Is Egypt Safe for all Travelers?

The riots and demonstrations that have been taking place in Cairo, a capital of Egypt, in the past years have ended with a military coup in Egypt for the proclamation of a new government. Altercations of Egypt really take place in Tahrir Square in Cairo, but they caused a massive flight of tourists.

Egypt Travel Then we ask ourselves is it safe to travel to Egypt now with the incidents that there are?  Obviously, it is a personal decision, but we recommend that traveling with common sense, you can enjoy your trip to Egypt despite the coup that has been proclaimed. With coup or not, Egypt is still working and receiving all those travelers who wish to know.

Like everything in life, it depends on the perspective of each. You must read several forums before traveling and most talked about security in Cairo as well as in Luxor or Aswan.  Some suggested that we travel by Agency rather than by free and others, however, we were advised to hire an Agency for flight and hotel for the cheap that is now but then we move there on our own, taking taxis. And this is what we did: we traveled by Egypt Travel Plan by Ask Aladdin but we took a couple of days off to walk around Cairo city to our pace.

Egypt Tourist Attractions You can enjoy the Egypt tour with total security, escaping from the scams, those who stop you saying that they are teachers and that they approach you where you want to go, of those who tell you that they give you something for free and then charge you exorbitant tips or get angry. Always follow the advice of the guides, travelers who were previous days as a friend of mine who told me that the metro is safe. Take precautions as to the areas but do not miss living the local life and yes, in my view, traveling to Egypt is safe if you follow the recommendations and do not visit the Sinai Peninsula.

In Egypt, tourists are one step above the rest of the population and the police are to pamper us (and ask us for some other tip). There is a special type of police, the tourist police, who are especially responsible for ensuring that the traveler is safe at all times. It is advisable to travel to Egypt in a group and through Egypt travel plan by Ask Aladdin, avoiding visits to places that are not on the usual tourist circuits. In the case of travel without agencies or alone, it is recommended to inform the planned itinerary to friends and/or relatives confirming the arrivals to the different destinations.

Egypt HolidaysOn a trip to Egypt, like any other country, you should be, at all times properly documented. And have the common sense not to get into unnecessary trouble, avoid transit through unfamiliar areas, especially at night with the risk of acts of common crime such as theft or robbery. Attention should also be paid to measures of self-protection, such as caring for personal belongings, closing the hotel door on the way out, and locking the vehicle when driving. Likewise, when organizing professional visits to Egyptian centers of work.

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Travelling can be fun by choosing the Best Private Egypt Tours

Discover the rich cultural marvels with one the most fascinating and oldest civilization of world in Egypt. Travel around the oldest wonders of the country that tempts modern travelers through amazing Egypt tours, these excursions will take you to the ancient era of pharaohs and emperors with the most striking Egypt spots. A visit to Egypt can give you a lifetime experience of travelling. It is a country that is perfect blend of ancient places, rich cultural history, adventurous places, relaxing beaches and contemporary facilities.


Steeped in ancient history but very much a country of the present, Egypt is a land of cultural wonders for many people. It’s a place where you will not only live up your dreams but also fulfills your expectations. Hire Private Egypt Tours by Ask Aladdin and explore the ancient pharaohs, pyramids and magnificent structures of the vibrant culture of Cairo that will touch your soul. So, if you want to enjoy your vacations blended with culture, history, water sports, entertainment, great weather and adventure, you must enjoy a visit to Egypt.

Egypt is known as the mother of land because it fascinates, stimulates and engage people in huge range of activities. Private Egypt tours by ask aladdin has an assorted range of activities, excursions, and attractions that are mainly organized for the tourists. With these excursions, you can enjoy visit to several temples, ancient tombs, and pyramids. One can find an attractive tour at Egypt such as Sahl Hasheesh, Quseir, Makadi Bay, Marsa, Dahab, Sharm, Sharm Al Sheikh, Alexandria, Hurghada, El Gouna and Luxor.


Travelling to Egypt remains incomplete if you forgot to visit Cairo. It is the largest city in Egypt that has maximum population in the whole Africa. Located in the north portion of the Nile River, Cairo has multiple destinations to explore.  It is a major tourism destination in the country that tempts millions of visitors every year from different parts of the world. As major tourist sites in the world, Cairo is a nice place to travel.

Cairo is one of the ancient cities in the world that has various monuments and places to visit. Egypt is considered as a representative of ancient civilization. Cairo is an ideal gel of the traditional, cosmopolitan and medieval period; all are nicely blended in the most tempting city of the world.  The vibrant and exotic city has been attracting thousands of visitors every year. People come here to explore Egyptian museum, Sphinx in Cairo, great pyramids of Giza and Museum of Antiquities. The luxurious hotels, great facilities, deluxe amenities, majestic Nile, beautiful parks, trendy compounds, and clubs are some of the major highlights of Cairo.

Also, visit the white desert and find monthlies, tents, crickets, ice cream cones and mushroom in a huge variety of shapes and colors. The captivating desert has carved wind rock which is known as inselbergs. It is also known as the “masterpiece of god”.

