Egypt travel dress code: How to dress yourself in Egypt?

When you are going for an Egypt travel, you need to learn a thing or two about the local culture. Despite being one of the most modern nations in the Middle East, it has its own set of customs and traditions which every tourist needs to respect. If you are traveling from a westernized country and are used to wearing skimpy clothes at your hometown, then you need to understand that this country won’t be the right place to show so much skin. The culture here is different from the rest of the world especially from countries like UK or USA.

The local culture is not exaggeratedly conservative, but excessive skin exposure is pretty much a taboo. Besides, the chief religion in this part of the world is Islam which prohibits women from revealing their body. So, when you hop for your Egyptian tours, you would notice that most of the local women are fully covered and many even wear a scarf on their head and a veil on their face.

As a tourist, you are not required to cover your face and hair with scarves and veils (unless you are entering a religious site), but you should, at least, make sure not to wear anything which would appear indecent and would hurt the sentiments of the locals. Therefore, showing your legs or flashing the cleavage is strictly inadvisable. While packing for your Egypt travel, make sure to pack clothes which cover your shoulders, body, midriff, legs and arms. Keep the sleeveless tops, micro skirts and off-shoulder dresses away for the time being!

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