Egypt travel packages: Luxor is the ultimate place for history lovers

Luxor is one of the best places in Egypt. It has emerged as the hottest destination in the country in the recent years. It is home to the historic temples which are thousands of years old. Despite being so old, they are still almost fully intact though you can see cracks and crevices at places. Thus, there is a bit of spookiness around them. Egypt tours involving Luxor in your itinerary is offered by most modern day agents & travel operators. The Luxor Temple is the most impressive of the lot. As a history-lover, you will certainly relish the ambience. But you will also be awed by the skills of the ancient men in terms of architecture.

Luxor’s another noted attraction is the Valley of the Kings. Most Egypt travel packages include this site in the curriculum. It is a huge area where nearly 100 tombs of Egyptian kings are located side by side. There is a certain aura of thrill and mysticism associated with the place. Besides, you are also likely to come across hearsays and legendary tales revolving around the Pharaohs and their tombs. Most Egypt travel packages arrange a hot air balloon ride so that tourists can get a bird’s eye view of this valley. When you soar over the air on these balloons, you not just get that adrenaline rush of adventure, but also get to marvel at the heritage beauty of the tombs.

Luxor’s charm and mystery is all-pervading and eternal. You will not come back from this town empty-handed. But your heart will be loaded with memories and moments that will stay with you forever. And if you are ruining budget constraint or time constraint, then worry not! Under special Egypt tours, it is very much possible to plan small and cheap trips.


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