What is the Role of Nile Islands for Tourist attraction in Egypt?

Egypt’s Nile Island is the real living space in the surrounding cities and villages. In the context of economic, environmental, service and population issues, coupled with urban expansion and backward agricultural technologies, agricultural land is eroded and Nile islands have not been adequately studied in order to highlight the attractiveness of natural resources as tourist attractions. Fully develop and progress, provide residents with better services and improve the local environment. By studying successful river island sample models around the world and drawing on past experience, experts examined existing Egyptian architectural designs to successfully develop the Nile Island sample and present practical solutions to the Nile, potential and developmental approaches to the issue of the islands and how to make it a tourist attraction.

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The study uses a neglected Nile Island off, Manti Corniche as an example. The proposed development of architectural design, the island has become a refreshment in the surrounding areas, enhance the attractiveness of tourism. The study’s overall architectural design can be applied to most of the undeveloped Nile islands in Egypt. Nile archipelago river islet tourist attraction Egypt introduction and historical charm. Cruise travel is one of the main foundations for Nile Tours guides by ask-aladdin, who explain each archeological site in detail. Egypt’s economy, which accounts for about 40% of the Nile’s total area, is the most land-rich region, accounting for 19.3% of Egypt’s foreign exchange earnings, some of which is thought to contribute directly to 7% of GDP.

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Role of the Nile Island for tourist-

Tourism is interwoven with migratory birds, and another is characterized by the unique topographical features of many parts of its production and service sectors, as sand dune 70 is a mixture of the feed industry. Nile Tours are also one of the main attraction areas on both sides of the Nile among tourist. The greenfields of key national industries, directly and indirectly, provide vegetation and animal diversity among the islands, of which 12.6% are rare in other regions. Total employment in Egypt.

Clean and cool climate and many other factors combined with the rest of the world, especially Egyptian tourists, is a tourist highland. God granted many of Egypt’s natural and winter. Although the Nile islands are more humane than Egypt, they tend to be more diversified into tourism products from other river islands in the world. However, due to the tremendous interest in travel and beach tourism, the status of these islands is still awaiting the negative impact of travel, holiday travel, the treatment of Nile cruise ships and human intervention. The development system maximizes efficiency The Nile cruise liner has its unique flavor and special charm from the aesthetic origins and the biodiversity of the Egyptian Nile surface.

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The Nile Cruise takes into account the potential of visitors to gain visibility and sustainability as one of the benefits of the next generation, the Nile is their favorite destination; some tourists consider water quality and attractions. Today, the Nile Island faces many problems in the entertainment and meditation of natural beauty.


Why we should hire a tour operator for travelling to a place?

It is said that every country has its own uniqueness in terms of languages, cultures ,and cuisines but also in landscapes, sights, experiences ,and flavors. This uniqueness provides a motive and reason for a traveler to explore these faraway places. A traveler could roam these places by themselves however to get a hassle-free and neat experience it is advisable to hire tour operators to organized your journey. Hiring a tour operator would be handy if you are traveling with your family, with your spouse or if you are traveling alone. As you would have an organized trip and you would be spared from facing the negative aspects of a country (which apparently every country has).

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There is a country which you should visit and explore once in your lifetime if you are a true traveler. Yes, that is Egypt. The country presents you with a myriad of experiences because of its rich culture, cuisine, languages, affordability, among others. If you are planning to explore Egypt and plan to explore true Egypt, consider hiring Egypt Tour Operators for the same. At Ask-Aladdin.com, you would find the best tour packages which are designed according to your convenience. Our Egypt Travel Experts gives you the best Egyptian experience with a full range of tours and Packages including the top Egypt tourist attractions, Nile cruises and, Red Sea resort vacations. You can be sure that websites are authentic like Ask-aladdin.travel are worthy of your trust because they have gone through the .travel Authentication Process. We provide you with the best Tour experience that you could ask for.

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Here are the reasons why you should hire a Tour Operator to explore and travel the places-

  • The tour operators know the best places to travel, the ideal time to travel and the best way to travel the places they operate in. This saves you from the hassle and pain of knowing and researching the places unnecessarily.
  • The tour operators consider safety as their priority. You could be assured of you and your family’s safety if you are being assisted by tour operators.
  • The tour operators make available a guide for you to explore the places. They know the places in a much better way when compared to the books and internet. They would let you know the historical significance, the intricacies, and small bits of information which you wouldn’t be able to grasp if you are by yourself in these trips.
  • If you hire tour operators, chances are that the package might have included accommodation and food services too. This saves your energy and resources and helps you focus better on the trip instead of worrying about the accommodation and food.

