Egypt and Jordan Tours- capture the essence of two magnificent, ancient cultures!

Egypt and Jordan are two wonderful countries with ancient monuments, culture and traditions. Although Egypt tours & travels have always been extremely popular, Jordan too is now coming into its own as more travellers are discovering its beautyand culture.In fact, many travellers like to combine their Egypt and Jordan tours as the two countries are near each other and it is a wonderful opportunity to savour two ancient worlds.

The Egypt and Jordan tours combined will bring alive the history lessons learnt in school as a comprehensive selection of all important places and sights can be put together. The Egyptian sojourn will include all the must-see sights like the Great Sphinx, the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings and the Queens and a Nile cruise. Climb Mt. Sinai, indulge in deep sea diving at the Red Sea Coast and bargain your heart out in the colourful souks of Cairo.

After the wonders of Egypt have been discovered and enjoyed, it will be time to make your way to Jordan either by land or by ferry. In Jordan, a float in the Dead Sea has to be enjoyed and then the spectacular city of Petra can be explored. Petra is a real gem amongst the Middle Eastern cities; spend time in the astounding Wadi Rum and be awed by its rocky projections, rose-hued sand dunes which rise to massive heights and its stunning natural bridges. With its chic cafes and contemporary architecture, it will be hard to believe that Amman is one of the oldest cities in the world to have been continuously inhabited.

Egypt and Jordan tours lets you capture the essence of these two steeped-in-history, charismatic countries and gives you a truly unforgettable vacation.


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