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Egypt travel: The guide to women traveling alone

Egypt is such a fascinating country that one must not deprive himself or herself a trip just because he or she does not have a company. If you want to enjoy an Egypt travel, then you can very well travel solo! But if you are a woman, then here is a small guideline chalked out for your safety and convenience:

I. Stick to the crowded destinations: You will be safe and won’t have to face any inconvenience if you stick to the top destinations like Cairo, Giza, Aswan, Luxor and Sharm el Sheikh. Any place which is visited by tourists in huge numbers should be touted safe for a general woman traveler. Egypt is not unsafe for women. But for personal safety, it is best to avoid isolated areas especially if the country and the locals are unfamiliar to you.

II. Stay in reputed hotels: Women travelers must take up accommodation at hotels and resorts which are prestigious. As a woman, you must try to evade those cheap inns. And it would be foolish to stay at the home of a private person or an unknown family.

III. Travel with the aid of tour operators: Professional tour operators can be your best ally when you are intending to travel to any offshore country all alone. These professionals not just make your Egypt travel cheaper and memorable, but they will be by your side constantly and could be reached round the clock.

IV. Do not get too intimate with male strangers: You can strike up conversations with locals but try not to get too intimate with male strangers. If the person has got something on his mind or if he has an eye on you, then you may end up getting robbed, stalked or harassed.

Egypt travel advice: 4 special advices for the first time tourists

If you are touring Egypt for the first time, then some general advice would do you good. Here are the 4 special advices that every traveler should pay heed to during his maiden Egyptian journey:

1. Go light with the clothes: A vital Egypt travel advice would be to go light with the clothes which you are packing. The country is hot and dry and your sweat glands would be put to an acid test out there. Pack a lot of light and loose clothes so that you feel the least uncomforted. Even if you are traveling during the winter, pack light woolens and team them up with some heavy cotton clothes. While the nights may be a bit chilly in winters, the daytime would still be on the hotter side.

2. Book AC rooms during the non-winter days: The best time to travel to Egypt is the winter season. The months between December and January see the maximum number of footfalls. But unless you are planning a trip down this season, you should make sure to book AC rooms in your hotels. Staying in a non-AC room in the summer can be infernal.

3. Do ride a camel: As a backpacker wanting to make the most of the tour, you are strongly advised to ride a camel. A camel ride can be a thrilling escapade and would be one memorable event of your life.

4. Be magnanimous while tipping: Anyone who serves you in that country would request you for a tip. It is the custom of the country. Plus, most of the attendants live in impoverished conditions, if not in penury. One general Egypt travel advice would be not to refuse them a small tip.