Egypt tourism: Cities you must visit if you have 10 days in hand

If you have bought an Egypt tourism package for a 5-day trip, then you won’t get the time to check all the cities! Cairo and Luxor could be explored well and if you have time, you may go for a day cruise on the Nile.

However, if you have opted for a 10-day tour, then here are the cities you must visit:

i. Cairo: Cairo, the capital city, must definitely be in your plans irrespective of the duration of your stay. You simply cannot miss out on this place unless you have already toured it during your previous visit! At Cairo, you can explore the bazaars and visit the top museums. At Giza, you get to check out the highest pyramids and the Great Sphinx.
Total number of days you should spend in Cairo: 3 days

ii. Luxor: Luxor will be another city you should visit. The best attractions are the Luxor Temple (try visiting it during sunset or after twilight), the Valley of the Kings and other temples! Also, spare some time to enjoy the hot air balloon ride!
Total number of days you should spend in Luxor: 2 days

iii. Sharm el Sheikh: Sharm el Sheikh will offer you a completely different facet of Egypt! It is a beach destination and will delight you with its seaside offerings. From diving sites to lovely sun-kissed beaches, it has got something really vivacious for every vacationer!
Total number of days you should spend in Sharm el Sheikh: 2 days

iv. Aswan and Alexandria: You can wrap up your trip by dropping by at the towns of Aswan and Alexandria! They can be explored in a matter of 2-3 days under your Egypt Tourism packages.

Total number of days you should spend in Aswan and Alexandria: 3 days

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