Egypt travel plans: Things you may have wrongly assumed

Egypt being a Muslim nation, there is a certain prejudice which is not hard to miss. As a foreign tourist, you may take it for granted that the country is extremely conservative, just like any Muslim country is expected to be. However, in contrast, Egypt is very much tolerant to certain aspects of life and leisure. Granted, that one has to dress up appropriately and PDA is not tolerated. But you do not need to quit the cigarette or ditch the glass of beer when you are in this nation. So, if you thought that your Egypt Travel Plans would be very stringent and would put all your leisurely activities into jeopardy, then you need to think again.

You may also have assumed that the local women have to drape a scarf or a piece of cloth over their head and they need to cover their face with a veil. Again, you are being judgmental in a wrong way. Though, the local woman dress up decently and do not wear any skin-showing garment, they do have the liberty to expose their head, hair or face. Of course, some women are deeply religious or dogmatic and do not choose this path, but you will easily spot local women who are very much at ease without any scarf or cloth over their face or head.

So, when you sit and jot down your Egypt travel plans, you will not be encumbered by the sense of any loss. You are not required to give up on your smoking or drinking habits. You do not have to cover your face or head with any scarf. But you cannot wear dresses which are too skimpy.

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