Reasons that make Egypt a must visit country

Do you want to see an exciting place which is truly amazing? Then, how about planning a trip to Egypt? You may ask for some of the reasons that make Egypt one of the most exciting countries. Well, there are a number of reasons due to which you will be convinced that you must finalise your Egypt Travel plans at the earliest.


 Pyramids of Giza:

These mysterious Egypt Pyramids By Ask Aladdin are one the of the Seven Wonders of the World. You may have seen the pictures in travel magazines and on television. But we can say one thing for sure that in order to check out this marvellous piece of work you have to see it with your own eyes.

Experience the nomadic life:

In Egypt, one can get the first-hand experience of nomadic life. For this, you have to visit Bedouin villages. These nomadic people have a simple life and it is a really different experience to see how these people live and travel in the desert.


Lots of thrilling things to do:

There are a number of exciting things that you can do when you come to Egypt. You can ride a camel in Giza or you can go for snorkelling and explore the seabed. There are also submarine tours which let you check out the life underwater. You can also go for scuba diving.

The Egyptian food is oh so yummy:

If you are a foodie then there is one more reason for which you must travel to Egypt. They have some unique dishes which are simply outstanding and delicious. Shawarma, Kushari, Sayadeya, Besarah etc are some of the signature dishes of Egypt.

Egypt pyramids

How can you miss out on the Sahara desert?

The Sahara desert is one the most awesome places which you need to explore. This is also the place where a large number of tourists try out sandboarding.

Siwa Oasis:

This is an old and important historic site of Egypt. This place is said to be as old as around 9000 years BC. Visiting this place will give you a unique experience.

Shoppers paradise:

Egypt is a place where you can buy perfumes, leather bags, oriental jewellery and lovely crafts. Yes but to buy these things at a good price you need to have very good bargaining skills.

Egypt travels

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There is not one but ample reason to travel to this wonderful country. For your travel arrangements, there is only one name that you can trust and that is Ask Aladdin.




Choose Your Egypt Nile River Cruise on 2019

What rings a bell in your mind when the word Egypt is mentioned? Of the many things that you may have mentioned we are sure you have also mentioned the magnificent Nile River which is one of the most amazing things about this place. This river flows through the heart of Egypt. You can get one of the best travel experiences by opting for the Nile Cruises.

Egypt Nile

Now, this is why you must opt for the astounding cruise:

On the banks of this river, there are ancient tombs and temples which tell us about the glorious ancient civilisation of Egypt. You get the chance to check out the Luxor and Aswan as the cruise is between these two places. Luxor is one of the best historical places in Egypt where you will get to see some of the best antiquities. As for Aswan, there is only phrase that best describes it and that is Jewel of the Nile. The Nubian sandstone, mountains, cliffs etc are truly amazing.

So in your Egyptian cruise, you get to see the biggest open-air museum that is Luxor. You get a chance to check out the ancient civilisation of Egypt. You also get to take the benefit of the Egyptian hospitality on board these wonderful ships.


Check for the cruise details with Ask Aladdin:

If you want one of the best Luxury Egypt tours In then you need to get in touch with the Egypt travel experts and that is Ask Aladdin. This travel company has a number of different Egypt travel packages. The Nile cruise is included in some of the big packages. If you want only exclusive Nile cruise then they have packages like 3 nights or 4 nights or 7 nights cruise. They are one of the most reliable travel agents who have been organising the tours to Egypt from past many years. They have the best guides and customer care professionals who will make sure that they provide the best assistance to you. If you have any specific package requirement then not to worry as they will try their level best to provide customised packages as per your need. The prices is not something that you need to worry as they have the most competitive rates.



Egypt is surely one of the best countries in the world. There are so many exciting places that you can visit when you are in Egypt. There are the pyramids, then there is the mesmerising Nile and the wonderful shores of Red Sea. There are many exciting things that you can do when you are in Egypt. One such thing is going on a cruise with your family and friends.

You can get in touch with Ask Aladdin for all the details about the cruise and other exciting packages. Whether you spend just a few days or go on a long vacation you are surely going to have loads of fun and you will get a chance to experience the unique Egyptian culture.

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Egypt In 2019

Egypt is the ultimate destination for travelers who are seeking to find more about the middle eastern culture and what it has to offer. The country is now an upcoming tourist destination for citizens of United States of America for its impeccable spices, rich heritage and wonderful historic tales to narrate.



There is nothing more exciting than planning a vacation around the most iconic historic country of the world, Egypt. Egypt is one of the most exciting and breathtaking places one can visit during his/her lifetime. One should always plan an Egyptian Vacation at least once!

Read on to know why you should totally go for an Egyptian Vacation in 2019

Going for an Egypt tour can be the best new year gift you could give to anyone, even to yourself. It is the best time to visit the country when it is all lit and ready to welcome the tourists with a big heart!


  1. Season

Visiting Egypt in early months of 2019 is a wonderful idea for tourists. Even though these months are the peak season of Egypt tourism but every penny is worth it. There is altogether a better atmosphere during the peak season where localities are happy to welcome the tourists.