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Egypt Nile Tours: A Life-Changing Experiences

Egypt is well known for its historical monuments and sights that will surely captivate anyone’s imagination. Famous for its massive structures, the pyramids, tombs and temples, Egypt welcomes 1000’s of tourists ever year. Luxury Nile Tours are one of the best ways to explore them. Egypt is a huge desert country and because of this, its civilization revolves around the Nile River. Thousands of years ago, Egyptian rulers and Pharaohs used Nile River as lengthy trips to visit tombs, temples and monuments situated on the other bank of river. Nothing has changed much till now; people still uses Nile River for the sake of travelling, enjoyment and various sports activities.


Nile tour

Nile Tours by Ask Aladdin is the best choice for those who want to enjoy all inclusive facilities. One can enjoy sight-seeing, accommodation and transportation with Egypt Nile Cruise Trips. There is around 220 Nile Cruises present between Aswan and Luxor. These tours take you to the cities such as Giza, Aswan and Luxor. Luxor and Giza are the two most important tourist destinations; in Luxor, one can enjoy hot air ballooning and watch world’s greatest open-air museum while, in Giza, you can explore Pyramids, mummies, and Sphinx. The Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens are worth seeing in Luxor.

The Best of Egypt’s Nile

Experience the best of the Nile River by cruise from Aswan to Luxor or vice versa with Nile Tours by Ask Aladdin. In the journey, you can sight-see the beauty of two cities: KomOmbo and Edfu. Enjoy an ultimate experience of travelling with Nile Cruises. In the beginning, one can see the Egypt’s largest and best complexes: Luxor and Karak Temple. The Valley of Kings, The valley of Queens, the ancient city of Thebes and tomb of king’s child Tutankhamen are major attractions during the journey.


Enjoy viewing the amazing sites like the temple of Horus, Edfu which is the most well-preserved temple of Egypt. With the deluxe Nile cruises, you will also be able to watch the beautiful and unique double temple of Haroeris and Sobek in KomOmbo. The great high Aswan Dam and granite quarries are major attractions of Aswan city.


Luxurious Relaxation

Adore the soothing sound and sights as you hop on the Deluxe River Nile Cruise. Relax with the best amenities including world class facilities and alluring interior design. There are accommodations for everyone that can suit the budget of any age group. The multiple options for family stay and cruises make the adventurous trip more enjoyable. You need to do a little research and will be able to find best Nile cruises for your vacations.

Imagine a comfortable and relaxing lounge around the Nile cruise. The ancient river boasts the spectacular sunrise and sunset as your cruise glide down. Join the luxury Nile Cruise and capture the memories for lifetime!

 Book your Nile Package today and get ready to enjoy the best vacations of your life!

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Egypt Travel Plans: A Memorable Egypt Tours Experience

Travelling is a kind of experience which can help a person to explore the different traditions and culture of different countries. While traveling, a person can also enjoy his life to the fullest. If you are a passionate traveler, then Egypt is such a place which has a lot to offer to you. While traveling to Egypt, it is very necessary to plan the whole journey so that one does not have to run for the last minute hassles.


Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

Egypt is the country which not only has a vast and ancient history, it also provides a life time experience as it has some of the locations which will leave a person awestruck. Egypt Travel Plans by Ask Aladdin provides different tour packages which not only help the best experience in Egypt. The packages provide by this company include all the must visit locations Egypt.

Egypt Travel Plans by Ask Aladdin has all the options which can help you to make your vacations special and unforgettable. Let us have a look at some of the places which you cannot miss to afford while you on a trip to Egypt:

The Egyptian Museum:  This museum is a must visit place for all, especially for the people who are passionate about knowing the history and culture of a particular place. The Egyptian museum has the largest and great collection of the world’s antiques. Though this place is a little confusing with less labeling and no chronological order, but a glance at its antiques will actually take a person to the past.

The museum has royal mummies and every nook and corner of this place is full of various pieces of arts.

The White dessert:  The White desert is no less than a natural wonder in Egypt, the landscape of this place is no less than dream land. The people who are adventurous and the desert fans, this is a must visit place.

Fortress of Shali (Schali ) the old Town of Siwa

Fortress of Shali (Schali ) the old Town of Siwa on sunrise

This place which also looks like an alien planet was used in some of the films as well. This desert is also known for the rock formation, overnight camping and safari trips.

Aswan: This place is generally known as the market as there is a trade route between the southern land and Egypt. This is the place where a person can shop around. One can easily purchase the spices and various souvenirs from this place.

Apart from the above-mentioned places, there are a number of other places in Egypt which have a lot to offer to a person. If a person wants to enjoy the best vacations in Egypt, then Ask Aladdin offers the most excellent and affordable packages. These tour packages come along with a number of options and a person can easily select the one which suits his requirement the best.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Ask Aladin today and explore some of the most ancient structures of the world which will leave surprised with their beauty and magnificence.

