Egypt travel advice: Plan A Successful and Safe Trip to Egypt

Travelling overseas is tough if not well planned. One can either plan it on own otherwise rely on travel packages that are better since they know the hot tourist destinations. Travel packages can often be customized if a large group is going.

Egypt Culture

Read on for some mindful Egypt travel information

Best Time to visit

When you check for Travel information at ask Aladdin for Egypt, the first thing is when to plan the trip. The best time is between October to April where the mild breeze makes the vacation a wonderful one because the weather is perfect to go out. Exploring lanes and historic tombs in Egypt is not at all advisable during peak summer season. The temperature can reach up to 45 degree Celsius and the scorching sun sits right up on the head. For budgeted travellers anything after December is good. The season witnesses its highest tourism in December. You can find all such Egypt travel information here.

Visa information

Visa can be obtained from Egypt embassies all over the world. The visa is usually granted for three months with one month stay in the country allowance. You can find detailed information about this on Egypt travel information at ask Aladdin. Usually, the travel agent arranges everything but it is best to know the exact detail. Egypt travel information is in detail available on this website.


Safety in Egypt

Crime rates are low in the country but women are required to dress conservatively when outside to avoid seeking wrong attention. There have been terrorist attacks on tourists but in the majority of the areas, the police are strict and tourism areas are heavily guarded.


The currency that runs in the country is Egyptian pound. Major currency exchange companies are present in the country to get your currency exchanged but it is best to carry local currency in hand. This is because tipping is a common trend and every now and then you would be required to tip anybody who helps you around. The common word here is ‘Bakshish.


What to wear in Egypt

Remember, Egypt is a Muslim country where men and women dress conservatively when going outside. It is best to wear loose and light cotton clothes for the summer as the afternoon can be a little tough for someone who is not from the tropical areas. You can also shop from the local flea markets, it is cheap and light.

For women travellers, until you are on a beach or poolside, it is advisable to wear loose pants and loose t-shirts. One can easily grab unwanted attention in this country, so it is better to stay safe.


Why choose us?

Ask Aladdin provides private tour guides and customizes the packages according to the need. Everything is well explained and transparency is our USP. We make sure to make your vacation to Egypt the best vacation for the lifetime. The rates for travel packages are competitive and are according to the number of days and nights of the stay.



Travel visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza

The biggest difficulty you might come across while visiting the world’s most sought-after sights is actually reaching that place. Making a successful trip requires extensive pre-planning. However, reaching the great pyramids of Giza is as much straightforward as boarding the No 355 bus near downtown Cairo. Or you may also catch the bus number 357, any of which arrives first. To add more convenience, the bus stop is located near the Egyptian Museum. You may want to brush up your knowledge about the Nile Valley before heading out for your date with the Sphinx.
More pyramids to see
The  Egypt pyramids, individually known as the Menkaure, Khafre and Khufu, occupy the vast shade-free desert. The Sun can be unforgiving. So it might be a worthy decision to hire a camel or horse in order to roam around. Securing the reliable services of an experienced guide is likely to pay dividends. A passionate tour package of Egypt Pyramids by Ask Aladin would surely bring those gargantuan limestone blocks back to life. There are multiple theories on how those stone blocks were transported. Even how they were lifted into its present position is a big matter of debate in the modern world. Surprisingly, recent infrared satellite survey updates show that thousands of more pyramids, along with burial sites of ancient settlements are hidden beneath the sands.
Mastery and excellence
Estimations claim that about 100,000 workers, which covered 10 percent of the Egypt’s population at that period, worked days and nights to build the iconic monuments. Interestingly, these 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid remained to be the world’s tallest man-made structure until recently, when modern skyscrapers came into existence. As wondering as it may sound, the pharaoh’s tombs still remain to be in remarkable condition. The internal corridors, galleries and chambers of the Pyramid are open to the public, as compared to many other monuments around the world.
The mystery around the pyramids
Of all existing 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Khufu is the only one to survive in its original state. One of the biggest mysteries of the world is how these pyramids were constructed in the first place. Debates don’t seem to end anytime soon as the world is still surprised by the ability of the ancient Egyptians of carrying massive stone blocks up to the topmost parts of the monuments. Recently, a hidden void inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu has been identified, which indicates some hope for those who want to know more about the illusive pyramids and their building process.
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When it comes to Egypt tourism, nothing beats the professionalism and integrity of that offered by Ask Aladin. Our knowledgeable guides take you to the most mysterious parts of the desert, where you get to experience the true mystic identity of the ancient civilization, which also happened to be one of the most advanced civilizations of the time. Come, be a part of history. Visit the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Best Egypt Nile Cruise Tour in 2018

