Nile tours: Egypt holidays give you that perfect sabbatical

If you are bored with the travails of routine life, then a holiday in the African continent can be a really rejuvenating thing. And there is nothing better than Egypt holidays when it comes to taking a sabbatical. Egypt has that unique quality about it that makes it stand out from the rest. While there are many historic destinations in the world including places like Rome and Jaipur, perhaps none comes closer to Egypt when it comes to awe-inspiring monuments and the culture which this country has got to project. Plus, the presence of Nile makes the country all the more enticing. Nile tours, on its own, can give you hair-raising goose bumps owing to the thrill it encapsulates.


Though, the pyramids, sphinxes, Nile and the Red Sea are globally famous and lure travelers from all over the planet, Egypt has more to it than what meets the eye. Egypt holidays are also craved because of the perfect beaches which the nation offers in abundance. The beaches and the marvelous resorts give a great time to an average backpacker and even inject adrenalin into his veins by letting him dig into some beachside sports. With the help of an Egypt tour operator, you can purchase a holiday package (inclusive of an Egypt tour guide) and trail on to a fascinating sojourn.

Truly speaking, Egypt revels in its contrasts. Its age-old monuments are beautifully contrasted by the present day mosques and the ritzy hotels; its ancient temples seem to make a mockery of the exotic modern beaches; and its traditional customs still dominate over the westernized lifestyle. Traveling in this country by foot or through Nile cruise can be enlightenment in itself. Though the country is replete with amazing structures and iconic places, one cannot have all the things at once if one is on a short visit.

An Egypt tour operator will include popular locales like Aswan, Giza, Cairo and Luxor in the itinerary. Cairo is the capital of the nation and has a bustling life with a rabble of humanity. Right from the churches to the mosques to the museums to temples, you can explore the city in its vivid versatility. Luxor is more historic and famed for its ageing temples. You will be left in awe after visiting this city. The ‘Valley of Kings’ is another thrilling destination you cannot afford to miss out on. Aswan is the quintessential city with a fusion of history, culture and modern face. It is popular for its dams and Temple of Abu Simbel. Giza is the land of ultimate fantasy where you can gorge on the pyramids and the sphinxes the tales of which you have been hearing since your childhood.

Even though one can travel by land or catch flights to these destinations, it is best to take Nile tours. Traveling by the river can be surely a different experience. The holiday gets thriller and cheaper with a cruise ride and with the aid of a knowledgeable Egypt tour guide.


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