country. How can one not fall in love with this African nation that has given so much to mankind and to civilization over the centuries?

149975386-jpg_094010Most Egypt travel packages comprise of trip down the river Nile. Now, it goes without saying that the Nile is one of the most loved and admired rivers in the world. If the Amazon stands out for its rainforests and wildlife, then Nile enchants the heart for its quaintness and its historic legacy. People from all over the world grow up reading about the great Nile and its contribution to Africa in their school books. Therefore, standing by the side of this mighty river and watching its perennial flow is like a revisit to childhood and it is like flying away into some era hundreds of years back.

You shall also remember your tours to Egypt for the gamut of natural and adventurous activities that you can do here. A tourist is greeted by coral reefs and the famous Red Sea. There are plenty of opportunities to try different kinds of sports like scuba diving, snorkeling and the like. Plus, the culture of the country is something you are not likely to forget in your lifetime. Egypt tours can be surreal and ethereal. The country wears several personalities at once. It can be its old and ageing self with centuries-long monuments sitting there dully, or it can be the swish modern-day nation which has some of the best hotels, bars, restaurants and entertainment faculties.

Tours to Egypt, by most, are also remembered for the boat-ride or cruise ride down the Nile. Nile is the river which creeps into almost all the small and big towns of the northern Africa. It can be really invigorating to witness the continent through the eyes of this ageing river.

Plus, the country is also very popular for several mythological and mythical reasons. It can be really an eye-opening experience to listen to the tales and folklores that are associated with this land of magic and mesmerism. Most tour operators now offer a comprehensive package for Egypt and Jordan tours. Under an Egypt travel package, you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest and relish the cruise on the Nile.


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