It is almost the end of 2018 and nothing is better than ending this year on a good note (which means a wonderful vacation!). Nile cruises are by far the most loved and chosen vacation for couples and families who are looking for the X-Factor in their vacations. Nothing is clichéd about this trip, one experience a lot about the vibrant Egyptian culture and heritage by travel on the famous Nile River. There are some major pit stops worth visiting and exploring along with enjoying a happy sunset and sunrise on the river.


You can enjoy a five-start accommodation with a brilliant view of historic tombs and temples that have histories to narrate. You can always book a Nile Cruise tour by Ask Aladdin or read on to know what is stored in for you!

Why take Nile Cruise

As ancient tales tell, one of the most fantastic and best ways to explore Egypt is to travel the Nile and visit temples and heritage sites that cannot be visited through planes and trains. Initially, before the flights to Luxor and Aswan cruising was the only way left for the travellers to explore the southern part of Egypt. Nowadays there are luxurious accommodations and cruise is available for 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 days depending on travellers’ choices. Taking a Nile Cruise is an exhilarating experience for the tourists to enjoy the rich culture of the country along the river. It is an once-in-a-lifetime experience suitable for honeymoons as well as family vacations.

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Nile Cruise Tour by Ask Aladdin

There are a number of types of Nile cruises packages available with us. The package starts from 3 days and goes up till 17 days long stay! To have a confirmed booking, it is best to notify 1 week prior to the date of the vacation so that the seats can be guaranteed! We offer private tour guides so that no one has to miss any heritage point for some other fellow traveller.

When to take Nile Cruise

The best possible time to take Nile Cruise or for that matter any Egypt vacation is between October to April, when the weather is extremely pleasant. During summers, the temperature is at its highest and it is difficult to take a walk down the lanes of the ancient country. The nights are a little freezing during the tourist season hence it is best to take some warm clothes, if in any case.

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Why choose us

Ask Aladdin is a reputed website for travel related queries and bookings. The travellers visit the country in groups and there have been very low instances of poor reviews. The company is standing on the pillars of its success stories for packages associated with Egypt and Nile Cruises. You will never be disappointed when you book a package with us because the packages are designed according to various types of budgets. Transparency of the budget and a good holiday for the tourists is what we thrive to achieve always.

If you planning to travel to Egypt then select which one the best

Many people who have been to different places across the globe may feel that they know what to expect from their Egypt visit. But the fact is that Egypt is a different country and you need to know a few details before you plan a trip to Egypt. If you know certain details about this country then it will become easier for you to make your travel plans accordingly.

Egypt pyramids

A few words about the average Egypt population:

Before you make your Egypt Travel Plans Majority of the people who live here are Muslims. Around 20% of the population if Non Muslims. Of these, 20% majority are Coptic Christians. You will find that the people here are religious but at the same time they know how to enjoy life. They always have time for sipping alcohol or having a quick puff. You will also find that the average person here is a technology freak. He may seem to have average lifestyle but will still possess the best gadgets. The average Egyptian women also prefer not to cover their heads and this is done for non religious reasons.


Handy hints that can help you!

