Know 10 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt Pyramids

Pyramids are not just one of the seven wonders. They are not only triangular structures built from stones to house the dead. You wish to visit the pyramids, but do you want to explore without knowing some enticing realities about these structures? Naiveté and ignorance are two different things. Be naïve but not uninformed especially when an old architecture is about to unfold in front of your eyes.

pyramids-of-gizaNot just another statue: The Sphinx is not only an artistic sculpture. This sizeable immovable statue with the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh guards the pyramids. Find every detail on Egypt pyramids and the Sphinx.

Attempted Vandalism: A Kurdish ruler’s son, the prince tried to destroy the monuments in the 12th century. Fortunately, this prince couldn’t vandalize the Egypt pyramids as it proved to be an immense task.

Estimated time of completion: The ancient Egyptians were calculative and methodical in the construction of the pyramids. Even with high levels of sophistication, it took almost 23 years to build one structure. There are eighty of these pyramids. Just consider the long hours of toiling under the blistering sun.

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Prehistoric air conditioning: would you believe that even in the age of ancient Egyptian civilization, there was a system of keeping the air cool. The pyramids maintain a constant temperature of 20-degree centigrade regardless of day-night temperature fluctuations outside.

Unknown bolstering agent: Millennia has passed since the discovery of pyramids by the modern man. An astonishing fact is that the agent used as mortar is still unrecognized. Belief is such that the stones hold the secret, but that is a common misconception.

Hefty rocks: It is understandable that the ancient period had no modern machinery yet the civilization managed to build pyramids from stones that were unavailable in the vicinity of the structures. Each stone weighed 5 to 10 tons and transported from distant places.

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A versatile priest: One master architect of Egypt was the inventor of pyramids. This person had many skill sets, including healing science, astronomy, mathematics and political issues. After the demise of this maestro, the ancient Egyptians primarily revered the departed as the God of Medicine

Whopping figures: The number of workers involved in pyramid constructions is a massive figure of 100,000. You should also know that these artisans were not slaves. The workers received payment and respect for the services and creativity.

Prepared for the hereafter: The nobility of ancient Egyptians lay buried inside pyramids with everyday items as well as expensive jewelry for usage in the afterlife. The dead workers or less privileged individuals also received bread and beer for the journey to the other side.

Giza Pyramid

Empire of the dead: Noticeably, every pyramid rests on the west bank of the Nile River. The sun sets on the western shoreline which associates this region as the land of the dead.

Is it the end?

There are many more interesting anecdotes about the pyramids of Egypt. So, after the end of this topic, you must ask yourself if it is indeed the end or more to pry out.


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