Nile Cruises Refreshes Your Mind

You will honour time and history while taking a cruise to sail through the longest river of the world. It will remind you of the past when the ancient Egyptians used to sail on this river. However, the modern-day sail is quite awesome as you will get some of the splendid views from the deck and enjoy the play of sun and clouds. Every bit of it can be thrilling as you prepare to move through the water. The sights on the river are quite unpredictable. As you enjoy watching the fisherman moving on a boat through the clear water, you will also come across teenagers speeding across on their boats. It brings to you serenity and you enjoy the lonely water flowing across, timeless. In the early morning, the breeze that blows is clean and but everything right from the handrail to your clothes appear wet thanks to the presence of dew. On other occasions, you can also get a feel of dust and sand.

Nile cruise

Luxurious ships and hospitality

 While you prepare to take the Nile Cruises, you must take a look at the luxurious boats that offer world-class hospitality to the tourists. The facilities and services are unforgettable. You can take a dive at the swimming pool or enjoy sitting on the sun deck only to be served by the people. There is an elaborate arrangement of food on the deck. With an open buffet, you will have sumptuous meals during breakfast, lunch and dinner. All kinds of meals are served on the deck and include some of the conventional cuisines of this country. If you are keen to take a break from the usual mode of sightseeing and enjoy some of the iconic landmarks of this country, you can take the river cruise to make your holidays memorable.

Getting down at destinations

Travellers spending time while glorifying their knowledge about the rich culture and tradition of this country will naturally want to make the best of the trip.  One of the major benefits of availing Nile Cruises is the comprehensive tour programs that they offer and you can take a tour package. Some of the major destinations of this country can be covered during this trip. To begin with, you can explore Karnak and Luxor temples, two of the famous landmarks of ancient Egypt. While on Luxor, you will also enjoy some of the other prominent destinations including the Valley of the Kings, Temple of the Queen of Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon.

Egypt Nile

Travelling in Aswan

The other major spot to cover during the cruise in Aswan. You will love to see the High Dam which is a contemporary structure followed by the Temple of Philae which has been relocated after the completion of the dam. The Unfinished Obelisk will provide you with an idea of the reason for which the ancient Egyptians were engaged in the construction of massive structures.

Spending a lifetime

If you want to make a trip to this country memorable spending about three to four days in the river cruise will leave you mesmerized. While it is a gateway to explore the ancient structures, the cool breeze of the river will refresh your mind.



Going On Egypt Holidays Is The Best Choice Of One’s Life

The outstanding history of Egypt and the rich culture of this land have attracted tourists for a long time. From grand architecture to exotic fantasy, the stunning beaches and the remarkable pyramids, you get everything in a package. While exploring one of the oldest civilizations of the world, you will come across the Pyramid of Giza which is the oldest man-made structure and is counted as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The sites along the pyramid have seized the attention of historians across the globe. The mythological explanations about the pyramids and the persisting theories about construction will tell you to know more about the dynasties of the kings and this civilization as a whole. Egypt is a glorifying example of historical enrichment.

Egypt pyramids

Exploring the undersea life and beaches

If you are really keen on exploring life under water, a dive to the Red Sea is exactly what will give the kick. From colourful fishes to the corals and various opportunities of diving, you cannot resist staying there for more time. The beaches in Egypt are a paradise for the visitors. From soft sands to clear blue water, you will enjoy the concoction of lively and serene aspects. You can also enjoy the wave beaches if you want.  There are some wonderful windsurfing destinations in this country which makes Egypt Holidays more exciting. Clear weather and safe water are ideal for the champions of windsurfing in this part of the world.

Horseback riding and desert safari

What if you get a view to complementing a horse ride?  Whether it is a romantic ride on the pristine beaches of Hurghada or going on the horseback through the sand mountains, it will remind you of a historical setting that you have often come across ion your textbooks in school. Get yourself ready to enjoy Egypt vacation with camping in the desert and enjoy the safari and for better options take a look at the trip packages before arranging the tour. Right from oasis to the vast stretches of sand that surrounds this country, you cannot forget camel ride on the desert to make it memorable. Along with historical splendour, the country is the perfect spot for adventure lovers.

Giza Pyramids


Therapeutic effect and rich culture

While the hot springs of this country are known to cure a lot of diseases, you can get make your skin remarkably beautiful with the mud of this country. There are extraordinary massages available for treating physical injuries. When it comes to soaking the best of culture, there is no place like Egypt. You will come across traditions and customs that are unique, food which has a distinct aroma, accents in language and fashion ideas that will let you explore more. Visiting this country is an experience in itself.