There are plenty of reasons why you need to hire a tour operator. The organizing part of Travelling should always be left to the tour operators. Reach Ask-Aladdin.com and get your trip organized by us. We provide the best Tour Operator Service for Egypt.

Egyptian Pyramids: This is the travel icon all over the world

No matter how much you travel, this is for sure, nothing on earth can beautiful than the pyramids of Giza. Nothing can prepare you for the amazing scenery of the pyramids of Giza, your sight ill stop at the place by seeing the most iconic sight on the living planet. The Great Pyramid of Khufu, the tallest pyramid standing a colossal 139 meters. The pyramid of the Giza Plateau, where the ancient desert landscape reaches the outskirts of busting Cario.

Egypt pyramids

They are so tall, that can be seen from the downtown areas of the city, providing a continuous cue to the modern Egyptians of their ancestors keeping an eagle eye on them, as they have done for more than 4,000 years.

Over the centuries of research, the origin and purpose of these imposed structures remain a source of debate and conjecture. This mysterious air is evident when you follow the footsteps of some of the world’s most famous explorers.

It is now a wonderful time to visit and around Giza. After the “Arab Spring” last year, the number of tourists dropped sharply to visit Egypt pyramids, and recent travelers have had similar experiences with the first European tourists of the late 19th century.

Gizza Pyramids

In order to be able to see one of the other ancient wonders of the world is relatively less when compared to Egypt pyramids and Egypt tourists is a fantastic privilege.

Why is it the iconic place for travelers all over the world?

  • The shape of the first pyramid was not like a pyramid, but a flat bench-like structure called the mastabas.
  • The pyramids are not built by slaves. The discovery of large numbers of workers in settlements shows that workers actually have adequate food and medical services.
  • Pharoah, the largest pyramid on the Giza Plateau, is also known as the smallest Egyptian royal sculpture ever discovered. Khufu’s ivory statue is only three inches high.

More place to visit in Egypt-

Valley of Kings-

The Kings Valley, Karnak Temple, and Hatshepsut Memorial Temple are famous for their Egyptian attractions on the Nile in Luxor, Egypt. This ancient Thebes, the Pharaoh base of the New Kingdom, is also home to most other attractions. While the vibrant East Coast of Scotland is operating, the quieter West Bank is a cemetery and temple, home to the world’s largest open-air museum. Spend days exploring the colorful art of tomb walls, reviewing the monumental pillars of the temples and seeing why Luxor continues to appeal to historians and archaeologists.

Valley of Kings

White desert-

Egypt’s most magical natural wonder is the white desert, Yamagata Chalk Hill in the desert formed a look like a snow fairyland. The scenery here looks like science fiction movies, white minarets, and icebergs. For dessert fans and adventurists, this is a very weird playground and anyone with temples and tombs can enjoy this spectacular natural landscape.

White desert

Siwa Oasis-

Starting from the west, Siwa is a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the Egyptian city. Surrounded by date palm plantations and numerous freshwater springs, this beautiful little oasis is one of the most beautiful spots in the western desert. The town revolves around the ruins of a dominant mud castle. It is a relaxing and slow day and a good base for planning your first adventure in the desert.

Siwa Oasis

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Holidays to Nile cruise – Is it safe with your family.

Holiday with family is such a memorable and enjoyable moment, which each family member experience during the visit. And if you are planning to visit some historical and an ancient place, then Egypt and its cities are the perfect places. Egypt has many places to visit and you will get to know more about stories, history, and culture of the different places there.

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Visiting Egypt and Nile Cruises can be your one of the great and memorable visit with family, but if you have small kids then you have to care more. Visiting with family is like more responsibility and attention you have to pay. Each country has own rules and regulations which of which you have to take care. If you have small kids you have to make them understand about all the rules in advance so that they won’t make any mistake.

As you know that Egypt is a hot place and some of the places in Egypt are very much hotter. So you should carry your water bottle, caps, scarfs and sunglasses so that you can stay safe from the strokes. As kids can’t walk more and they need water much, so remember to carry an extra water bottle. But in Nile Cruises, you will get all the facilities.

Dahabiya judi nile cruise

Roaming in the cruise and seeing the beautiful sightseeing is much more peaceful. So plan your tour in advance with the best tour and travel. Holidays at the Nile cruise can be much more joyful for your family. As during the tour you will see beautiful places and encounter more historical places. Your kids will enjoy more to know about ancient Egypt and the making of the stories behind and the making its old and famous places.

