10 Things that Surprised me about Travelling in Egypt

The country of Egypt has always conjured up its ancient architecture, images of various sand dunes and chaotic cities. In fact, the country highlights a culture, which is completely unknown for a majority of western people. Hence, our experts involved in Egypt Travel Plans will highlight a list consisting of 10 major things, which would likely surprise you as a foreigner in Egypt.


Pyramids Remain Closer to the Cairo City

Most of the tourists arriving yearly from various areas of the United States of America perceive that they have to follow trekking a huge distance in the Sahara desert to get the views of famous pyramids. However, the fact is that all of the three biggest pyramids are close to the Giza City and form the biggest part of the entire Cairo area.

Egypt is less Conservative than Other Muslim Countries

Most of the tourists perceive that while visiting any Muslim country, everyone has to dress-up in a conservative manner, particularly the women. However, the case is different in case of Egypt, as it is modern to some extent, especially in the cities of Alexandria and Cairo. As per Egypt Travel Plans experts, you will find a large number of women, as wearing normal outfits and some of them choose to wear skimpy attire while visiting the nightclubs.


Egyptian Bathrooms Do Not Have Toilet Papers

Most of the times, travellers visiting the historic sites of Egypt become surprised when they enter the bathroom and do not find any toilet paper inside it. Rather, a person waits outside to charge for washing arms, legs and that too for only some small pieces.

Many Egyptian People are English Speakers

Another major surprise associated with travelling to Egypt, as highlighted by Egypt Travel Plans is that a large number of Egyptian fellows speak English. Even a few of them also speak other foreign languages, such as Italian, French and Greek. Hence, if you are a US citizen and want to go for a vacation in Italy, you do not have to spend hours to be familiar with common Arabic terminologies.

Only 10% People Stay and Remaining Covered with Desert

Most of the tourists will surprise to know that desert oasis town in Egypt is limited to explore. In fact, there are only a few big camel caravans moving across or people live in tents for that reason. Moreover, people in Egypt live only in total 10 percent of the entire country’s area, while the remaining part consists of desert and remains under-populated.

Allows the Entry of Both Muslims and Non-Muslims in Mosques

Another unique fact about Egypt it allows both Muslims and non-Muslims to enter the mosques. Both women and men of other communities are able to enter a majority of mosques. However, they have to follow some necessary caveats i.e. cover up completely, respect the Muslim culture and remove their shoes.

Based on our highlighted key facts about surprises during your Egypt tour, you will expect to acclimatize yourself in advance to prepare for your future’s Egypt trip.

Resource @ https://askaladdin.livejournal.com/24073.html


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