Do not miss the food

Egyptian cuisine is delightful and the people of this country turn to good food on different occasions. It is one of the major highlights of this country and some of the dishes you will love to enjoy more than once if you are an explorer of good food.

Five Reasons Why You Should Visit In 2018 for Egypt Holidays

Can you name the most powerful and richest ancient civilization? It is the famous Egyptian civilization that originated on the fertile bank of River Nile. Till now the country has the potentiality to offer some of the most stunning sights which no place on Earth can provide. If you want to experience a fantastic holiday then come to Egypt for it, there is a countless reason which will make the land most appealing to you but here are some listed ones.

Giza Pyramid

  1. The majestic Mount Sinai

It a couple of days journey from Cairo and in these two days you will feel the holistic atmosphere reigning here.  This place has a great significance in the world of spirituality. Whether it is in the book of Exodus, Bible or the Quran irrespective of any religious inclinations, it lays its name in all Holy Scriptures. According to Christians, it is the very area where Moses got the Ten Commandments. Thus it is a must place to visit on Egypt holidays which will have a deep and peaceful impact on your tiring minds and will rejuvenate your soul.


  1. Visiting white desert

Situated from 28 miles north from the town of Farafra, this limestone desert is famous for its white chalk structures formed as result of sandstorms. If you want to get a surreal experience, then do plan for an overnight stay. You will cherish some memorable moments of your Egypt holidays by amidst the bizarre white rocks.



  1. Catherine’s Monastery

Do not miss to visit this famous monastery while you hike down from Mount Sinai. It is a UNESCO affiliated world heritage site and the most ancient monastery in the planet. Here you can see the well-preserved hand of St. Catherine and the water well where Moses met with his better half. The cage of old monks’ skull in the arid land will surely run a thrill down your spine.



  1. Dive into the Red Sea

Placed on the list of the most beautiful sea in the world, it is one of the warmest water bodies, where the temperature can reach 27-28 degree Celsius. It is mainly due to the abundance of salt concentration. The Sea is a home for elevated algae, and zoophytes that can change its water red hence derived its name and is the breeding place of exotic fishes and amazing corals.



  1. Cruising on the Nile

It is a once in a lifetime experience to cruise on the longest and most beautiful River Nile that supports lives of all Egyptians. When you take a boat ride, you can get to view rural lives styles closely. Other ancient places located on its banks will give you additional thrills in the whole journey.


Planning for 2018 holidays

Whether it is the longest Blue Nile, the magnificent pyramids that stretch for miles on the golden sand, the exotic beauties of flora and fauna found at different geographical origins, and many more that can’t get a description in words, Egypt is an ideal holiday destination of 2018. Whether alone or with your family come here to get the most extravagant experiences.

How to enjoy Private Egypt tours with in your budget?

Private Egypt tours

Length of anyone’s trip never seems long enough considering the country of Egypt has so much to offer. People keep returning to the country because either they may have missed some locations or they are simply intrigued to explore something new altogether. Tourists from all over the world keep asking about sites that have been discovered newly besides any new tombs or places that have been uncovered. There are not just beautiful monuments but exciting scenarios and legend also have it that adventure in this country never ends. Thus, if you ever miss grandiose sites, you have the opportunity to come back because the tour operators make the entire journey memorable for you. Here is how you are able to enjoy everything in budget despite opting for private travels.

Hiring the best operator

It is a known fact that, if you really want to enjoy a location by opting for Private Egypt tours then the best travel operator like must be chosen. Besides the trip also must be planned well in advance so that you save time effort and money. These sites offer wonderful trips besides stellar accommodations at four-star and five-star luxury hotels. Thus, your primary responsibility is to choose a well-renowned service that acts as your vacation guide and does not charge anything extra or prepares surprise charges. They will offer you with the ferry, train and bus timetables. These operators shall help you clear immigration and all the formalities related to customs.

Private Egypt tours

Opting for budget packages and letting go deluxe ones

If you really want to make the most of Private Egypt tours within your budget then it is advisable that you cut your cloth as per your size. This means that no matter how best the guarantees you get at the best price, yet it is always a wise option to select the packages as per your budget. There may be the ultra deluxe packages as well but it is wise if you chose budget tours because on a small fare also you can enjoy stays at wonderful locations, travel on trains, have a gala time on the cruise and all these are billed with taxes applicable. All you have to do is pay some fee for sightseeing purposes besides everything being part of your itinerary.