With the holiday packages of the Nile Cruise by the professional tourists and tour specialist, you can get the attractive holiday packages. Each morning you get fresh breakfast and meals accordingly. Your kids will find places to play on the cruise. But instead of playing they will find more interesting to know more about the each new place they will see. You have to be prepared in advance to tackle their each question.

Room and accommodation facilities you can find there very suitably the travel agents of your travel company will help you with this. If you want separate but close compartment for your kids (as you also want some privacy) then this can also include in your package before leaving for the cruise.

Oberoi Shehrayer nile cruiseHoliday in Egypt and Nile Cruise and also to the all other part is totally safe to visit with family. As the main economy of the Egypt depends on tourism so the government of Egypt had provided much security and facilities to the places so that anyone both the local visitors and also the international visitors won’t feel any difficulties. After spending the days in cruise according to your package you will be departed to see some of the famous places such as Cario, Luxor, Aswan, Kom Ombo and so on.

After the whole trip, you will safely depart to your final destination flight that is the flight to the home along with the beautiful memories of Egypt tourism.


Why Egypt is considered to be the oldest travel destinations.

With the impressive history that reaches back to the dawn of civilization, Egypt is considered as the oldest travel destination on the Earth. The African nation’s awe-inspiring temples and pyramids have caught the imagination of the visitors for thousands of years. Although most of the travelers come to Egypt for the sake of viewing its ancient monument, natural attraction, and historical temples. A trekking day through the Sahara and lead visitors to refreshing fresh water spring oasis.

Abu Simbel

Since the revolution had taken in 2011 and the ongoing counter-revolution, tourists have escaped from the Egypt to a large extent. As the tourism is the backbone of the country, the Egyptian government is trying to make place tourist friendly and assuring them to visit safely. The Egyptian government is taking care of Egypt Tourist Attractions so that many tourists can come to visit the place.

Here are some of the oldest Egyptian places which had made most liked tourist destination-



Hurghada, once was a small and unimpressive fishing village, located next to the Red Sea and boasting a number of sandy beaches. Today, the resort town of the place is almost distorted from its past life and has grown to become one of the places among Egypt Tourist Attractions. In the place, visitors will find more than 100 of Hotels and many of which are placed at the seashore. Hurghada is especially popular for its diving opportunity.



The place is located on the Mediterranean sea, Alexandria is Egypt’s prominent port and transportation hub. The city founded by the ruler Alexander the Great, the city was once known as the junction of the world. Due to many devastating earthquakes in 14the century, many of Alexandria’s famous historical sites, including a library that contained more than 500,000 books were destroyed. Today city has lost its most of the glorious and historical places but it is still worthy of visiting for the visitors as it still has many historical pyramids, temples and so on.


Dahab blue hole

Dahab is located some 85 km north of Sharm El-Sheikh on the Gulf of the Aqaba. The place is near to the southern tip of Sinai. It was the isolated coastal village, but now it is turned into a hangout place for the tourists in the 1980’s and become something of an alternative resort. The place also entertains the cheap accommodation with a laid back lifestyle. The amalgamation of the Red Sea and Sanai desert make Dahab perfect for the world class windsurfing, rock climbing, desert trekking and scuba diving.

Siwa Oasis-

Siwa Oasis

It is located near to the Egypt’s western border, Siwa Oasis continued to be the culturally inaccessible for the rest of the country until late the 19th century. Now in today’s date, Siwa Oasis is increasing at a higher rate and becoming one of the most popular places in Egypt among tourists. Visitors come here to visit the place to enjoy the town’s many freshwater springs and to sightsee the ancient mud-built forts and fragments of Siwa’s Greco-Roman past.

Egypt’s wonders with an all-inclusive river cruise along the Nile

Egypt is a country worth visiting at least once in the lifetime. Planning a holiday to Egypt would never leave you disappointed as it has the treasure of some of the most beautiful cities, hugest mosques, mud palaces, and age old empires. Famous the world over, the pyramids are the Egypt’s greatest achievement. Those who are seeking adventure will get the most of it while doing scuba diving at the Red Sea beach resorts or experiencing the amazing camel safari in the desert.

