The top seven sights not to be missed on tours to Egypt

Tours to Egypt are very popular and are always jam-packed. Egypt has many other wonders to offer besides its architectural treasures and if you would like to make the most of your Egyptian vacation, here are the top present seven wonders of the country.

The Pyramids of Giza will naturally top the list and no tours to Egypt can be considered complete without paying homage to this colossal archaeological wonder. Catch the son et lumiere show to truly appreciate this amazing monument.

The Valley of Kings at Luxor is full of ancient tombs and temples and is the second most visited sight after the Pyramids.

Cairo’s Archaeological Museum is one of the finest in the world and contains over 120,000 artefacts from the ancient ages. The archaeological treasures include Tutankhamen’s death mask and several mummies which undoubtedly form one of the highlights of Egypt trips.

The walk up Mount Sinai is not only full of religious significance for Christians and Jews, the view from the top is stunning.

The Nile cruise forms an important part of any tours to Egypt as it is one of the most pleasurable ways to do some sightseeing.

Egypt’s archaeological wonders overshadow its other attractions so much that it is a surprise to discover that it has lovely beaches and the resorts of Sharm El Sheikh and Hurgada are very popular with holidaymakers.

Egypt’s coastline along the Red Sea offers some of the best scuba diving and you can see stunning coral reefs and a lively aquatic life.


Egyptian tours- select the one which is most compatible with your interests

The gigantic monuments of Egypt never fail to stun and amaze and the sharp light and heat of the desert energizes your entire being. The azure waters of the sea soothe and rejuvenate you while taking the Nile cruise on the longest river in the world dazzles your senses. Egypt has all the magic and the mystery which leaves you in wonder. Egyptian tours are meant to leave you awe-struck and utterly captivated.

There are many types of Egyptian tours which you can enjoy. If you opt for one of the Nile cruises, you can see Luxor, Aswan and Cairo along with some little known places. If you wish to see the highlights of Egypt, then you can visit the most popular sights like the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, Valley of Kings, Abu Simbel and the Elephantine Island. If it is adventure that you are looking for then book yourself for a desert safari. Tours to Egypt also take visitors to seaside resorts of Sharm El Sheikh or Hurgada where you can relax and chill out on the white sands or scuba dive.

All the attractions of Egypt cannot be seen in a single holiday so, the best way to decide on your Egyptian tours is to do your research and zero onto the things which interest you the most. This way you will not miss out on things which are more important to you and you can always save up the rest for your next Egypt vacation!