Is Egypt Safe for all Travelers?

The riots and demonstrations that have been taking place in Cairo, a capital of Egypt, in the past years have ended with a military coup in Egypt for the proclamation of a new government. Altercations of Egypt really take place in Tahrir Square in Cairo, but they caused a massive flight of tourists.

Egypt Travel Then we ask ourselves is it safe to travel to Egypt now with the incidents that there are?  Obviously, it is a personal decision, but we recommend that traveling with common sense, you can enjoy your trip to Egypt despite the coup that has been proclaimed. With coup or not, Egypt is still working and receiving all those travelers who wish to know.

Like everything in life, it depends on the perspective of each. You must read several forums before traveling and most talked about security in Cairo as well as in Luxor or Aswan.  Some suggested that we travel by Agency rather than by free and others, however, we were advised to hire an Agency for flight and hotel for the cheap that is now but then we move there on our own, taking taxis. And this is what we did: we traveled by Egypt Travel Plan by Ask Aladdin but we took a couple of days off to walk around Cairo city to our pace.

Egypt Tourist Attractions You can enjoy the Egypt tour with total security, escaping from the scams, those who stop you saying that they are teachers and that they approach you where you want to go, of those who tell you that they give you something for free and then charge you exorbitant tips or get angry. Always follow the advice of the guides, travelers who were previous days as a friend of mine who told me that the metro is safe. Take precautions as to the areas but do not miss living the local life and yes, in my view, traveling to Egypt is safe if you follow the recommendations and do not visit the Sinai Peninsula.

In Egypt, tourists are one step above the rest of the population and the police are to pamper us (and ask us for some other tip). There is a special type of police, the tourist police, who are especially responsible for ensuring that the traveler is safe at all times. It is advisable to travel to Egypt in a group and through Egypt travel plan by Ask Aladdin, avoiding visits to places that are not on the usual tourist circuits. In the case of travel without agencies or alone, it is recommended to inform the planned itinerary to friends and/or relatives confirming the arrivals to the different destinations.

Egypt HolidaysOn a trip to Egypt, like any other country, you should be, at all times properly documented. And have the common sense not to get into unnecessary trouble, avoid transit through unfamiliar areas, especially at night with the risk of acts of common crime such as theft or robbery. Attention should also be paid to measures of self-protection, such as caring for personal belongings, closing the hotel door on the way out, and locking the vehicle when driving. Likewise, when organizing professional visits to Egyptian centers of work.

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Egypt tourism: Cities you must visit if you have 10 days in hand

If you have bought an Egypt tourism package for a 5-day trip, then you won’t get the time to check all the cities! Cairo and Luxor could be explored well and if you have time, you may go for a day cruise on the Nile.

However, if you have opted for a 10-day tour, then here are the cities you must visit:

i. Cairo: Cairo, the capital city, must definitely be in your plans irrespective of the duration of your stay. You simply cannot miss out on this place unless you have already toured it during your previous visit! At Cairo, you can explore the bazaars and visit the top museums. At Giza, you get to check out the highest pyramids and the Great Sphinx.
Total number of days you should spend in Cairo: 3 days

ii. Luxor: Luxor will be another city you should visit. The best attractions are the Luxor Temple (try visiting it during sunset or after twilight), the Valley of the Kings and other temples! Also, spare some time to enjoy the hot air balloon ride!
Total number of days you should spend in Luxor: 2 days

iii. Sharm el Sheikh: Sharm el Sheikh will offer you a completely different facet of Egypt! It is a beach destination and will delight you with its seaside offerings. From diving sites to lovely sun-kissed beaches, it has got something really vivacious for every vacationer!
Total number of days you should spend in Sharm el Sheikh: 2 days

iv. Aswan and Alexandria: You can wrap up your trip by dropping by at the towns of Aswan and Alexandria! They can be explored in a matter of 2-3 days under your Egypt Tourism packages.