If you have already started making your Egypt Travel Plans then here are some hints that will be useful. Make sure that you update your hotel about your travel plans. Like if you need a taxi then ask the reception desk. Even if you are travelling on your own, then keep the hotel in the loop. It is better to adopt a conservative behaviour when travelling to Egypt as this is a conservative country. Do not depend on travel books for making travel plans for Egypt as you may end up disappointed. If you have plans to arrange your trip on your own, then be prepared for unpleasant situations. There are chances that you may get cheated. Also remember that cities like Cairo are very crowded and locals feel that all the tourists are rich.


Here is an easier way to plan your Egypt trip:

Do not get perplexed. Here is an easy way to have a cool vacation in Egypt. Opt for a good travel company like Ask Aladdin. They are known to plan the best trips to Egypt. Not only will they make sure that they make all the travel arrangements as per your requirements. They will also give you expert guidance like what to expect and how to behave in this country so that you have a safe journey. They will also give you a fair idea about the money that you will need to explore the lovely country. This will help you in making your travel plans accordingly. When you opt for the services of Ask Aladdin it will help in making your trip a lot safer and more enjoyable. Ask Aladdin is known to offer customised packages at affordable prices. They will also give your travel advisory and travel tips for safe travel.


Top 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Egypt

You may have already made your travel plans and may feel that you are all set for your Egypt adventure. But hold on! There are many things that are different in Egypt as compared to other countries. If you are caught with even a small amount of drug then you can face severe consequences like the death penalty. So make sure that you continue reading so that you have a better idea about this place.

Valley of Kings

  1. Ask for directions:

When you get down at the taxi stand of the pyramids and sphinx you will come across people who will offer camel and horse rides saying that the monuments are miles away. But the fact is that it is just a 5 minute walk from the taxi stand and you do not have to take these painful rides. Keep in mind that in your Egypt travels plan make sure that you ask the right people like travel companies for the correct directions

  1. Be alert:

One of the most important tip of your Egypt travels is to be alert. There are many locals in Egypt, who try to take tourists for a ride. Beware of such cheats. Always be alert.


  1. Take into account the taxes:

Remember one thing that in many expensive restaurants there is 10 to 15% service tax. Value added tax is also added. In addition to all this municipal taxes are also added. So your final bill will be almost 25% higher as compared to the bill that you may have expected.

  1. Carry lots of coins:

This is one country where you will have to keep giving small tips for many small and silly reasons. So it is always better that you carry lots of change and coins when you travel to Egypt.

Egypt pyramids

  1. Dress traditionally:

Egypt is a Muslim dominated country and they have a conservative culture. It is important that you respect their culture and traditions. It is important that you wear conservative clothes that cover your body. Skimpy clothes and modern wear is not acceptable in Egypt.

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Yes it is natural to feel a little confused and scared. But there is nothing to worry. All that you need to do is get the right tips from the right people. The best in this regards is Ask Aladdin. These are travel agents who have proven expertise in planning trips to Egypt.

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All that you need to do is tell these experts about your budget and travel plans and they will work out the best package for you. They do not stop at just planning your travel package. They will also provide valuable tips which will make your journey and trip enjoyable and safe. They will tell you in detail about the customs and traditions of this country and the how you must behave in this country. They will also give you details about the things that you must carry and the thing that you must not carry when you plan to visit Egypt.



Book your best Tour package in Egypt

Holiday on your mind? Then make sure that you opt for a place from where you will collect memories which will last for a lifetime. One of the best countries that you must have in your wish list is Egypt. This is the place of the mystical pyramids and the Red Sea. This is the place where the one of the longest rivers of the world flows that is the Nile.

Opt for a good travel company to have a memorable time:

Your Egypt trip can be amazing only if you book your Egypt Tour Package with a good travel company. Make sure that you opt for a travel company which is known to provide the best travel arrangements. Select a travel agent who has experience in arranging exclusive Egypt tours. Remember one thing that Egypt is a country which is beautiful but you can enjoy your stay in this country only if you have a good travel agent who makes all the proper travel arrangements so that your vacation is fun as well as safe.

Egypt Tours

Your search for the best ends with Ask Aladdin!

