Enjoy the mesmerizing Egypt and Jordan tours with Ask-Aladdin.

If you stressed with the busy schedules of your life and want to go on a month long vacation to rejuvenate yourself, a tour of Egypt and Jordan is the right choice for you. There are several tour operators who conduct tours to Egypt and Jordan. Ask Aladdin is a renowned tour operator which can be contacted when planning to visit these countries.

Egypt and Jordan tour is going to leave you mesmerized with the beauty of ancient structures such as the magnificent pyramids which are about 4500 years old and are very famous not only in Egypt but also the entire world. When in Egypt there are several pyramids each having a separate history of its own. The tour starts with visiting several sightseeing options on the city of Cairo which is the largest city in Egypt. The transportations at all time are arranged in the air conditioned vehicles so that you do not face the heat waves that are common in Egypt.


Egypt and Jordan tours would be incomplete without going for a trip to the river Nile. Cruise in river Nile is a great experience. There are several entertainment options available on board. When on such tours you also get to visit some of the famous temples and various structures en route. The cruise which is used for the tours are luxurious ones providing utmost comfort to visitors.

Red sea which is a famous destination for water lovers is also included in the itinerary. Various kinds of water sports can be indulged into when here. Red sea is a great diving and snorkeling destination for divers from across the world. Apart from visiting Cairo, River Nile and Read Sea, the tour operators also take the tourists to other cities of Egypt such as Hurghada, Luxor, Dendara and AbydosAswan, Abu Simbel and Alexandria amongst others. Tours to such cities will cover all the major sightseeing options along with guides to explain the significance of each and every one of them.

a view of the garden and the beach

After covering Egypt in its entirety, the representatives of Ask Aladdin would arrange for a tour of Jordan. Here the tourists have several places to visit in the famous city of Petra which was carved out of mountainsides. Tour to the city is usually done on a carriage or by ridding on a horse back. When on a journey to Petra, Madaba and Mosaics the two ancient cities which falls en route would also be visited. After the sightseeing options in Jordan have been checked, it is time to bid adieu to this beautiful country and the amazing journey.

All the itineraries are well planned in advance and made available to the tourists also. In case you want to make some changes it can very well be accommodated. The stays at various places are made in good hotels with all the modern amenities. Safety measures are taken very seriously so as to avoid any unfortunate incidents. Tour operators at Ask Aladdin arrange for tickets to various sites beforehand so that the tourists do not have to wait for long. Also, they know which site is best to visit at what times of the day making the visit to such places comfortable.

Tour to the whole of Egypt and Jordan lasts for approximately 26 days. The tour operators see to it that the guests have a good experience of arranging the tours to various places with great care and it is spread over many days so that the guests do not suffer from tiredness and they get adequate rest to enjoy the tour better.