Total number of days you should spend in Aswan and Alexandria: 3 days

Egypt becoming easy to travel day by day

It is noticeable that the travellers are increasing every year in Egypt. Although Egypt is a historical country and is caring the awesome sculptures and arts for long years but now has increasing visitors. This is courtesy to ask Aladdin, which is a travel agency. The reliability and service of ask Aladdin has been spread out all over the world so as the visitors can rely on that agency preferably thus people are getting there in large numbers. They use to hire connoisseur of Egyptian history and these experts are able to clear all the doubts of the customers. You can clear your doubts any time on their website. The people who assigned to this job are efficient to satisfy the customers well. The experts use to guide the customers by providing all informations like advising in visa interview to the return; also they use to update about current situation to the customers.

Egypt trips will help you to get a clear idea about the historical periods as well as the arts of Egypt. All famous Egypt Tourist places are generally covered by ask Aladdin; there are lots of packages available in which every package includes the places like from Pyramids of faros’ , Sphinx of Giza, Nile cruises, red sea, majestic pyramids of farao,the marvels of King Tut, Egypt museum and lots more. All Egypt travel information is available on their site in details and furthermore they are ready to answer all your queries.

Egyptian tours also cover the main cities, capital, Nile valley, and tombs of minya and so on. The festive season is celebrated well by whole residents of Egypt; also the tours packages offer by ask Aladdin are private one. Where no outsider will be there to disturb your privacy, as your group will have under a single guide. You don’t have to carry the maps to point out the area wherever you wish to go, just point out and then the guide will take you to that place. Ask Aladdin has a group of effective Egypt Tour guide and they have excellent knowledge about all areas of Egypt. Tours to Egypt is safe and reliable with ask Aladdin.

Also they use to arrange books, games etc.; We all know there was a political crisis over there but now it is a place of piece so you can go there without any problem of security.  All Egypt tour packages includes the famous places and the average cost for travelling is around $ 450 to $ 100; higher day you stay higher you have to pay. Though there are $ 4300 package too, if don’t want to travel in a hurry then can travel in relaxed way. So enjoy your trip and have fun.

Ask Aladdin an ultimate choice for travel guide in Egypt

Egypt a country with lots of historical background which attracts lots of travellers every yearwho visits the famous spots of this countrystays there for whole vacation period.  Before travelling to a place become tensed as it is unpredictable for him or her about what is happening there and all the essential informs are to be concerned; so all are in search for travel agents to be guided by them while travelling. And for travelling in Egypt ask Aladdin is the only choice which will lead you to experience something special than other countries. This agency has a good brand name as they are able to provide excellent services to customers for over few years. They have large team of experts, some of them act as travel guide and some others job is to clear all doubt of the customers and the Egypt travel wishers are welcomed to ask their doubts on their websites. They provide all informations about Egypt those are necessary for travelling.

Ask Aladdin provides all information including present Egypt Culture because some travellers may worried due to some political instability of two years ago. You can gain a memorable experience with ask Aladdin; this agency offers more comfort with their luxurious packages to feel heavenly atmosphere. All of their packages cover the main areas and famous locations of Egypt like the Valley of the Kings, Nile Cruises, red sea, explore Sakkara ancient tombs, magnificent Temple of Abu-Simbel, pyramids of Giza as well as red sea. Just manages your date and start your Egypt travel plans in the mean time you can clear all your doubts through ask Aladdin. Cairo is the capital of Egypt which is also a place must to visit as well as other cities like Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, and Hurhgada.

Ask Aladdin has established itself as the best Egypt Tour operator which also attracts the visitors from rest of the world. Ask Aladdin offers a package forEgypt tour from USA whichis famous among Americans. All Egyptian Tours offered by Ask Aladdin are private which means no outsider will be there except your family along with the travel guide. Whenever you arrives in Egypt from then you are under the responsibility of Ask Aladdin and they will keep you in five star hotels.