If you are looking out for Egypt travel experts then there is only one option that you have and that is Ask Aladdin. These are travel experts who can arrange the best Egypt Tour Package for you and your family. They have the reputation of making the best arrangements. They can take you around the whole of Egypt. They will make sure that in the conventional Egypt tour they cover the important tourists spots like Sphinx, the pyramids of Giza and other important places of Cairo like the Egyptian museum, the bazaars of Cairo, Citadel and the great temples of Luxor and Aswan. They can also arrange for relaxing beach vacations of Red Sea and spectacular Nile cruises.

Egyptian Tours

You name it and they have it!

Ask Aladdin can arrange for customised packages depending on the customer requirement. All that you have to do is tell them about the parts of Egypt that you want to cover and the duration that you want to spend in this country. Once they have these details Ask Aladdin will make sure that they arrange the best package for you. If budget is a constraint then not to worry as they have budget packages as well. If you want to visit only specific locations then you can opt for location specific packages like the Red Sea Jewel or the Red Sea adventure etc. They have packages of short duration like Egypt Short break or short splendour. If you want to explore the whole Egypt then it is better to opt for packages of long duration like All of Egypt tour or Egypt on the full etc.

Do not miss out on checking out the splendour of Egypt. For travel arrangements trust only one name and that is Ask Aladdin. They are considered as one of the topmost travel agents who are known to arrange the special trips to Egypt.


Know 10 Interesting Facts About Ancient Egypt Pyramids

Pyramids are not just one of the seven wonders. They are not only triangular structures built from stones to house the dead. You wish to visit the pyramids, but do you want to explore without knowing some enticing realities about these structures? Naiveté and ignorance are two different things. Be naïve but not uninformed especially when an old architecture is about to unfold in front of your eyes.

pyramids-of-gizaNot just another statue: The Sphinx is not only an artistic sculpture. This sizeable immovable statue with the body of a lion and the head of a pharaoh guards the pyramids. Find every detail on Egypt pyramids and the Sphinx.

Attempted Vandalism: A Kurdish ruler’s son, the prince tried to destroy the monuments in the 12th century. Fortunately, this prince couldn’t vandalize the Egypt pyramids as it proved to be an immense task.

Estimated time of completion: The ancient Egyptians were calculative and methodical in the construction of the pyramids. Even with high levels of sophistication, it took almost 23 years to build one structure. There are eighty of these pyramids. Just consider the long hours of toiling under the blistering sun.

Egypt Travel Plans

Prehistoric air conditioning: would you believe that even in the age of ancient Egyptian civilization, there was a system of keeping the air cool. The pyramids maintain a constant temperature of 20-degree centigrade regardless of day-night temperature fluctuations outside.

Unknown bolstering agent: Millennia has passed since the discovery of pyramids by the modern man. An astonishing fact is that the agent used as mortar is still unrecognized. Belief is such that the stones hold the secret, but that is a common misconception.

Hefty rocks: It is understandable that the ancient period had no modern machinery yet the civilization managed to build pyramids from stones that were unavailable in the vicinity of the structures. Each stone weighed 5 to 10 tons and transported from distant places.

Egypt Travel Plans

A versatile priest: One master architect of Egypt was the inventor of pyramids. This person had many skill sets, including healing science, astronomy, mathematics and political issues. After the demise of this maestro, the ancient Egyptians primarily revered the departed as the God of Medicine

Whopping figures: The number of workers involved in pyramid constructions is a massive figure of 100,000. You should also know that these artisans were not slaves. The workers received payment and respect for the services and creativity.

Prepared for the hereafter: The nobility of ancient Egyptians lay buried inside pyramids with everyday items as well as expensive jewelry for usage in the afterlife. The dead workers or less privileged individuals also received bread and beer for the journey to the other side.

Giza Pyramid

Empire of the dead: Noticeably, every pyramid rests on the west bank of the Nile River. The sun sets on the western shoreline which associates this region as the land of the dead.

Is it the end?

There are many more interesting anecdotes about the pyramids of Egypt. So, after the end of this topic, you must ask yourself if it is indeed the end or more to pry out.