Find Exclusive Egypt Tour Packages With Amazing Activities holiday, these days, is much more than merely a vacation. While the joy of sightseeing is incomparable, these days, people look for a lot of other activities too. So, a perfect Egypt tour from USA should include a few adventure or sporting activities as well.

Egypt is a historic destination no doubt. Its pyramids and Sphinx make it a lovely place to go back to the past. But you would be doing injustice to this country if you categorize it into a boring destination or one which has nothing else to offer. Now, the holiday planners are dishing out packages which can satiate you from all count.

Luxor, for instance, is drawing more people than ever before after its hot air ballooning has picked up momentum. Likewise, the sea towns like Sharm el Sheikh are getting their fair share of tourists since they are heavenly destinations for snorkeling, surfing and diving. If you are a scuba diver or a snorkeler or love surfing and sailing, you can include these activities in your Egypt tour from USA by Askaladdin.

In the same vein, one can say that the cruise across the River Nile is an awesome activity which will leave you richer in terms of your knowledge about history, geography and culture of this country.

These days, everybody is a nocturnal bird. People love to stay up till late and so nightlife activities are also increasing. For a tourist, there are some good night clubs and hot spots they can check out in Egypt. Luxor’s temples and Nile’s cruises themselves offer a perfect retreat.


Egypt Travel Advice – How to Stay Safe While Out of Your Comfort Zone and Survive While Traveling

Egypt has a notorious reputation for being a relatively unsafe destination. Though some part of it is mere exaggeration, one must admit that this African country does not feature amongst the safest of travel destinations. Yet, cases of molestation or robbery are sporadic and will happen to you only when you desist from taking safe measures. There are officials and travel experts all around to rush to your assistance, should the need arise.

An Egypt travel advice by Askaladdin would be to keep your cell phone at hand and keep the number of a friend or a local police station on the speed dial. This is a must-do if you venture out of your comfort zone into an unfamiliar area after dusk. This piece of advice can help people to thwart robbery attempts and will also give a cushioning effect to women travelers.

At the same time, it is vital that you recharge your cell’s battery fully before leaving your hotel. You do not want it to go dead before you return back to the safety of your rooms.

Always carry a torch or even a pepper-spray bottle. The torch can guide you at dark streets and a pepper-spray bottle has emerged in the last few years as an innovative and successful way to escape a molester’s clutches.

A general Egypt travel advice by Askaladdin will be that you must try not to loiter out alone after darkness descends. Even if you have to go somewhere, try to stay in a group. Solo tourists may feel uncomfortable even in trains, buses and cabs. The trick is to be extremely confident instead of appearing scared.