  1. Food

One thing for sure while visiting Egypt, you will be served with lots of food. The locals there has a habit of treating tourists with lots and lots of food. Koshary, Shawerma, Kebabs and Hawawshi are some dishes common to sight. Apart from the typical Egyptian cuisine, hotel staff also manages to get basic breakfast and smoothies for people who cannot digest spicy food. A good heavy breakfast will keep you energised till the evening!


Pyramids of Giza on a clear day



  1. Nile River Cruise

Another wonderful thing to do in the country is going for a Nile cruise. There are different Nile cruises available according to the availability and dates of travelling of the tourists. Some are for three days while other go as long as a week. Taking a Nile Cruise is not just a vacation, but a tour with history along with a dash of luxury.

  1. Culture

Culture and heritage of Egypt is one of its kind. It is one of the most popular countries known for its heritage structures and link to middle eastern culture and traditions. It is one country that is a cusp of modern and pyramid age times.


  1. Cost

Travelling to Egypt is not very costly. The accommodation is not expensive if chosen wisely and public transport is cheap. So cost wise, Egypt is a great place.

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Which is the Best Attraction Egypt tour in the year 2018?


Egypt is one of the most picturesque places in the world. It has a number of amazing places that one can visit. If you are in two minds whether you must travel to visit then here is a list of some of the places which are the best attractions in this country.


  1. Pyramids of Giza:

These pyramids are probably one of the most visited places of this country. You just cannot miss out on visiting these pyramids in your Egypt Tours. These tombs of the Pharaohs are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The pyramids which guarded by the Sphinx are one most important highlight of the Egypt trip.

  1. Karnak temple and the valley of the kings:

If you are keen to have a look at the new kingdom of the Pharaohs then you have to visit the town of Luxor. This town is located by the Nile in Upper Egypt. On the west bank, there are a number of tombs and temples where one can explore the colourful wall art.


  1. Cairo:

If you want to get first-hand experience of the culture of Egypt then you must visit the Islamic city of Cairo. Here you will get to see a number of mosques and monuments.

  1. White dessert:

When you look at the chalk like mountains of the white dessert you get a feeling that these snow-capped peaks. This is also one the best places for people who like to have some adventure and fun.

Valley of Kings

  1. Siwa Oasis:

Do not miss out on the lovely oasis in the tranquil Siwa. Here you will get to see the fresh water springs and the date palm plantations. This is one of the most scenic places in Egypt where you can spend some quality time.

  1. Alexandria:

If you have heard about Cleopatra then you surely want to visit this city. This place was founded by Alexander and this is where the lovely Cleopatra stayed. You will find that there is European influence on this city.

A country with lots of variety:

As you can see this is one place where you will find many places of tourist interest. Of course, the major attraction is the pyramids which are the seven wonders of the ancient world. But it is not just the pyramids that will enchant you. There are many other attractions in this country that will leave you mesmerised.

Egypt travelsNeed travel advice to Egypt? Then ask the experts!

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Travelling to Egypt? Here are some useful tips for a smooth trip!


Egypt is in the bucket list of many people across the world. There are a number of reasons due to which one may want to visit this country. It can be to have a look at the Giza pyramid or the Great Sphinx or just to experience the culture of this country.
Egypt Travel Plans
If you are making Egypt Travel Plans then you must know certain things about this place. This is predominantly an Islamic country and here are tips that can help you enjoy your trip to Egypt.
Respect their way of life:
This is a conservative country that follows a certain way of life. They have some rules that they adhere to strictly and it is always better that you as a visitor also follow these rules. In your own country, there will be many things that you may take for granted but the same is not possible here. You need to dress right and you need to behave decently in public places.
Egypt Travel Plans
Always carry the address and phone number of your hotel:
This is a must. You may go for sightseeing and may end up losing your way. If you have the address and phone number of your hotel then you can approach them with ease. It is always better to take assistance from the hotel staff rather than approaching complete strangers.
Beware of crooks:
Like all other destinations in the world even here you will find crooks who are waiting to take advantage of travellers. Keep this in mind and try to keep away from such people. It is always better to be alert when you are in foreign land. If you find that a person is trying to act too smart then do not hesitate to take assistance from the police.


Egypt Travel Plans
Carry all the things that you might need:
It always carries all those small things in your bag which you might need when you are travelling like a flashlight and yes also make sure that you drink lots of water. One small tip in this regards is that you must buy water from local shops where it will be cheaper rather than your hotel where it tends to be more expensive.
Carry Egyptian currency:
When you go shopping carry Egyptian currency. Do not show any dollars or pounds. You will have to bargain with the traders and make sure that you show them that you have only and limited Egyptian currency.
Egypt Travel Plans
Opt for a good Egypt trip organiser:
If you want to have a hassle free trip to Egypt then you must opt for a good Egypt trip organiser. The best in this regards is Ask Alladin. They are considered at the Egypt travel experts. They can make all the arrangements that you need for your travel. They can frame the schedule and can make the bookings. Their experts will also give valuable tips which will make your travel to Egypt one of the most memorable and pleasant experiences.


