Egypt tourism: Visit the phenomenal pyramids and the stupendous Sphinx

Egypt is a destination which is different from the rest. It is sure a great place for sightseeing and smelling the lingering fragrance of the history. But it is, in addition, a bit creepy which adds to the thrill. Egypt tourism has always centered on the enigmas of the pyramids and the mysteries of the mummies. Since, dead kings have to do a lot with their construction; there is an inevitable spookiness which they incorporate.

The pyramids are the ultimate poster boys of the country. When one thinks of Egypt tours, what comes to mind immediately is a gigantic pyramid a midst heaps of sands. Pyramid may be counted among the ‘7 wonders of the world’ but there is more to it than that. Surely, there are 6 more wonders of the world. And another 7 from the modern era! But pyramids stand out from the rest. Their charm has an element of mystery and mystique which is hard to comprehend. Scientists are still puzzled as to how could the ancient man devise such marvelous structures. In fact, there are apocryphal theories that state that these pyramids were actually built by aliens. So, it is the element of unknown which makes them such an exciting attraction.

The Sphinx is the neighbor of the pyramids and is another great and mysterious landmark. Had it not been for the pyramids, it could have made a case for itself to be registered in the hall of wonders of the world. It is its misfortune that it finds itself a midst the company of the pyramids. But that takes away nothing from its enigma which makes it a must-visit attraction under every Egypt tourism and Egypt tours package.

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