Got for packaged trips that are organized and avoid taxis

If you are a tourist then you must understand that despite things being comparatively cheaper here, you can still waste a lot of money if you hire local taxis for travel to sites. In the current times, the entire trip can be arranged in just five hundred dollars hence leave the job of sightseeing to a reputable travel agency or local guide that is licensed. By the trip’s end, you do not want to run out of cash in a distant country. If at all you are hiring taxis then get it from the hotel’s concierge.

Private Egypt tours

Post your queries on forums

Travel forums offer the best information hence besides following the tips mentioned above, it is essential that you pay heed to their recommendations as well. Make sure you have explained everything in detail regarding currency and accommodation.

5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions destination in Egypt of 2018

To the north eastern part of Africa you have Egypt that is often known as the Arab republic. It is a country that is transcontinental and often called the country at the middle-east. You can have full experiences of travel to some of the most exotic locations with private tour companies that excel in taking you around the most stunning places. Every aspect of the stay on behalf of the tourists is arranged by dedicated teams that present package tours to Lake Nasser and Nile cruises. The itineraries are tailor-made with short city and long breaks. Whatever is desired, you will be guaranteed the satisfaction. This country is one of the oldest destinations for tourists because it has collections of national legendary treasures and ancient sites that are famous. Here are the top five.

  1. Giza Pyramids

Giza Pyramids

Any visitor must never leave the beautiful country without visit the most iconic Egypt Tourist Attractions, Sphinx and Great pyramids of Giza and popular travel sites like are travel experts to guarantee you satisfactory trips. Looking forward for capturing the most beautiful memories with the lovely partner of yours? Come visit the one and only, most ancient wonders in the world. They offer sights that are imposing besides the entire complex is shrouded in enigma.

  1. River Nile

River Nile

If you have had geography as a subject in school then you ought to have heard about the most popular Egypt Tourist Attractions by , that is river Nile. You can explore it on a cruise and the journey lasts few days. The river offers fauna and flora that is really interesting and gives a remarkable insight into the country’s rural parts. One gets to stop at dozens of ancient interest sites besides famous temples. Watch the beautiful sunset on the Aswan banks which is supposed to be one of the most wonderful looking stretches of Nile.

  1. Luxor


Very few places that are there in the world can be tagged as museums in open air. The Egyptian city of Luxor is certainly one of those. The preservation and number of monuments in the area of Luxor is unparalleled when compared to anything that is present elsewhere across the globe. Your ideal Egyptian holidays are incomplete without a visit here. Spend some time at both the Queen and King’s valley that are homes to caved tombs underground.

  1. Cairo


The city that is every traveler’s dream has to be Cairo because fans of history will relate to the corners that have been preserved perfectly. Do not leave until you have visited the monuments churches, temples and the very famous Khan-el-Khalili souk.

  1. Oasis of Siwa

Oasis of Siwa

Every place is beautiful in the country and thus it is difficult to pick just one thus Siwa Oasis must be added to your must-visit places. It is located between Sand Sea and depression of Qattara in Libyan Desert.

The ever gorgeous Misr

Misr as the country is known in Arabic, has numerous places to visit but the top five mentioned here are a must-visit. This is because they add to the enigma and mystery that the country holds. Make sure you come and make the most of your tourist time here.

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10 Things that Surprised me about Travelling in Egypt

The country of Egypt has always conjured up its ancient architecture, images of various sand dunes and chaotic cities. In fact, the country highlights a culture, which is completely unknown for a majority of western people. Hence, our experts involved in Egypt Travel Plans will highlight a list consisting of 10 major things, which would likely surprise you as a foreigner in Egypt.


Pyramids Remain Closer to the Cairo City

Most of the tourists arriving yearly from various areas of the United States of America perceive that they have to follow trekking a huge distance in the Sahara desert to get the views of famous pyramids. However, the fact is that all of the three biggest pyramids are close to the Giza City and form the biggest part of the entire Cairo area.

Egypt is less Conservative than Other Muslim Countries

Most of the tourists perceive that while visiting any Muslim country, everyone has to dress-up in a conservative manner, particularly the women. However, the case is different in case of Egypt, as it is modern to some extent, especially in the cities of Alexandria and Cairo. As per Egypt Travel Plans experts, you will find a large number of women, as wearing normal outfits and some of them choose to wear skimpy attire while visiting the nightclubs.