Egypt travel advice: Plan A Successful and Safe Trip to Egypt

Travelling overseas is tough if not well planned. One can either plan it on own otherwise rely on travel packages that are better since they know the hot tourist destinations. Travel packages can often be customized if a large group is going.

Egypt Culture

Read on for some mindful Egypt travel information

Best Time to visit

When you check for Travel information at ask Aladdin for Egypt, the first thing is when to plan the trip. The best time is between October to April where the mild breeze makes the vacation a wonderful one because the weather is perfect to go out. Exploring lanes and historic tombs in Egypt is not at all advisable during peak summer season. The temperature can reach up to 45 degree Celsius and the scorching sun sits right up on the head. For budgeted travellers anything after December is good. The season witnesses its highest tourism in December. You can find all such Egypt travel information here.

Visa information

Visa can be obtained from Egypt embassies all over the world. The visa is usually granted for three months with one month stay in the country allowance. You can find detailed information about this on Egypt travel information at ask Aladdin. Usually, the travel agent arranges everything but it is best to know the exact detail. Egypt travel information is in detail available on this website.


Safety in Egypt

Crime rates are low in the country but women are required to dress conservatively when outside to avoid seeking wrong attention. There have been terrorist attacks on tourists but in the majority of the areas, the police are strict and tourism areas are heavily guarded.


The currency that runs in the country is Egyptian pound. Major currency exchange companies are present in the country to get your currency exchanged but it is best to carry local currency in hand. This is because tipping is a common trend and every now and then you would be required to tip anybody who helps you around. The common word here is ‘Bakshish.


What to wear in Egypt

Remember, Egypt is a Muslim country where men and women dress conservatively when going outside. It is best to wear loose and light cotton clothes for the summer as the afternoon can be a little tough for someone who is not from the tropical areas. You can also shop from the local flea markets, it is cheap and light.

For women travellers, until you are on a beach or poolside, it is advisable to wear loose pants and loose t-shirts. One can easily grab unwanted attention in this country, so it is better to stay safe.


Why choose us?

Ask Aladdin provides private tour guides and customizes the packages according to the need. Everything is well explained and transparency is our USP. We make sure to make your vacation to Egypt the best vacation for the lifetime. The rates for travel packages are competitive and are according to the number of days and nights of the stay.


Travel visiting the Great Pyramids of Giza

The biggest difficulty you might come across while visiting the world’s most sought-after sights is actually reaching that place. Making a successful trip requires extensive pre-planning. However, reaching the great pyramids of Giza is as much straightforward as boarding the No 355 bus near downtown Cairo. Or you may also catch the bus number 357, any of which arrives first. To add more convenience, the bus stop is located near the Egyptian Museum. You may want to brush up your knowledge about the Nile Valley before heading out for your date with the Sphinx.
More pyramids to see
The  Egypt pyramids, individually known as the Menkaure, Khafre and Khufu, occupy the vast shade-free desert. The Sun can be unforgiving. So it might be a worthy decision to hire a camel or horse in order to roam around. Securing the reliable services of an experienced guide is likely to pay dividends. A passionate tour package of Egypt Pyramids by Ask Aladin would surely bring those gargantuan limestone blocks back to life. There are multiple theories on how those stone blocks were transported. Even how they were lifted into its present position is a big matter of debate in the modern world. Surprisingly, recent infrared satellite survey updates show that thousands of more pyramids, along with burial sites of ancient settlements are hidden beneath the sands.
Mastery and excellence
Estimations claim that about 100,000 workers, which covered 10 percent of the Egypt’s population at that period, worked days and nights to build the iconic monuments. Interestingly, these 4,500-year-old Great Pyramid remained to be the world’s tallest man-made structure until recently, when modern skyscrapers came into existence. As wondering as it may sound, the pharaoh’s tombs still remain to be in remarkable condition. The internal corridors, galleries and chambers of the Pyramid are open to the public, as compared to many other monuments around the world.
The mystery around the pyramids
Of all existing 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Great Pyramid of Khufu is the only one to survive in its original state. One of the biggest mysteries of the world is how these pyramids were constructed in the first place. Debates don’t seem to end anytime soon as the world is still surprised by the ability of the ancient Egyptians of carrying massive stone blocks up to the topmost parts of the monuments. Recently, a hidden void inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu has been identified, which indicates some hope for those who want to know more about the illusive pyramids and their building process.
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When it comes to Egypt tourism, nothing beats the professionalism and integrity of that offered by Ask Aladin. Our knowledgeable guides take you to the most mysterious parts of the desert, where you get to experience the true mystic identity of the ancient civilization, which also happened to be one of the most advanced civilizations of the time. Come, be a part of history. Visit the Great Pyramid of Giza.