Experience Worldwide Religions with Attractive Egypt Trip Package

Egypt has weathered differnet climates over the centuries and is still standing strong with the grand remnants of the world ruling pharaohs who perished with time. The country, Egypt, is a wonder in itself; it is a bridge to the ancient civilizations and kingdoms that are now taught in literature and history. More than that, it is a location that offers much more than a study of past with its worth relishing marine activities and soothing seaside. For those with a love of seeing grand marvels and far off places and also for those looking for a simple vacation spot, taking a trip to Egypt is a must.


Planning the perfect Egypt Trip Package                           

First of all, it’s important to decide the duration that the tourist is willing to extend the visit for Ask Aladdin.com 3-4 days/nights are frequently sought vacations and week long vacations are costlier than the former but more relaxed as tourists are not hurried form one spot to another. Group tours include more than 10 people (can be more) and are quite an inexpensive option but are not the most convenient when travelling with children or family. So, if visiting with family, it’s best to choose the duration of the trip as per the locations you want to visit as there is no shortage of water activities and educational spots in Egypt which are just perfect for Children.

Luxurious Egypt Trip package options for Nile cruise, desert cruise and safari, seaside resort vacation are also available.

Frequented locations in Egypt  

Egypt’s capital, Cairo, has the International airport so it makes for a great spot to begin he visit with. It has a cosmopolitan culture as it is frequented by travelers and offers accommodation, eating spots in a wide range. A day or two in Cairo are sufficient to explore the Egyptian Museum and world famous Giza Pyramids. Alexandria is another favorite as it makes for a soothing escape from the bustle of the city and offers its share of majestic ruins.

Aswan and Luxor are cherished spots as they are the Nile cruise arrival and departure spots. Cruise between these two include idyllic sightseeing to famous ruins and temples like Valley of the Kings, Edfu Temple, Unfinished Obelisk, Hatshepsut Temple, etc.


Hurghada, Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh are eminent for a variety of marine activities like scuba diving, etc. Lake Nasser, eco camping village of Nuweiba and Taba Heights are sought after spots for quaint escapes.

Entering Egypt

Getting into Egypt is easy by taking flights to International airports at Luxor and Cairo. Since Cairo is the capital and most tourists’ trips include sightseeing to Giza Pyramids and a visit to the Egyptian Museum, it is often included as the getting in location. Entering Egypt by a direct flight to Luxor is great for those are visiting for Aswan-Luxor/Luxor-Aswan cruise vacation as it will allow them to board the ship easily.

Adventure in Egypt

With Horse riding, Mountain Biking, Trekking, camel racing, Desert camping, etc like activities, there is no dearth of adventure opportunities.