Nile cruise

How can one miss the Nile cruises when it comes to enjoying the thrills and luxuries of the country? Nile cruises have been immensely popular amongst the travelers.  It is the most luxurious and comfortable way to explore a large number of ancient sights in Egypt. For eternity, cruising Nile was the best way people could visit the temples, tombs and the historical places of the southern Egypt. Nowadays one can definitely fly to cities like Aswan and Luxor, but you won’t get to experience the magical way of seeing old Egypt, i.e. via cruising the Nile. It is also one of the greatest ways to visit Upper Egypt and also it has some of the advantages over other methods of travel.

The perfect time to visit Nile cruise is between October and mid-April. There is every possible way to get entertained while exploring the country via the cruise. Egypt Nile cruise for holiday is no doubt the best destination. You can feel the difference.

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One of the best advantages of traveling via cruise is that you don’t have to do packing and unpacking your stuff and setting up quarters and you can travel with ease with all your stuff relaxing in luxurious surroundings. Traveling via airplanes now becomes boring as you can’t explore the beauties of the surroundings but if you are traveling via cruise you can really gain wonderful appreciations of the realities of life in the rural Egypt and also see the antiquities which are found throughout the region. Cruising in the Nile is like sitting in the shade on the deck of your floating hotel and enjoying refreshing drinks while watching the essence of Egypt drift by. Your holiday can be made amazing in the most affordable prices. The prices of the cruise are currently very low in 2017; you can book your cruise and save a lot of money. The cruise duration is either three, four or seven nights and can vary quite a bit. The shorter tours generally start from Luxor and end at Aswan while the longer ones head further to Dendera. A complete tour of 15 days might include the sight-seeing around Cairo including the seeing of the Gizza Pyramids, the ancient Egyptian museums and other antiquities, and a brief fight down to Abu Simbel in the very southern part of the Egypt.

Gizza Pyramids

There is nothing like uncomfortable or inconvenienced in any way while cruising as the floating hotels have all the basic as well as luxurious amenities. From the most amazing night clubs to the swimming pools, restraints and even libraries, everything at one place.


What is the perfect time to get a discount in Egypt Travel Packages?

The image of Egypt is generally associated with very ancient historical sites located in a desert landscape. Many tourists are surprised to find that some of the best attractions are yet modern cities established in a fertile river valley. Visit the pyramids, the Sphinx and the Sahara and enjoy the great cities of the world that flourished on the banks of the Nile and on the Mediterranean coast.

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A lot of things speak for a travel time during the spring and autumn. The temperatures in Egypt are still quite pleasant, which is definitely an advantage during sightseeing trips. The nights are not as cool as in winter. Since at the moment there is little going on in the country on the Nile, one can also ignore the Easter and Autumn holidays – periods in which the Egyptian sites were still quite a few years ago.

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Where to buy cheaper Egypt Travel Packages?

To those who have decided on a tour in Egypt face a new problem: where to buy cheaper the tour?

First of all, pay attention to the travel agencies, which have a presence in many countries and cooperate with the popular resorts (including, and Egyptian). Typically, such large tour operators can offer a variety of Egypt Tour Packages with Amazing Activities at low prices. They collaborate with the “low cost” airlines and hotels that just make the price of low-cost tickets.

Egypt Pyramids

Last minute Egypt Vacation Packages

Why are they called “burning”? For example, on a tour demand fell and his urgent need to sell. Another reason – the refusal of the tour shortly before the trip. It is very difficult to cancel hotel reservations and airline tickets with no major financial losses, so tour operators go to a trick: they reduce the price of the ticket so that it becomes a “burning”.


Some people believe that really good tours are never “burning”. Allegedly, no one in their right mind would reduce the price of the tour without losing its quality (accommodation, meals, etc.). But it is not so. In most cases, the package in the “burning” tour is no different from the standard version. And the extra cost reduction it is caused by reasons that have nothing to do with the change in living conditions.

Alexandria city

Simply put, buying a “burning” tour, do not be afraid that you will be accommodated in a hotel with creaky iron beds and broken cupboards, and will feed buckwheat porridge on the water. Rather, you simply pay a hundred dollars less for the same excellent conditions as in the standard version of the tour.

Nile tour

Choosing a tour operator, you probably want to read reviews. You should not believe everything they read, especially if the review is written in a completely negative way. It is better to contact the travel agency by phone or e-mail. If you have the opportunity to visit the office and their eyes will appreciate the service. Failed vacation – this is not always the wine tour. Therefore, choosing an inexpensive tour is always guided by his personal views on the services provided by the travel agency.