Under the consult of ask Aladdin it is quite easier to manage Egypt Entry visa for travelling purpose as they will teach you how to respond in visa interview. To travel inside Egypt you have to go for Egypt Trains Booking. You will get all necessary Egypt Travel Advice from the officials of ask Aladdin which will help you to be more relaxed at travelling time and this will result in a smooth tour. So enjoy your Egyptian Vacation with your family, friends, and beloved ones with different sort of arts, games, foods, music and lots more.

Ask Aladdin one and only travel guide in Egypt

The geographic location and historical back ground of Egypt attracts a bulk of visitors every year. The travellers use to avoid the time when there is excessive heat flow in Egypt on May to October otherwise the rest eight months are the peak of the season for the tourists. Tourist guide is a part of travelling in an unknown place and Egypt is not beyond that. If you are wishing to go to Egypt then you must have a travel agency support to guide you from application procedure to travel there.

Ask Aladdin is one and only guide in country and they are holding number one spot by providing excellent services to the customers. Ask Aladdin has connoisseur in the field of Egyptology; also they are able to communicate well with the customers. Ask Aladdin asks to enter your quarry to their web site where they can get access to you by clearing all your doubts. Suppose your mother tongue is Spanish, if so then ask Aladdin will provide you a guide who also knows Spanish to communicate with you well.

All sorts of tours for Egypt includes the places like sphinx of Giza, Nile, dead sea, marvels of king Tut’s in Egypt museum, Pyramids of Gaza as well as the main cities like Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurhgada etc. Whenever you enters in Egypt you are totally under responsibility of ask Aladdin; they will hire your from airport to the hotels first. They use to keep their customers in five star hotels or atleast in four star hotels. They offer Nile Tours especially to feel the beauty of Nile in affordable price.

One notable thing is that ask Aladdin offers you private tours which means there will be no one outsider of your group to spoil your vacation. So you can feel a homelike atmosphere throughout the travelling period. The guide arranges some arts or gaming activity to break the boringness of the children as well as elders. They offer exclusive Egypt trip Package within accessible range where there is $ 450 packages and also $ 4300 packages; more number of days you stay there will take away more bucks. The travelling charge for babies up to 2 years is free and up to twelve years it is about half of the packages. So start your plan to manage the dates for tour for Egypt and get clear all your queries from ask Aladdin and in the meantime arrange your bucks for payment. Stays relax and enjoy your Egypt Vacation with comfort.

Travel Egypt with ask Aladdin freely and experience more

Travelling is a part of human life, everyone is in search of recreation refreshment in their life and travelling is the best option for that. Among the top destinations in the world Egypt is the top most in the list. This country holds some historical sculptures as well as places with natural beauty which attracts travellers across the world. While traveling Egypt you have to take help or guide to travel well in an organised way; ask Aladdin is there to fulfil your wish for travel in Egypt safely and beautifully. Ask Aladdin is the travel agency which is regarded as one of the best travel agencies for Egypt is able to set up a good market name as they are able to stand up to the requirement of travellers from all parts of the world. They have a large group of Egyptologists as experts who are there to answer all questions of the customers.  So Egypt travelling is simple via ask Aladdin.

Your tours to Egypt can be more special as they offers private tours where no outsider will be there to irritate you; This agency provides single guide for single family or group, so you don’t have to tolerate with the other community people. The travel guide will take you to the areas where you are wishing to go, whatever it is if the place is safe then obviously the guide will take you there for that you have to mark out by your hand. Egypt travel indicates the places must to be surely covered like Nile cruises, sphinx of Giza, Red Sea resort, marvels of king Tut’s treasures at museums of Egypt, and of course Pyramids all those are in heart of Egypt Tourist Attractions which all are included in all packages of ask Aladdin.

All Egypt Travel Packages by ask Aladdin are reasonable and affordable; the packages excludes the charges on children as well as subsidy for minors. The lowest possible package rate is $455 which follows much more hire rates like $490, $3900, $2450 etc. The package rate is depended on the number of days you stay there as well as the places you wish to cover. If you are able to stay there at the time of Eid ul Fitr then you can experience something special from the residents of Egypt. So just go for an Egypt Trip with ask Aladdin.