Egyptian Bathrooms Do Not Have Toilet Papers

Most of the times, travellers visiting the historic sites of Egypt become surprised when they enter the bathroom and do not find any toilet paper inside it. Rather, a person waits outside to charge for washing arms, legs and that too for only some small pieces.

Many Egyptian People are English Speakers

Another major surprise associated with travelling to Egypt, as highlighted by Egypt Travel Plans is that a large number of Egyptian fellows speak English. Even a few of them also speak other foreign languages, such as Italian, French and Greek. Hence, if you are a US citizen and want to go for a vacation in Italy, you do not have to spend hours to be familiar with common Arabic terminologies.

Only 10% People Stay and Remaining Covered with Desert

Most of the tourists will surprise to know that desert oasis town in Egypt is limited to explore. In fact, there are only a few big camel caravans moving across or people live in tents for that reason. Moreover, people in Egypt live only in total 10 percent of the entire country’s area, while the remaining part consists of desert and remains under-populated.

Allows the Entry of Both Muslims and Non-Muslims in Mosques

Another unique fact about Egypt it allows both Muslims and non-Muslims to enter the mosques. Both women and men of other communities are able to enter a majority of mosques. However, they have to follow some necessary caveats i.e. cover up completely, respect the Muslim culture and remove their shoes.

Based on our highlighted key facts about surprises during your Egypt tour, you will expect to acclimatize yourself in advance to prepare for your future’s Egypt trip.

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Egypt Travel Guide Highlights Travel Safety, Tips & Sightseeing Tour

Egypt has always remained on the top list among travelers willing to experience a bustling destination in combination with a vibrant culture. The worldwide largest River Nile, luxury villas and Arabian nights on the country’s desert areas are few aspects, which make Egypt a popular destination among worldwide irrespective of their age groups or travel choice. Only before you should decide to make a journey to Egypt, you have to consider important points, as highlighted by Egypt Guided Tours.

Egypt travels

Travel Safety in Egypt

Travel and tourism constitute the backbones of the Egyptian national economy. Even though Middle East countries are now in both social and political unrests nowadays, tourists’ attractions in Egypt are safe and remain away from any threat. Moreover, the Egyptian government is consistently working hard to integrate the essential security measures for encouraging worldwide travelers to explore the country in a safe way.

Thus, Our Egypt Guided Tours will only recommend you taking the essential precautions while traveling to Egypt (as you take while traveling in any other country) to avoid potential dangers, mingling with locals and dress in a respect and modest way to respect the tradition and culture of Egypt.

Giza Pyramid

Tips to Visit Egypt

Drive and Traffic Jam

 Cairo and other major cities of Egypt often have traffic jam issues. Hence, you have to drive properly by following the respective traffic rules.

 Hydration is Essential

 Weather in Egypt becomes extremely hot, especially during summer months. Thus, travellers should make sure of staying hydrated while exploring the nature’s beauty and particularly, while exploring the desert areas of Egypt. Even you may opt to save bottled water, so that you may fill water in it from almost any place by simply using a puddle.


Sightseeing Tour in Egypt

 Egypt Guided Tours highlighted the following major tourists’ destinations in Egypt.

Great Pyramids of Giza

Great Pyramids of Giza are the most glorious pyramids found in Egypt. Unsolved mysteries associated with these pyramids are their major attractions. Especially, by moving ahead in a secluded desert, you will view the Great Khufu Pyramid, which is the largest standing pyramid highlighting the ancient wonder of the entire world. Along with this, you will find the third largest and second largest pyramids of Giza i.e. Menkaure Pyramid and Khafre Pyramid respectively.

Dinner 6-The cruise serfing the magnficent Nile River at night copy

Egyptian Museum in Cairo

Egyptian Museum in Cairo highlights more than 120,000 items to represent the marvellous history of the entire ancient Egyptian land. The museum depicts a large number of notable artefacts and group of 10m high colossi collections. Besides this, here you will find Ramses II colossal statue, King Zoser statue, Mycerinus Triad and King Kefren statue. If this is not enough, here you will find two rooms, which display mummies to view by tourists.

Edfu Temple-the Ancient Egyptian Temple

Egypt Guided Tours will take you to a visit to the Edfu Temple, the best conserved and an ancient temple of Egypt. The temple dedicates to God Horus of Egypt and the deity worshipped in the temple is a falcon-headed granite statue of the God.