Enjoy the Egypt tour with Cheap Tour Packages

The amazing trip packages to Egypt offered by Ask Aladdin give you a lot of options to scour the great country of Pharaohs and pyramids. If you have opted for one of the spectacular packages offered by this company, you will be able to see all the major as well as the minor destinations this country hosts. These destinations include Pyramids (of course), Nile Cruise, Red Sea tourist spots, and so much more. If you really want to make your trip to Egypt memorable then it is highly recommended that you go there with a package. The package becomes all the more important when you are travelling with a group or your family members. The package ensures that your trip is really organized and thus more convenient. The good news is that the Egypt packages by this company are truly affordable and will not make a dent in your finances. Depending upon the places you want to visit, duration of the visit, and your budget, you can opt for one of the packages.


So get ready to make your trip truly unbelievable with the Egypt Tour Package Ask Aladdin. You will be surprised to see that this company is offering the amenities and facilities at such affordable prices that cannot be beaten by anyone else. Now you can pack your bag and see yourself at the heels of monumental pyramids or stroll around the alleys of Egyptian Museum. You can also take a walk at the Old Cairo market and also be witness to the ancient Mosques and temples.

The Packages Available

 If you are opting for Egypt Tour Package Ask Aladdin then here is what you can expect to get (and it will truly be overwhelming):

Egypt Splender Package:  Get ready to spend 3 great nights in the ancient city of Cairo and once you are done, get packing for 4 remarkable nights on the Nile Cruise. The cruise gets you sailing from Luxor to Aswan. The package also includes domestic flights.


Egypt Splendor by Sleeper train Package: This 7-night package is what you really need if you want to explore the amazing country. This package includes a 2-night stay in Cairo, 3 nights on the incredible Nile Cruise. But when you thought the fun would end, try out the 2 nights in the sleeper train.

Egypt Short Break Package: For those who are pressed for time and still want to make a quick trip to Egypt must really go for this package. Although the trip will be short (3 nights) but you will still get to see some of the most important tourist locations. Also, you will get a tourist guide who will be there with you throughout.

Egypt Red Sea Jewel: This package is for those who really do not want to miss the adventures of the Red Sea. With this package you get 5 nights in Cairo so that you can see all the places on the land and then 3 days to explore the amazing Red Sea.

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