Egypt Tourism- gives wonderful opportunity to feel awed by ancient wonders

Famous for ancient civilization and monuments including great Sphinx, Giza pyramids and also various temples that can be seen in Luxor which are thousands of years old, Egypt has it all. Apart from visiting the above major attractions, some of the tourists also prefer taking the luxurious cruise in the river Nile, diving and snorkeling along Red sea coast, camel ride to Sinai Mountains, trips to oases or visiting Coptic monasteries which can be found in the Eastern Desert. The visitors visiting this ancient country are bound to be left awestruck with the various ancient structures and natural beauty everywhere.


With such magnificence around, it would be wise to go on private Egypt tours rather than a packaged tour. In packaged tours large numbers of tourists are being quickly bussed from one site to another site which might be a bit difficult to cope specially with small children on tow and also because it does not give any time to relax and enjoy. Private Egypt tours by Ask Aladdin has made efforts to provide personalized tours where only you and your family members would be present along with a guide. This gives the opportunity for all the members to listen to the guide properly and also ask questions in case of any doubt. The transport facility that is provided will just have you along with your friends and family and no sweaty stranger to cause any kind of irritation.

Private Egypt tours by Ask Aladdin are designed in such a ways as to provide some time to relax and rest along with sightseeing the best attractions in Egypt. Unlike a packaged tour no rush is involved and the itinerary is designed keeping all the ages in mind. Moreover no time is wasted in touring the different places as all the arrangements are made beforehand and the places are reached within the official show times so that none is missed.

The children on the tour gets an advantage too as those below 2 years are not charged and those under 12 are given a good discount on per person charge. The private Egypt tours can be chooses as per your budget and also the number of days that you prefer to travel in Egypt. The most popular family tours that are on offer for you are Egypt Splendor, Red Sea adventure, Egypt Red Sea Jewel and Egypt in Style. The price of the total package which includes accommodation in a good hotel, meals, sightseeing and many more ranges between $1399 to $ 1890 approx. Choose your pick and be awed by the ancient wonders of Egypt and also by the amazing service provided by Ask Aladdin.

The breathtaking cruise along the Nile valley

Cruise along the Nile valley is definitely an awe-inspiring and exceptional experience. Though there are many other exotic and beautiful places to see in Egypt, the cruise tour on and along the beautiful Nile was a one time experience for me.


View to the exotic mixture of ancient Egypt with modernity

Once I was on the cruise along the Nile valley, I got to enjoy both the incredible ruins of ancient Egypt and the beautiful modern cities. Nile Tours to Egypt makes your dream of viewing the combination of modernity and ancient culture come true.


Different combinations of cruises available

Many choices for the cruise are available according to our need and flexibility. I tried to cover as many as possible. Luxor-Aswan cruises-Cruising between Luxor and Aswan was very relaxing. I could visit many ancient temples along with enjoying the scenic beauty along the Nile. The Lake Nasser cruise was more relaxing providing a tranquil experience. I got to experience the monuments and ruins of ancient Nubia and temples at Abu Simbel.


I had the option of cruising in historic steamer and could have enjoyed luxury and leisure of the royalty. Option of sailing on a yacht is available too, which could have been more exclusive and luxurious, giving me full privacy. But I was quite happy and satisfied with my Nile tours to Egypt, enjoying the scenic beauty with the beautiful ancient ruins and temples and monuments along the Aswan- Luxor-Cairo stretch. The experience was fulfilling and I am yearning to go back again and enjoy the unexplored parts.

The Chessboard City of Alexander the Great

The second largest city of Egypt after Cairo is the city of Alexandria. Geographically, it is located on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt around 179 kms in the north of Cairo. It is unique city named after the name of its creator, The Alexander the Great in 333 BCE. On his way to Oracle temple of Amun at the Siwa Oasis, the Alexander stayed at the village of Re-qdt that lied between the Mediterranean Sea and the lake of Mariott and decided to build a great city on that location. For this, he gave charge to his architect Dinocratis.


In 323 BC, Alexander died in Babylon without ever seeing the city that was after his name. However, Dinocratis planned the city very differently like a chessboard, where two main streets got interlaced both vertically and horizontally extending both east to west and north to south. It had five districts named after first five Greek alphabets – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon. Among these, alpha was basically a royal district that homes royal palaces, temples, museum, libraries and gardens; Beta was the district of Greek aristocracy; Gamma was home to local greek people; Delta was home to foreign minorities like Syrians, Persian and Jews and lastly Epsilon was home to local Egyptians.

Qaitbay Citadel

In the Roman Era, the city was built afresh by Romans bearing the name Nicopolis which means the city of victory. However, most of this was damaged due to disturbances, wars, revolts; natural disasters etc.

Some of the important monuments of the city of Alexandria at present which dates back to Ptolemaic era are includes, Moustafa Kamel, El-Anfoushy, El-Shatby and El-Wardain. Further, those of Roman periods includes the tomb of Tigran, Pompeii’s pillar, tombs of Kom El-Shouqafa (the Catacombs),Tomb of Silvago and the cemetery of El-Qabbary, discovered recently and many others.