Private Egypt tours: Visit the Mecca of history with an Egypt trip package

Egypt is considered to be one of the greatest holiday destinations in the world. The country has everything one can ask for. There is plenty for the history lovers and enough for the adventure freaks, the culture is a mixed blessing of old and the present, while the sightseeing attractions are too many to note down. The food is delicious and the locals are warm and gentle. On the whole, there is no reason why you should shy away from buying an Egypt trip package. The country sure is the Mecca of history with its deluge of monuments and man-made marvels.


Tours for Egypt are now readily arranged by travel agents. A good tour operator has several options laid before you. You can travel through the length & breadth of the country through flights, or you can take a trip down the river Nile via cruise or boat ride. In general, the latter is preferred over the former and there are two reasons for that. Firstly, flights can be very expensive especially if you plan to visit more than one city. And secondly and more importantly, Nile cruise is an experience of a lifetime. Spending some hours or some days breezing through the river at its own pace can be a soulful experience and will help you rediscover the pure bliss of life. Private Egypt tours can also be arranged and tweaked a bit for your special preferences.

 Egypt is a grand place for a sightseer. The country boasts of things which no other place in the world can boast of. If India takes pride in its Taj Mahal, and China on its Great Wall, then Egypt has its pyramids, sphinx and the Nile to flaunt with pomposity. Tours to Egypt shall also open your eye to the real magic of the country. Egypt is not your everyday holiday spot. It is a very unconventional and unique kind of a place. Even its geography is amazing and makes you drop your jaws in shock! The country is a brilliant fusion of desert, oases, deltas, rivers and sea. The Red Sea carves out some fabulous beaches which have also adopted to the modern life and proffers underwater sporting activities. But it is the Nile which dominates the circuit and gives you some of the most cherished memories of your life.

One can hire boats, yachts and ships for sailing down the river. Ideally, you should look for an Egypt trip package and make bookings for a cruise that will maintain its fixed schedule and timetable. That will give you the opportunity to see all the incredible sites of the country alongside your fellow passengers and crew mates.

Though the country is full of attractions, some of the not-to-be-missed ones are pyramids (at Cairo and Giza), sphinx (at Giza), Abu Simbel (at Aswan), Historic Cairo (at Cairo), Memphis and its Necropolis (at Cairo) and Ancient Thebes with Necropolis (at Luxor). Thus, if you make bookings for private Egypt tours, make sure to include these 4 cities Cairo, Aswan, Giza and Luxor- in your schedule.


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