Egypt tour guide: A land which is still a fascinating destination

Some people may have developed a cynical attitude towards Egypt after the series of civic unrests and recurring political chaos. But nothing can be taken from the fact that it is still a fascinating country whose beauty, despite any human activity, should stay untarnished. After all, the pyramids, the Sphinx and the museums are the veritable treasures which the modern man has inherited from his predecessors. So, when you are standing before the Great Pyramid at Giza, you are actually staring at something which was built by people who lived more than two thousand years ago. An Egypt tour guide will help you to access Giza in the easiest way possible. It is here that the country’s best pyramids are stationed. It is also the site for the Sphinx, which is another must-see attraction.

Egypt seems to be under some sort of a curse. Of late, the tourism industry has received a lot of negative publicity. Apart from the political or civic problems, another incident that went against the tourism industry is the tragedy of the hot air balloon accident. Luxor is the renowned tourist spot and some of the world’s most ancient temples are situated here. Luxor is also famous for its hot air balloon rides. But after an accident a few months back, the sport took a hit following the death of the victims.

But that was an accident which was an aberration and is unlikely to repeat itself in the near future. The country deserves to be visited by you, despite these incidents. After all, all you need to get your hormones excited is to pick up an Egypt tour guide and run your eyes through it.


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