Egypt holidays: Head to Cairo for some unforgettable moments amidst history

Cairo is the capital of Egypt and one of the most visited towns in Africa. It is laced with history and mythology, and houses some top level attractions for sightseers. For stitching unforgettable Egypt holidays, you are thoroughly recommended to travel to this city. It would be unwise to miss out on this city which is a busy place for both tourists and traveling businessmen.

Cairo has some fascinating bazaars where you can pick up artifacts and mementos. Who won’t like to bring back something as a souvenir from their Egypt holidays? And at the local markets in this town, you can surely enjoy the whole experience of shopping. These shops also work as a window into the traditional culture. Cairo also has some top-class restaurants that serve you a whole wide range of local and international cuisines. There are some popular dishes which you must try before leaving the country. And these restaurants will definitely live up to your expectations.

Amongst the many Egypt tourist places, Cairo heads the list because of its huge wealth of history and heritage. If you can spend 2-3 days at this city, then you can certainly make the most of your trip. Not visiting its museums would be considered blasphemy. Who would like to miss out on visiting the mummies and the papyrus and the coffin of Tutankhamen?

Cairo also turns your head with its exciting mix of locals. They are warm and hospitable. Even though the Urdu language may not be legible to you, it would be a great eye-opener into a fascinating culture. And you would do fine as long as you are familiar with English. Other popular Egypt tourist places are Luxor, Alexandria, Sharm el Sheikh, Giza and Aswan.


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