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How safe is it to tour Egypt?

Egypt has been the cradle of human civilization and the land of mystery and bizarre. It is one of the biggest draws on the planet and if you live your life without a trip to this wonder land, then you will live a largely unfulfilled life. The Egypt pyramids are simply too historic and too grand to ignore; you can never have enough of a Nile cruise and you will be amazed at the gamut of sightseeing attractions which this place has got.

The regrettable thing is that some people have insecurity issues and shy away from making Egypt travel plans. Their fears are not uncalled for, since the country has indeed been under the grip of some civil problems in recent times. But it is still a pretty safe destination and you can wipe out all risks by simply prioritizing two things.

Firstly, you must travel under the guidance of a professional. Private Egypt tours are organized by professional tour planners who are always there by your side to play the protective guardian and the friendly guide, helping you check out all the major attractions of the country without undertaking any risk.

Secondly, you must not venture out to areas which are less popular or have some civil problems going on at the time of your visit. Again, a professional guide or planner is your best friend in helping you chalk out a perfect itinerary so that you can make Egypt travel plans at the minim expense and without compromising on safety.

Egypt and Jordan Tours- capture the essence of two magnificent, ancient cultures!

Egypt and Jordan are two wonderful countries with ancient monuments, culture and traditions. Although Egypt tours & travels have always been extremely popular, Jordan too is now coming into its own as more travellers are discovering its beautyand culture.In fact, many travellers like to combine their Egypt and Jordan tours as the two countries are near each other and it is a wonderful opportunity to savour two ancient worlds.

The Egypt and Jordan tours combined will bring alive the history lessons learnt in school as a comprehensive selection of all important places and sights can be put together. The Egyptian sojourn will include all the must-see sights like the Great Sphinx, the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings and the Queens and a Nile cruise. Climb Mt. Sinai, indulge in deep sea diving at the Red Sea Coast and bargain your heart out in the colourful souks of Cairo.

After the wonders of Egypt have been discovered and enjoyed, it will be time to make your way to Jordan either by land or by ferry. In Jordan, a float in the Dead Sea has to be enjoyed and then the spectacular city of Petra can be explored. Petra is a real gem amongst the Middle Eastern cities; spend time in the astounding Wadi Rum and be awed by its rocky projections, rose-hued sand dunes which rise to massive heights and its stunning natural bridges. With its chic cafes and contemporary architecture, it will be hard to believe that Amman is one of the oldest cities in the world to have been continuously inhabited.

Egypt and Jordan tours lets you capture the essence of these two steeped-in-history, charismatic countries and gives you a truly unforgettable vacation.

Egypt and Jordan Tour Packages- ideal combination of guided tours and individual free time

Egypt and Jordan tour packages allow you to combine the best of both counties and take a memorable trip to these two ancient civilizations. Here’s a shortlist of what you can expect from such packages:

On your Egypt and Jordan tours you will get to see the Giza pyramids and the Great sphinx in Egypt near Cairo. Also included will be the important sights of Cairo as well as a visit to its famous 14th century Khan el Khalil Market. Nile cruises in Egypt will also be a part of the itinerary and you can feel yourself getting transported back to the time of the mighty Pharaohs as you sail down the Nile. The Valley of Kings will leave you astounded and the resorts at the Red Sea will be perfect to chill-out.

From the Red Sea, you will take a ferry to Jordan and see Petra and Wadi Rum with its stunning sand dunes, have a swim in the Dead Sea and see the Roman ruins. A 4/4 jeep safari in the rocky terrain of Wadi Rum will leave you exhilarated. Amman is a bewitching mix of modern cafes and ancient culture.

Admissions to most sights, accommodations, and transport/ transfer expenses are all normally inclusive in tour packages. A tour guide and a certain number of meals are also provided. There may be a few optional charges but these are generally specified at the beginning itself.

Egypt and Jordan tour packages showcase the region’s fascinating landscapes, natural wonders and cultures and offer the ideal combination of guided tours with plenty of free time to discover the mysteries of the two countries on your own.